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What Colour Towels Suit Your Bathroom?

Posted by Michelle on Dec 22, 2020

Creating an inspirational bathroom design just like in various interior design magazines or on different Instagram accounts doesn't need to be hard. Selecting a theme for your bathroom and running wit … read more

The Best Bedding to Stay Cool for Summer

Posted by Michelle on Dec 15, 2020

Summer is fast approaching and although it calls for fun in the sun and quality time spent with family and friends, once all the fun is had, getting into bed at night can be quite disappointing and ev … read more

Difference Between a Quilt and Doona

Posted by Michelle on Dec 01, 2020

Buying bedding can be tricky sometimes. With so many sizes and names and choices it makes it quite hard to determine if what you are buying is actually what you want. Then when you get home and lay yo … read more

The Secret To Good Sleep Revealed!

Posted by Michelle on Aug 06, 2020

The secret to good sleep revealed!There is nothing better than a good nights sleep and then feeling amazing when you wake up. But when you can't get that, it's normally due to one issue.Your mattress! … read more

​How To Recycle Your Bedding

Posted by Michelle on Apr 23, 2020

How to recycle your beddingThere are so many ways to use your old bedding, once it is no longer right for your bed, whether through age or style. Here are ten tips on recycling your bedding and giving … read more

10 Tips For Staying Warm In Winter

Posted by Michelle on Apr 21, 2020

10 Tips for staying warm in winterIn the depths of winter, there are few things more appealing than snuggling up in a lovely, warm bed. We decided that we would help you figure out your bedding situat … read more