Pillow Buying Guide

One of the most important bedding choices you will have to make is what pillow you sleep on. Making a bad choice can negatively affect your health and can cause pain in your neck and back. This guide is here to help you decipher what the different options are available for you to choose from and you can then make an educated decision about which pillow you get! We will cover different topics such as fill materials, the desired firmness of the pillow, the size, any additional features you'd love to have and much more. Why not take a read!


What Kind Of Sleeper Are You?

Figuring out the position you like to sleep in is easy enough if you don't fall asleep quickly! When you go to bed tonight, try changing positions and remember which position feels most comfortable to you. By determining what position you feel most comfortable in sleeping in, we can decide on which pillow will be the best for you!

Side Sleeper Pillows

Side Sleeper >

Mainly sleeps on either of their sides

Stomach Sleeper Pillows

Stomach Sleeper >

Spends a majority of their sleep flat on their stomach

Back Sleeper Pillows

Back Sleeper >

Likes to lie on their back while they sleep

All Round Sleeper Pillows

All Round Sleeper >

Sleeps in a combination of the above styles


How Firm Do You Like Your Pillow?

Some people prefer a super soft pillow so that they feel like they are sleeping in the clouds, whereas others love to have a good amount of support for their head and neck as they sleep. How firm do you like it?

Soft Pillows Range

Soft >

Medium Pillows Range

Medium >

Firm Pillows Range

Firm >


How To Choose The Right Fill Material For You

We have a wide range of different fill materials for you to choose from, with each different fill being suited for different people. There are fills that are great for support, while others are good at giving your head some comfort as you rest. Let's take a look!

Feather & Down Pillows Range

Feather & Down >
The traditional choice for pillows

Latex Pillows Range

Latex >
The most popular choice of pillow

Memory Foam Pillows Range

Memory Foam >
A springy and supportive material

Microfibre Pillows Range

Microfibre >
A durable, odourless, anti-microbial fill

Polyester Pillows Range

Polyester >
Very similar to microfibre


What Other Extra Features Can You Get With Your Pillow?

Pillows can also come with some additional benefits / features that might help you sleep! You can see them here.

Cooling Gel Pillows Range

Cooling Gel >
Features cooling gel to keep your head cool

Contour Pillows Range

Contour >
Features a contoured edge for ultimate support


What Size Pillows Are There Available?

Depending on the size of your bed, you may want to upsize your pillow to a different pillow. Let's take a look at your options!

Standard Pillows Range

Standard >
Sized at around 70cm x 45cm

King Pillows Range

King >
Sized at around 90cm x 50cm


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