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Quilt | Doona Clips

Quilt Clips Australia

Are you sick and tired of having your quilt bunch up inside your beautiful quilt cover? At My Linen, we know this is a problem, and that's why we offer an amazing solution to this problem! My Linen is proud to offer quilt clips for all our valued customers to buy. Quilt clips help secure the quilt insert that is inside your quilt cover to your quilt cover. In a few easy steps included with the clips, you will have solved all your quilt bunching problems!

Quilt & Quilt Cover Securing Clips

$39.95 $29.95

Tame your quilt with the innovative new solution - the Concierge Quilt Securing Clips will ensure your quilt/doona stays inside your cover so you can sleep snug. Simply connect the 4 clips into the four corners of your quilt/doona and your quilt...