Cassiano White Coverlet Set | Styling Session

Cassiano White Coverlet Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Nov 23, 2023

Elevate your bedroom with the elegant Cassiano White Coverlet Set. In this video, we introduced two styles of this Coverlet Set!

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Styling Our Cassiano White Coverlet Set

The stunning Cassiano Coverlet Set is a revitalising white design that is sure to bring some elegance in your bedroom. We recorded this live on November 9th...

The video was uploaded on 22/11/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 8 minutes and 27 seconds.

Exploring the Cassiano White Coverlet Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

Alright, this is white, so it might not sharpen the camera real well, but um, it's a really nice coverlet. So we really got to sort of show you it. So even though you might not appreciate it as well as you can see that there in the bottom, like with my shadow on there. Yeah, it's got sort of diamond P patterns on there, so hopefully you can get a bit of an appreciation of it. It's really soft, um, polyester jacquard, and it's got a flange around the edge.

Yep, and it's just the pillowcases and all the accessories are just plain on the back. Um, but yeah, it's really, really soft. It doesn't crease, um, really sort of a timeless sort of a design just being plain white, you can make anything happen with it. Um, so yeah, really nice. It comes in three sizes, so the single, double, queen, king, and the Super King. So just remember to, with the coverlet bedspreads, measure your bed to make sure you get the right size, make sure it hangs down to the floor or if you don't want it to hit the floor just do some measurements, do some homework before you choose a size with the sets. This also comes with euros and a square cushion, so this is the Euro, they're exactly the same as the set basically. Um, so we'll put all the euros and in there, and because Mary likes the t-rose stuff, we thought we'd style this up with the t-rose, so this is a linen material and it's a t-rose colour so it's sort of a pinky liny colour with nice flanges around the side frills around the side, I should say, and yeah, it's the same front and back.

This is a feather-filled cushion, um, but they're 100% linen material so yep, we'll just keep this pretty simple and put a t-rose cushion and this has got the white, um, this is called the Cass I know if I didn't mention that already, um, and it's got a cushion with it as well, pop that in there and the t-rose, this is the Wanda t-rose throw, it's um, pretty good and snuggly colour, it's a little bit slight waffle with a frill around the edge, so um, nice t-rose colour, so that's the first one just for Mary, beautiful. I really like it. Mary is a big fan of the t-rose things accessories, she every week pretty much asks for them to be, um, we did have a couple of comments that I thought were actually pretty good to share. She, uh, we had Pam say that this one is actually a very modern design which I would agree with, um, I think it's quite nice.

I think it would suit quite well in a modern bedroom, um, which is cool. We then had, uh, Pam also said that we can't go wrong with white, which yeah, you can't, you can, you can put anything on it, yeah, any colour, so any other colour that's in your room you can pull into the white and it's yeah. Uh, we had Amanda say that this one would be great for a guest room, um, which it would. I also think that this would also be good in a master master. I think it's both, it's both, yeah, yeah, um, everyone's saying that they like this, mhm, so it's going to be hard to beat this Brown look, so we'll see what we have next, see what we have next. We had Amanda say that this is really nice, very neutral and doesn't look too sterile, yeah, yeah, yeah, I think the texture or the pattern on it really breaks up the um, the potential sterile of it which is good and yeah, you can see the pattern a bit better in the product images that we're just flashing up on the screen now, um, you can see the lighting's probably a bit better there, yeah, yeah, helps y'all right the we we try a Black style the obviously we're going to just go black and white so this is the Vivid black um velvet Euros that we've got here and we're going to just do a black style as well, which it's almost a velvet night all the accessories are pretty much velvet aren't they they are yeah we didn't plan it that way.

I forgotten if you guys are liking anything that you see on the screen tonight we've got a link up in the description where you can shop everything you can shop the this coverlet uh you can shop the floral cool cover from before and all of the accessories are also going to be there as well for you guys to have a look at so yeah all right and we're going to put the ailia black Square cushion this is the Velvet again um we'll put that on there as well and um the cassiano um white the one that's part of the set and then we've got the tempo and this is Velvet as well the tempo the tempo black um round cushion it's um this is quite good for a round cushion it's very versatile Black ex it's velvet for the people who don't like velvet but yeah.

We did have Amanda say that velvet is actually in at the moment which I think it is yeah so it's good good pickup yeah it's good yeah it's amazing that we it was all velvet accessories pretty much tonight um that's pretty except for the t-rose but yeah yeah so yeah let us know if you guys like this black style we had Carrie say that she likes the black it really breaks up the white um um which yep definitely does do that yep um so yeah it'd be good to know if you guys like this over the brown style cuz everyone seemed to really like the brown style the brown yeah I like the brown too the black is heavy it's heavier on like the real contrast with the black and white but um it's still looks good still right still works the t-rose is modern yeah Michelle just said that the t-rose is probably a little bit more modern it sticks with the modern theme a little bit yeah with that but those beigey colours yeah yeah yeah we had Pam say that she likes the natural style better.

Tracy said the first one for her so lean also said she likes the first one better Bridget said she likes the black one with a black throw too which we don't have one yeah that would be interesting but I don't think we have a black throw we don't have it on hand which is not here anyway we we've got some black throws but they've they're the um venetian night oh they sort of probably wouldn't go they got a lot of Tassels and there's a lot of gold on them yeah yeah you could you could put all the Venetian KN accessories on here um because it's euros a bolster cushion and a throw as well um yeah I think there's a square as well you could have we could have done that but anyway but that would be a completely different feel yeah um because it's got a lot of gold tassels and gold yeah uh we had Rachel say that she loves the black and white my black and white cat would look classy laying on this which I thought was pretty cool um yeah yeah wouldn't yeah wouldn't look out of place at all would no might blend in wouldn't know where the cat is try to find the cat and you can't find it uh we also had Karen say that she's loving the white with any colour but would love to see a throw too so yeah there was a throw on the brown style but yeah the black the black throws that we've got is just that one with the gold tassel so it probably wouldn't probably wouldn't work the same yeah.