Quilt & Doona Buying Guide

If you have ever been too hot and bothered while you sleep, or you have been freezing cold and shivering all night long, you know the consequences of not getting enough sleep! One of the best ways that you can change the temperature of your bed while you sleep in it is the quilt / doona that you use! There are a wide variety of sizes, weights and seasonal variables that you should consider when looking at a new doona. This buying guide is designed to help you be informed about what choices you have available to you right now!


What Season Are You Using Your Quilt / Doona?

We have a wide range of quilts & doonas that are suited for different seasons all year round. Let's take a look!

All Seasons Quilts

All Seasons Quilts >

Perfect for use all year round

Summer Quilts

Summer Quilts >

Great for those warmer months

Winter Quilts

Winter Quilts >

Good for those cold winter nights


Another thing to consider is some of our quilts that are suited for all seasons come with a detatchable layer. Those quilts are called 2 in 1 quilts and they are great if you are looking for something that you can have ultimate flexibility with.


You should also consider how heavy you want your quilt to be. If you are looking for a lighter weight quilt, make sure you find one that has a lower GSM.


How To Choose The Right Fill Material For You

In Australia, we are treated to everything from freezing cold and chilly winter nights to those hot and humid summer nights. If your quilt / doona doesn't have the best fill for you in it, you just aren't going to be able to get a good sleep. In this section we go through what you might want out of your quilt / doona, and which fill material would be best for you.

Bamboo Quilts Range

Bamboo >
Dust mite resistant & great for those with allergies

Cotton Quilts Range

Cotton >
A breathable & lightweight option

Feather Quilts Range

Feather >
The classic choice for many Australians

Microfibre Quilts Range

Microfibre >
Our most popular choice of quilt material

Polyester Quilts Range

Polyester >
A durable option for those looking for an easy care quilt

Wool Quilts Range

Wool >
Premium material that provides ultimate warmth


Finding Your Quilt / Doona Size

One of the most important things that you need to consider when buying your next quilt / doona is the size you'll need. All our listings have the specific product sizes in the product descriptions, but typically if you have a specific size bed, you can match that with one of our bed sizes here.

Single Sheets Range

Single >

Double Sheets Range

Double >

Queen Sheets Range

Queen >

King Sheets Range

King >

Super King Sheets

Super King >


Another thing to consider when choose the size of your quilt is to decide whether or not you want to upsize. By simply choosing a size above your bed size, your quilt cover will have a stylish and luxurious look where the doona cover drapes over the sides of your bed. Otherwise if you aren't a fan of that idea, just get the same size quilt & quilt cover as your bed.


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2 in 1 Quilts

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