Bari Green Bedspread Set | Styling Session

Bari Green Bedspread Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Nov 18, 2023

Bring the outdoors in with this stunning sage Bari Green Bedspread Set. In this video, we introduced two styles of this Bedspread Set!

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Styling Our Bari Green Bedspread Set

The beautiful Bari Green Bedspread Set is a refreshing green colour with subtle dark green stitching. We recorded this live on November 2nd...

The video was uploaded on 13/11/2023.

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The video lasts for 10 minutes and 58 seconds.

Exploring the Bari Green Bedspread Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

This one is called "The Barry Green". Actually, it's very green and this is a bedspread. So, uh, what we've got is cotton polyester on the front and back. And it's... I'm not sure what sort of material it is. It's got a little bit of texture in the green, but then it's got these darker green stitches running through. This... this is very, um, fragile. You, that might be a bit too of a harsh a word, but these little threads can get caught quite easily, so you probably don't want the sausage dogs on this one 'cause they can get caught and um, get out. But other than that, it looks really, really nice. There's a small, um, little flange on the top and it reverses to a green colour. So, obviously, this isn't reversible. This "C", it's, um, all the stories on the front.

Yep, um, and it's the bedspread and it's got Euros. Actually, this comes in styling this Bedspread Set, queen king, and Super King. And then, and there's Euros in a square cushion as well, and they're both the same, um, style as the bedspread itself, like the front and the back. Yep, and again, uh, if you guys wanted to shop anything from tonight, there's a link in the description to all of the cook covers, bedspreads, cushions, throws, all of that good stuff. This is the Ascot White that we mentioned earlier. We're going to pop that on this one, so these would all go with that, um, the Mason Indigo on the reverse side. So, um, ASC got why this is the Klein Moss, which is featured quite a little bit lately, the clients. It's very similar to... I've been looking at a little bit of furniture throughout um, house and just for various other reasons, but that is similar to a... is it Bol or BS b o u c l e, like it's a very popular thing right now.

So let me know in the comments that I'm not crazy. Do you know about it, Mary? Oh my goodness, okay, maybe I am crazy, um, all right, continue. I'll see if I can pull up some proof. Okay, this is the Ascot White but and that's the long cushion that comes in that um, Ascot White Range. Um, not sure what we're going to do here. And then we've got the Oslo Snow Throw. And that is sort of a classic around here. It's... we use it a lot. Um, and that is the Barry green with the white. So let us know what you think. Yeah, that's the um, that's sort of the first one with the Barry. We'll have a look at um, the next design. Yeah, so let us know if you like the style. Mary's going to pull up a uh, a bul or I don't know that cushion that that type of uh, cover, you know what I'm saying? Yeah, um, so it's a very similar thing to the Klein Moss, potentially, probably is similar, looks the same, looks the same, but it's probably more relates to a teddy bear.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, probably. It's probably close like... like the um, this looks close, yeah. Uh, we just had Jody, hi Jody, she's popped on. She said, "Sorry, I've just jumped on. Is the green one a bedspread and does it come in any other colours?" Um, this one is a bedspread, yes, but it's only, only in the green, only in this, yeah. Uh, we had Joan say, "This is beautiful." Anita said that this one is too much green for her, so yep, personal preference. Need it, you need just more cushions. So, you got to be a cushion person, right? Y yep. Uh, we had Tracy say, "That's very nice." Leanne said that she likes the green, um, and Carrie said that the white is a nice contrast with the, "We try a Brown style green." And my brother's name is Barry, LOL, so there you go, with one R, yeah. This one, this is one R, and I, it's a bit different spelling than probably different Barry, yeah. And we just had Tracy say, "Turn the Euros around to the dark green," which is exactly what you've just done.

We just done, yep. This is our second, a second style, why the dark green. And we, we've got a little bit of argument, Michelle and I, this, we're going to put, this is Michelle's idea, we put idea, he the winning idea, the winning idea. This is the Nimes cinnamon linen cushion, square cushion, so put that in. And then the, I've forgotten the name of this, the tul Moss, this is, um, got a nice fringe flange border going through here, nice, um, sort of olive colour. It's called Moss, but it's olive, olive sort of tones, yep. And we'll put the, this is the Barry green cushion. It's the same, really the same as the Euros, but just a smaller version. And that's the, that's sort of Michelle's, we were arguing about, you can't see the cushion. We were arguing about this Nimes cushion, um, the brown one, yeah. So let us know, do you like the one that's in there or, I was sort of considering, considering this is the toffee Amelia, toffee, um, velvet. I was thinking this one was better, but Michelle disagreed. All right, I think we should have a poll in the room.

We had Carrie say, Ben just agree with Michelle, you know the deal, happy wife, happy Liv. Well, I did, I did because we did this first, but then I thought no, we'll ask everybody else. Yeah, you thought you'd be a troublemaker, see if I can get some support. All right, so yeah, so Ben is for the gold one, Michelle is for the brown one, Mary, what would you choose? There's no support from me, Ben. So You' choose the gold one, I'd choose the cinnamon one. Oh yeah, sorry, the, the brown one, yep, yep. Um, all right, we had Anita say, Michelle is all always right. Uh, Karen said that she loves bedspreads. Hi Karen, it's good to have you with us. Carrie said, nice save. Um, now we've got one, so we've got Mary voting for The Cinnamon, we've also got Leanne voting for cinnamon, Joann's also voting for The Cinnamon one, the Browner one, get rid of yours right now out. So I think you're the only one that likes that gold one.

I'm undecided between the two, okay. I think if you've got a darker over all room, you'd probably go with a brown o cushion, but if you've got like beige accessories or, you know, beiger wall or stuff like that, then you might do the lighter cushion, but I'm, I'm torn, I, I think they're both all right, uh, we also had Tracy say that, uh, she likes a brown one as well, so oh, I completely L the t- rose in the mix. We tried the t- rose, uh, yep. We had Karen say, uh, the brown one, Jody said hi, Michelle. Michelle says hi, and Carrie says that I'll pass on the gold, so you've got one vote compared to like 10 or so t- Brown and the t- oh, that's not bad, grab the, grab the throw, let us know what you guys think of this lighter brown, it's not so gold. Yes, this is notoriously Mary's favorite, uh, ACC bad without the throw, the throw might just throw it off, but it's not too bad, I don't think that's bad. Why didn't we do that did and you said no.

All right, let us know if you guys like this, so we had Joanne say light brown is way nicer. I think I think I'm transferring my vote to this one really, yep, okay, no wonder, uh, yeah, just waiting on some more people to give their feedback, but anyway, I've completely lost anyway, yeah, Tracy said, yep, this one is better, wow, Karen said that she might go for an all white, oh, we did that, we did that for the first one, oh, that first design was white, yep, so we had Carrie say, Ben is just playing with different options now just to show Michelle. Um, Leanne is saying maybe take the throw off, Jod is saying this one's much nicer, um, throw off, yep, there's a throw off, um, we had Leanne also ask or a different lean, sorry, um, is there a throw in a very similar color to that cinnamon, is there like a darker brown throat, no that, that cinamon is a pretty unique color, um, we, yeah, we don't have one in the room anyway, um, but yeah, she's not cinnamon, yeah, they're not cinnamon enough, so it's, um, sorry again, it's, it's like it needs a throw 'cause it's so much green, but then like when you, I feel like when you put it, but my comment's sort of invalid, but when you put the throw on, I don't, I just don't know, yeah, but it's like it needs it 'cause there's a lot of green, yeah, yeah, but it looks okay without it, like, so maybe it doesn't need it, but it might almost need like a, uh, is it an ottoman at the end of the bed, yeah, maybe that might break it up enough in a, yeah, yeah, maybe, I don't know, anyway.