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Sleeping Better - 10 Tips

Posted by My Linen on Jul 08, 2016

A hectic lifestyle, complete with work and family commitments, can leave you a bit frazzled at the end of the day. Here are ten tips to help you feel rested and revived after a great night’s sleep.1. Exercise daily. Studies have shown that long-term exercise regimens, even if low impact and low intensity, can help to relieve stress, and contribute to better sleeping patterns in …

Keeping Warm in Winter - 10 Tips

Posted by My Linen on Jun 20, 2016

In the depths of winter, there are few things more appealing than snuggling up in a lovely, warm bed. Here are ten tips for staying cosy through the cold season.1. To keep your bed toasty in winter, go for micro flannel! It is made from 100% polyester, which traps body heat, with a brushed feel like flannelette, but a lot softer, warmer and lighter. Micro flannel doesn’t feel c …

Buying for your Bedroom - 10 Tips

Posted by My Linen on Jun 08, 2016

After designing your bedroom with your heart, it’s time to buy with your mind. Here are ten things to take into consideration when buying your bedding.1. As with any decorating, the choices you make for your bedroom are purely subjective, and purely to your taste. This includes the materials that you choose for your bedding. Some people love satin or silk, others love pure cott …

Designing the Perfect Bedroom - 10 Tips

Posted by My Linen on May 23, 2016

When it comes to designing your ideal bedroom, your personality is the key. Here are ten tips to optimise your vision, and create the bedroom of your dreams.1. Less is more. You hear this all the time, and it is especially true in relation to your bedroom. Of course, you’re not expected to go Spartan Chic, and only have a bed in your room, but cluttering your bedroom can be eve …

Keeping Cool in Summer

Posted by My Linen on May 12, 2016

Summer can be great during the day, but terrible when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep. Here are ten ways to take some of the heat out of a summer’s night.31Try bamboo sheets. These wonderful inventions can help cool you for more comfortable summertime slumbers. They help to regulate body temperature by way of moisture wicking (which draws the sweat away from the body …