Drake Green Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Drake Green Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Nov 28, 2023

Create your dream bedroom with our refreshing Drake Green Quilt Cover Set. In this video, we introduced two styles of this stunning quilt cover set!

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Styling Our Drake Green Quilt Cover Set

The refreshing Drake Green Quilt Cover Set is a stunning geometric design that is sure to bring some fun to your bedroom. We recorded this live on November 16th...

The video was uploaded on 27/11/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 6 minutes and 13 seconds.

Exploring the Drake Green Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

So let's jump over the bed, and we'll have a look at the Drake green. So, this is the Drake out of the packet. It's just a printed cotton Sateen, and it's um just largely geometric, but it's got a lot of different shades of green, um, and some Greys. I think that's a little bit torpy, that colour, but yeah, all sorts of different colours going on in there. And it does have a flange or like a cord piping; it's sort of a sage colour, and the reverse is just plain white, so it's um, very simple, um, pretty busy pattern, um, styling this Quilt Cover Set but um, in sort of striped appearance but geometric as well. And this one, the Quilt cover actually comes in um, single, double, queen, king, and super king; um, that's the sizes. There's no Euros that actually come with the Drake, but we've got we had these in last week, but will put them in again this week 'cause they really work really nicely. This is the Venice Olive; it's that Herringbone sort of um, pattern or sort of it's a weave, and um, this is Velvet as well, and it's got a plain velvet reverse. So, we're going to use this with the plain velvet in the back and pull out some of those brighter green colours in there.

Yep, we had Leanne say that she's liking the green so far, the um, the Euros. Yep, yep, this one is the um, alen Olive with a square pattern on the front and Plain on the back, velvet again, and we'll put that with the pattern to the front. And then this last one, we just going to pop on there just for a little bit of difference, is the Gilbert butterscotch. So, Gil, just a bit of a different colour, different bit of a pop. So that's the first one, the Green Design. So let us know what you think. Um, I think it's pretty good. I think the these are sort of pretty brightish, but it sort of brightens it up a little bit and yeah, pretty good, good outcome so yeah. So, had um, Leanne say she likes the green. Charlie said that she thinks it's different but it's nice. Um, Jen said it's pretty green. Leanne says she likes it, and Bridget, hello Bridget, uh, she said it's very nice. Um, we also had Jen I've just been chatting to her, I said how have you been going and Jen said, yeah, good life is back to normal, hope we are all well. Yep, yes, we're all doing good, doing good, getting um, getting ready for Black Friday next week which is pretty full on but there's some exciting things coming down the line, exciting, yeah, yeah. All right, we'll take these out and we'll do the next colour.

I'll keep that we just had Tracy say, uh, that it's nice but I'm not into greens, maybe she likes yellow, maybe she like the yellow, maybe the yellows, it 'cause we're going to. We try a Yellow style, put some yellow in this one. Um, this is the NIMS Meadow, it's called, it's 100% linen, um, Euro so this is really going to brighten it, yep, really different sort of look now with the brightness of this yellow. And this is the NIMS Meadow Square cushion, 100% linen, got the flange, um, basically well it's got the zipper in the middle, it's a zipper all plain. We mix it up a little bit with some darker greens, this is the Florida Fern round cushion with a whole bunch of Tassels on the around the edge, and it's got a um, it's sort of a knit knitted sort of feeling on there, it's um, nice texture, yeah. And we'll put a throw this time to the Johnson Olive throw, nice green, that real Heritage sort of colour. This is that real knitted colour, um, real cuddly C, it's sort of a throw, this one pretty versatile, um, and pretty um, do anything with that throw, it's really good. So let us know what you think about that one, that's a little bit different it's out there with the yellow, um, but yeah, let us know, yeah, let us know if you like this style compared to the green one, even be good to know maybe it needs the darker green Euros as well that might y might help this one.

I also I also think the stream just dipped a little bit it might have paused for people let us know if it's all still working fine for you guys just um, I think our internet dropped out for a little bit but do yeah, oh I think we're here I think we're all still here but I should, it's good, all right, we had Jen say nice with the yellow, Bridget said don't like the yellow but she's loving the throw, and Tracy said nope sorry the green was better the other one, yeah looks like Green's a winner, y yeah, this this Heritage green go it goes really well with the cover like um, somebody said did you say somebody liked the throw, yeah and um, yeah so that Heritage colour goes really well with it but the yellow um, there is some yellowish bright um, Greens in here which we pulled out with the the previous design but um, this is a bit too yellow possibly so yeah and we also had Leanne say that the green was better so looks like Green's a winner Green's a winner yep.