Mason Indigo Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Mason Indigo Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Nov 12, 2023

Refresh your bedroom with this masculine Mason Indigo Quilt Cover Set. In this video, we introduced two styles of this Quilt Cover Set!

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Styling Our Mason Indigo Quilt Cover Set

The bold Mason Indigo quilt cover set is a masculine quilt cover with geometric patterns in navy blues. We recorded this live on November 2nd...

The video was uploaded on 11/11/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 8 minutes and 52 seconds.

Exploring the Mason Indigo Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

All right, so we've got the Mason Indigo here. Now, this is how you get it out of the packet, and it looks rather stripey from a distance, like it's just got stripes. But when you come, and it's printed, but when you come up really close, those stripes turn into a whole bunch of really detailed geometric patterns. There's all sorts of things going on, so it's quite busy when you get really close to it. So it's a very interesting design. It's um, cotton-polyester, and like I said, this is pretty.

It does have a little um, Indigo flat piping trim around there. It's just buried in there; you can see that there. The reverse is a stripe, which is similar. There's, it's not just striped; it's got the white section's got little stripes within it, so it's a lot going on. Um, and these colours are sort of, there's greys and indigos, sort of bluey colours all scattered throughout this one. Yeah, so I didn't realize it was so detailed just been looking at it from afar, and I didn't realize all the intricacies. 

Yeah, it just from a distance, it looks like it's, it, you can see a little bit that something differences going on, but yeah, like as you get closer, it's just sort of goes deeper, and you can see um, a lot of pattern going on in there. So yeah, nice. All right, we'll have styling this quilt cover, a look at styling this up. I didn't mention the sizes; it comes in double, queen, and king, and there's Euros as well. We'll put the Euros on, um, in the second style, but this first one, we're going to put um, the vivid black Euros. The Euros that come not come with it, but the Mason Indigo Euros are actually the same as the reverse. That's the stripes pattern, but we're going to put black in, so this is a bit of a, it is a masculine design, probably good for the um, teenager or the bloke even a guest bedroom or guest bedroom.

This is the Amelia, Amelia um, black um square cushion, and this is Lockton, um, loon platinum. It's a velvet with a nice sort pattern. The reverse is the same colour just plain velvet, and then we'll finish it off with a bit of a pop of brightness, and this is the um, the vivid Indigo square velvet as well. So just to um, I don't know if you can see that so good in the C camera, but that's a pretty bright sort of cushion brings a bit of add a bit more life to it. So yeah, that's the first one. Let us know what you like of this style side, a yep. We um, we had just while we wait for everyone to let us know what they think of this, we did have Carrie say, "Geez, that hurts the eyes when it's up close." Um, it's almost like an optical illusion. She said it reminds me of the old ABC test screen. Ben might remember that. Yes, I do remember that. I have I have no clue what it is, but Michelle remembers it too. She's making jokes over you, but she probably remembers it too.

Yeah, so we had Joann say, "Was it black and white? Is that when TV was still black and white or was it colour?" No, it had a colour in it. It had colour ones. Yeah, okay. Yeah, um, Joanne said nice. Leanne said that she doesn't mind it. Leanne says that she likes it and car's laughing at all of so it's good fun. Yeah, um, yeah, yeah, Michelle's taking the Mickey out of me. Um, all right, we'll swap this out. What we're we take a look at the reverse going to do is we're going to turn this over, and we we'll we'll have a look at the reverse. Y for the second second design.

And just while you're doing that, we're pulling up the images from the website now where it's got the co cover kind of just paired back a little bit at the top so that you can see the reverse. Um, and it's obviously styled with the matching European pillowcases that you see there. So this one's I like this one. I don't know if I would have it myself, but it's up there. What do you think Mary? I'm not sure. I think it's nice. Yeah, okay. Mary's not sure. Um, so this is the Euro. It's the same as the reverse. It does actually play with your eyes a little bit. It might be just 'cause I'm tired, but it's sort of doing weird things. Um, it has got a like a two and a half maybe 3 cm flange and then with a pipe, the same piping flat piping trim going around the edge. So, uh, yes, it's not sitting real good. Car's just sent, uh, the my linen page, the old test card so I can see for myself what it looks like. That's cool. I think I think I've seen that before used in like jokes like they go to like it was real life when yeah, yeah, you have to wait for TV to come on.

All right, this one is, is the piper OCH. It's a, it's sort of a mustardy colour. Um, with some frills around on both on two edges, and then it's got a little bit of white stitching just on the edge in there to just adds a little bit more just on the two sides actually. So it's, um, interesting. I think there's a few colours in this ochre as well, but we just bring in some Golds and um, and this one is called the Gilbert butterscotch. And it this is embroidered, uh, this pattern on here with, uh, I'm not sure that might be that that might be that slub material on the base with with the um, embroidery over the top. There's little bits of blotches of different colours in those threads as well. It's not just plain white. It's a little bit unique. Um, yeah, you probably can see it on the back. It's like that. Yeah, yep. Um, I have just asked everyone what do we think this reverse design and uh, so far Anita said that she likes it very much. One question I did have I don't I can't remember if you've already covered it what's the closure at the end it's a good one.

It's the it's right on the right on the edge So Co it's and it's buttons. Yeah, yeah. So I would probably call this one like truly reversible like it makes no difference if it's either side right. Yeah, yeah, that's right 'cause 'cause of that closure the closure is going to appear the same whether it's either front or back and the patterns are pretty good on both sides as well. Sometimes the reverse is it's it's reverse it's there's something there it's not plain but it's just not quite um reversible enough whereas this is good this is just a plane it it's nearly plain blue but it's it's works good. Yeah, all right we'll put the Marlon this is the Marlon gold throw we've seen that a fair bit I think through the through the weeks but um so we're just going to put a put a bit of gold gold with the blue and this will with white yes yeah we were tossing up actually whether to do like the Ascot white um accessories the Euros or the cushions but so you could do a white thing as well with the white Oslo snow throw so you could completely do a white version because this stripe is a white Stitch it's a well it's not really it's printed but it's yeah I like this so yeah I like this side too I think this is not too bad yeah let us know if you like it in the comments y to good to know yeah so yeah and Ne likes it very much it's it really is um really is a good one so all right.