Quilt Cover Buying Guide

Whether you have just purchased your first home or you are looking to give your bedroom a new and fresh breath of life, finding the perfect quilt cover can sometimes be quite hard. Our buying guide here is designed to help you understand what choices you have when considering a new quilt cover, and which options apply and speak to you! Our quilt cover buying guide will help you navigate through what colours to use, different sizing considerations you'll have to make, different patterns available to you and much more! Understanding each of these components is essential in the process of creating your dream bedroom and discovering the right quilt cover for you. Creating your dream bedroom is easy when you have all the information you need all in one place, so let's find the perfect quilt cover for you!


Which Colour Inspires You?

When you are creating your dream bedroom, getting the right colours and patterns that reflect your personality and what you are trying to achieve in your room is essential. Your quilt cover is the focal piece of your room, so what tones would you like that piece to feature?

Black and Grey Quilt Covers

Blacks & Greys >
Bold daring colours that establish elegance

Cream Quilt Covers

Creams >
Soft welcoming tones that are peaceful

Green Quilt Covers

Greens >
A refreshing palette to encourage wellness

Blue Quilt Covers

Blues >
Cool tones that bring a crisp look

Red and Pink Quilt Covers

Reds & Pinks >
Lively colours that will increase passion

White Quilt Covers

Whites >
Stark tones that create a good standard look


Which Patterns Suit You?

Similar to the influence colours have over the focal piece of your room, the pattern of your quilt cover is very important. Picking a style that suits what you are going for and inspires you is so important, so what options do you have?

Floral / Leafy Quilt Covers

Florals & Leaves >
Brings the beauty of the outdoors in

Damask Quilt Covers

Damask >
Bold repeating motifs that establish elegance

Textured Quilt Covers

Textured >
Intriguing designs that bring a comforting feel

Geometric Quilt Covers

Geometric >
Attractive patterns that create a modern look

Striped Quilt Covers

Striped >
Simple designs that bring a crisp look

Animal Quilt Covers

Animal Print >
Lively prints that bring out the wild side

Solid Coloured Quilt Covers

Solid Colours >
Simple tones that create a good basic look


Finding The Right Material For You

While you might not think that the material of your quilt cover makes that much difference, it is important to understand that different materials play a huge role in the quality of your sleep. Let's take a look at which materials are right for you!


Soft & Breathable Materials

If you find yourself feeling quite hot at night and can't get a good rest, you might need to look at soft & breathable quilt covers. A breathable doona covers means that the fibres the quilt cover is made out of allow heat and air to escape allowing your body to cool.

Cotton Quilt Covers Range

Cotton >
The standard & most popular breathable quilt cover

Linen Quilt Covers Range

Linen >
The ultimate soft & breathable material for quilt covers

Organic Cotton Quilt Covers Range

Organic Cotton >
Made with less chemicals & is better for the environment

Bamboo Quilt Covers Range

Bamboo >
Super soft & smooth & is good for people with allergies


Hassle-Free & Durable Materials

If you are someone who is quite comfortable at night regardless of the temperature outside, you might be interested in a doona cover that is hassle free. Hassle free quilt covers are great at keeping you not too warm and not too cool. These doona covers are also quite durable so you can find yourself keeping them for a long time. Please note: Some people can find polyester warm, so keep this in mind when considering these different options.

Cotton Poylester Quilt Covers

Cotton / Polyester >
The standard & most popular durable quilt cover

Polyester Quilt Covers

Polyester >
Similar to cotton / polyester, but is made with polyester

Microfibre Quilt Covers

Microfibre >
The ultimate hassle-free & durable material for quilt covers


Warm & Cosy Materials

There is probably nothing better than slipping into a nice warm bed after a super chilly winter night. These warm & cosy quilt covers are great if you are someone that finds yourself feeling quite cold at night.

Flannelette Quilt Covers

Flannelette >
The standard & most popular warm & cosy quilt cover

Velvet Quilt Covers

Velvet >
Super soft & smooth to the touch

Let's Find Your Quilt Cover Size

One of the most important things to consider when choosing your next quilt cover is the size that you need. All our listings have the specific product sizes in the product descriptions, but typically if you have a specific size bed, you can match that with one of our bed sizes here.

Single Quilt Covers Range

Single >

Double Quilt Covers Range

Double >

Queen Quilt Covers Range

Queen >

King Quilt Covers Range

King >

Super King Quilt Covers

Super King >

Another thing to consider when choose the size of your quilt cover is to decide whether or not you want to upsize. By simply choosing a size above your bed size your quilt cover will have a stylish and luxurious look where the doona cover drapes over the sides of your bed. Otherwise if you aren't a fan of that idea, just get the same size quilt cover as your bed.


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