Lowanna White Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Lowanna White Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Dec 14, 2023

Create your dream bedroom with our refreshing Lowanna White Quilt Cover Set. In this video, we introduced two styles of this stunning quilt cover set!

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Styling Our Lowanna White Quilt Cover Set

The artistic Lowanna White Quilt Cover Set is a refreshing floral design that is sure to bring some pops of colour to your bedroom. We recorded this live on November 23rd...

The video was uploaded on 13/12/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 5 minutes and 6 seconds.

Exploring the Lowanna White Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

Let's get on to the next design, let's get on to this one. This is called the Lana. This is the last one for tonight, so this is the Lana. It's cotton-polyester, the cotton rich again, and it's pretty interesting, actually. It looks like the artist or whoever designed it forgot to put the colour in some of the pictures, like they've in the outline but didn't put the colour in, so it's pretty that on purpose. It's on purpose. It's on purpose. It's pretty creative. I like it. I like the idea. Like, you can see them. I think you can see it on the screen, but you can see there's bits not coloured in.

Yeah, it makes it very interesting. So very, this is probably even more spring and summery, fresh than the Zali. But yeah, very, very nice and fresh. Really pops of colour. Yeah, but it is very florally. It does have a flange around the edge. The reverse is pink with just foliage and flowers in there as well. It comes in queen, king, and Super King, and it does have Euros as well. We're going to put the Euros in the style. It's just the reverse styling this Quilt Cover Set. With this, it's got a flange as well, coral. It's, yeah, Michelle just said it's probably coral. Coral pink, you would call it corally sort of colour.

Yep. We just had Jenny say thank you, order placed. I'm assuming they're for those questions, Jenny. So thanks for your support. Thanks, Jenny, that's cool. All right, we've got the NIMS Meadow. We're going to try and pull out some of the yellows. The NIMS Meadow Square, this is the NIMS range, that's 100% linen. Oops, got a flange and it looks brighter on the screen than it is, but it's still yellow. It's pretty bright, yeah, just a smidge lighter in the screen. I'm looking at it in person for people that can't see me. And this one is the Vivid Teal. I get this one mixed up with the other green colour we've got. This is the Vivid Teal and the velvet material, same as all the Vivids. This would look all right too with the Euros in this Vivid colour as well.

You probably get that going quite nice as well, out of stock, but we're out of stock of those at the moment, actually. They're coming, we've got a couple. They might even be here tomorrow. So that's the last design, no throw. No throw there. We go, no, you can't cover up these unpainted flowers. But this one is reversible, this one's reversible as well. You've got that nice big pink G so you can use it both ways. It's pretty versatile. Oh, did you know it was showing the reverse? It's all good. So yeah, let us know if you guys like this style. All right, I don't know what I think of this one. It's an interesting design. It is, I like the creativity, like the idea of not painting some of it. It's...it's um, it's interesting. You should get it. It's just different.

Have you seen those, um, oh, what are they called? People in the comments might know what I'm talking about, but you can get like this spray that you can spray onto clothing or your shoes or stuff to make it waterproof. I wonder if you could like paint that on the Quilt cover and then colour in the flowers however you want to colour them in and then you can just wipe it off and do it a different way, you know what I'm saying? That'd be funny. Um, we had Leanne saying that this looks very fresh. Jenny said, "What cushions are they?"

So maybe you could just run through the two cushions again for us, real. It's the Vivid Teal, the Vivid Teal, yes, I've got that right, and the NIMS Meadow square. And the Euros are the Lana. They're the same family as the quilt cover. Yeah, cool, but they don't come with it. They're extra. Um, so hopefully that answers your question, Jenny. We had Mary say, "I think I prefer the reverse. This side is a bit too colorful for me." Yes, Mary does like some more of the earthier tones. Um, we had Jenny say, "Bother, I'm in trouble. I like this also. Off to place another order." Well, thanks, Jenny. We appreciate it. Um, we also had Le just say, "I just added the Johnson Ivory throw to my cart." So, oh, cool. Thank you, Leanne. Hope you enjoy it.