Cressida Sage Coverlet Set | Styling Session

Cressida Sage Coverlet Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Dec 26, 2023

Create your dream bedroom with our stunning Cressida Sage Coverlet Set. In this video, we introduced two styles of this elegant coverlet set!

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Styling Our Cressida Sage Coverlet Set

The refreshing Cressida Sage Coverlet Set is a lovely sage design that is sure to bring some natural colours to your bedroom. We recorded this live on December 14th...

The video was uploaded on 25/12/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 11 minutes and 33 seconds.

Exploring the Cressida Sage Coverlet Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

This one is called the Cressida Sage. It's got a polyester front and, no sorry, the front is cotton, and the reverse is polyester. Reverse is just plain, and the front is textured, and it's got stitches. So it's got these sort of um parallel lines. It's like a stripe design but it's just made striped with the stitches. And it's interesting because they vary, they vary them. There's one line with one stitch then there's a double stitch, and then it goes a bit more and there's three stitches, so it's all over the place. Very interesting, just creative with stitches but it's just plain Sage on Trend sage green colour.

This is a Cressida so it comes in the single, double, queen, king, and the Super King. There's also Euros in a square cushion. Don't forget with the coverlets and bedspread, you really need to measure your bed to make sure you get the size that's going to suit your needs. Depending on how far they hang and whatnot. When I said single/double, I also meant that one size fits the two beds. And queen/king, yeah, the single, double will suit King single bed as well as single and double. Whereas the queen, king will suit the queen and king, but then even having said that you may want to put the queen, king on the double because you just want it to hang right to the floor and really cover all the stuff under the bed and everything.

So you really got to measure, measure your bed and look at the size and get because often I'm getting into detail now with coverlets, it's a bit easier because you buy a single, double, queen, king and you're probably going to be in any trouble really if you know that you want to go up a size and that's what you buy, you buy that. But with coverlets and bedspreads, the manufacturers make quilt covers and all the sizes are pretty standard quilt covers and sets and comforters. They can be different, manufacturers can have a bit different dimensions to them, so you can get a different size. So the best thing is to measure for bedspread and cover because there's not a real good consistency, mon set a lot.

So yeah, for reference, for everyone, what is the size of the bed we have and what bedspread have you put on it or what size CET? This is a double bed, yep, and with a queen, king coverlet, so it's probably a little bit big-ish. It's sitting tight on the floor and the corners are probably trip hazards but yeah, you might like that look, so it's fine. It just depends on how this bed's not super high either so if you had a bit higher bed, thicker mattress then you might, this might be pretty good. So that's this is a double with a queen and king, so it's really breaking the rules. So it is a little bit big and it does look a bit big, you can see that now that I mentioned especially.

Cool alright, let's have a look at the style. The style in this Coverlet Set, we're just going to use the same Euros, the cressida sage, we'll put them in for the first one and knock ourselves out with green. This is the Flor, everybody heard me breathe in, didn't you? Sorry about that. This is the Florida Fern round cushion with all the um tassels going around there and it's a knitted um really texture knitted round cushion. It's a Heritage sort of dark green. We've got the um cressida Square cushion, we'll pop that on as well. So now you've got the whole cressida package on here. Now with the coverlet, you get the pillowcases as well, the standard pillowcases. So I think that's just one look. Oh, this is the look I'm getting instructions from Michelle. You didn't like this? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. We were debating whether to use these.

I was debating, Michelle liked it. I was going no. Yeah, this is called the um McKenzie vanilla and it's a fairly big long cushion and we're going to put that on here as well. And in that McKenzie range, there's a throw as well, so we'll put that throw on with tassels. But these are sort of um, chenille kind of little dots. So we'll put that on there as well, roughly. So let us know what you think. Did it need the McKenzie on it or was it just good enough with the dark? Yeah, um, we had Carrie say that the Heritage green looks great with the light green, kind of mixing those two greens together, the with the Florida um. And yeah, I've just dropped in the comments what do we think of this additional throw and cushion? I think that it works well to break up the solid color of the CET with the McKenzie stuff. Yeah, yeah, um, but typically I don't know if you have throws on coverlets like classically but I don't know maybe not. I don't think it matters, you can probably do it, yeah.

It's like you said, the green was very, there's a lot of green so it's good to, you can sort of break it up a bit too. Okay, Michelle said it changes it from Nana to okay, fair enough. Um, Mary, what's your thoughts? What would you prefer the McKenzie or no McKenzie? Well, I don't think the green and the yellow really go together so I reckon you either have to take out that green cushion as in the round one or and add in that yellow, add in that yellow or show something fun now. Or you could, oh yes, you could do that or you could do the green round cushion with the dark green throw, the Johnson one, yeah, yeah, we could do that, yeah, without any of the yellows.

Yeah, let's give that a try. Let's just do it. We had Karen say that she's not a fan of the colours of the McKenzie, which is totally fair. I like that, that looks pretty neat, yeah, sorry. Michelle, we had Leanne say not for me, so I'm I reckon this is kind of a you love it or you're not a huge fan of it CET, it's pretty dividing. Yeah, we do have one more style, we've got another style. Yeah, yeah, um, so let's just clean up this a bit. We did have Karen and Leanne say that that darker green style in both the throw and the cushion having that both there is much better than what was going on before, so that's good, that's good. I'm excited to see what you're going to do with this next style because I haven't seen it yet. Yeah, this is um, Michelle said this um is making it younger, yeah, I think that was the word you used, was it? So far. I'll better show you these.

These are the Nimes cinnamon. They're the 100% linen material in a cinnamony rusty sort of so far all I'm thinking of is the arrow chocolate bars with some chocolate and some mint whoops let me know if I'm crazy. I'm getting hung this this is the this is the Nimes cinnamon as well. It's a square cushion that is at is in the same family as the Euros that that are on here. And then I'm not crazy Carrie said OMG Josh. Yes, I'm not alone thanks Carrie. I eventually got what you were saying and I thought yeah, you're probably right. This is the Gilbert butterscotch we we featured this a little bit last few weeks um, but that sort of brings out those Browns really well.

So that's pretty cool. And this row I question this throw but let us know what you think. This this is the cadisa mushroom tassels. It's got a big white border there and it's it's like a I was going to call it hen but it's not, it's a very coarse sort of soft but anyway and this is this is not Chenille like the other one was I'm really not right on the camera am I, it's it's sort of a I don't know how you'd explain that it's woven in there. Looks like it's polka dot little fine polka dots but anyway yep we'll put that on. I think we had that something like that yep let us know let us know what you think does it need that throw or should that be gone yes so we had yeah we had Karen say that she's loving the Nimes colors on their own however not the throw the throw is kind of letting the whole kind of style down I think um but this is I think this is a pretty hard coverlet to style because it is such a blocky green color it's like we said you either like it or you don't yeah lean said lose the throw yeah probably not a huge fan of the throw go yeah go aerobar yeah it's it's not bad with like it's a lot of plain green so to put a throw to break that up is is you'd expect to do that you can do that but um you don't have to either it doesn't look it looks pretty neat um and similar to the the green that we had on there that was just neat and tidy yeah um and still classy pretty good yep so all right.