Summer Quilts & Doonas | Q&A

Summer Quilts & Doonas | Q&A

Posted by Michelle on Nov 16, 2023

In this video, we answer your most asked questions in regards to all things summer quilts & doonas!

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Summer Quilts & Doonas Showcase

Our director Ben took a look at all things summer quilts recently! We recorded this live on November 2nd...

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Exploring the Summer Quilts & Doonas Range

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

All right, um, these summer quilts—they, um, I suppose you need a summer quilt when it gets really, really warm or it starts to warm up when you need a bit of something. So that's why you would sort of use a summer quilt, I suppose. So we're going to take a bit of a look at them and just explain a little bit what a summer quilt is and what it means, how to find one, I suppose, and, uh, so this is them, this is a few of them that we've got here. We've got different fill types, there's 100% cotton, there's, um, which is that one there, there's a bamboo fill, and then down underneath here, we've got the a wool fill. But then what we've got, you can also get a feather and down and a, um, a microfiber fill as well. But usually, a summer quilt is around the 200 to 300 GSM or G per square meter. It could push up to 350 but you're sort of moving into the All Seasons range there. So that's sort of the GSM range. Now feather and down, they could be a little bit, um, it's a bit different when you're looking at feather and down quilts.

You do consider the GSM, but you need to also consider how much down is in the feather quilts because the more down you get, there is more insulation in the quilt. So usually, the really winter weight down feather quilts are like um, I think they're they're 80% down and but in the case of Summer, they're down to 25% down. So you consider down, you consider the down portion as well as the weight to sort of get a good summer weight feather and down quilt. Cotton and bamboo, which these two here are, they're very similar, they're both natural fibres, they breathe well, they do have a moisture-wicking um capability, they sort of draw moisture away from your body a little bit um but these are both fairly thin quilts so you don't have a big loft. They're thin, they're nice and airy and breathable and um, they're both basically the same, they're both natural fibres just one's bamboo and one's bamboo, one's cotton.

Then you have the wool quilt, which is the one down under under the table here. Um, I've just put it down there 'cause I don't have everyone on the table. Um, the wool quilt, it's a little bit bulky here so if you're wanting a little bit of loft in your summer quilt you might go for a wool quilt. It gets a bit loftier but wool is really um, good for its moisture-wicking where it draws moisture away, it's really good at that, it's made from natural fibres and all of those sort of things so it will draw moisture away and sort of help regulate your body temperature as well. Microfiber is a different story though, microfiber you get the loft, you'll get a bit thicker but um, it's a man-made product, it's polyester so they will sort of hold the heat in, hold the moisture in a little bit as well. They don't breathe quite as well so um, that's microfiber but you've got to choice whether you want to have the loft or you want to have a bit more breathability with some of the other more natural fibres.

So um, we've got a whole range, they all come in single double queen king and Super King so we got the whole whole range of all a whole bunch of Summer Quilts. That's basically the rundown on summer quilts. But I've got a few questions that I want to just run through that we sort of have, um, they've sort of found to be a highly asked question so um, the first one is what's the best quilt for summer? Well, I sort of just explained it but in a nutshell, it's something that's lightweight, um, breathes well, um, something that will regulate your body temperature. A cotton quilt is really good for that and but if you want a little bit more dense, uh, wool would be another good option because of that moisture-wicking capabilities. Another question would be what is the difference between a coverlet and a quilt 'cause some people use a coverlet in the summer months rather than a quilt and a quilt cover so the difference, I just sort of explained it.

A coverlet is a decorative already and it's got a little bit of padding sewn into the design. It's thinner than a quilt but there's a little bit of padding, a little bit of insulation in there so you get something in terms of insulation but a quilt is obviously a bit thicker depending on which insert um um fill you have and it will, you got to put it inside a cover and it's probably a little bit warmer than a cover too but different things different um choices that you can have um in between the coverlet and the the summer quilt.

So there is a bit of a difference whereas the um yeah, the quilt is not got a decorative cover but you've got it's a separate thing CET is all built-in okay that's the last question is is a wool quilt is a wool or cotton quilt better for summer so which is better the wool or the cotton um well wool I'll cover off wool we've sort of covered it a fair bit already but the wool is naturally breathable and it really does absorb moisture so if you're under the blankets and in your um you're a bit clammy bit those sort of it draws moisture away and then dissipates it so wool is very good for that it's probably probably the best material for that action so um but then on the other hand um cotton is the same similar thing it does do those sort of things but it's thinner and it breathes maybe a little bit more um but they're both natural fibres walls natural fibre the cotton natural fibre they both breathe function a little bit differently but um yeah so what is the best to use wool or cotton it's probably a little bit of a preference but um for me um I think they probably either would work but for me I would probably go with a cotton especially in the really hot summer like in the middle of 40° Australian Summers You've got nothing you don't don't you don't have a quilt but um if you need something then cotton breathes well it's thinner it's um really uh I would say cotton is my choice my opinion would be cotton would be the way to go so that's the summer quilt story yeah so if you've got any questions about summer quilts or quilts in general or anything like that we're more than happy to answer him um just pop them into the comments and let us know one thing that is interesting that is a common misconception I think is even I thought it myself until you said it earlier today is that when I think of a wool quilt I think of something that's heavier but it's actually if you make sure that the gsms are the same.

So say it's like 300 GSM that is 300 G per square meter so it's going to weigh the exact same it's not going to weigh any different if you're doing a wool or a cotton quilt so thought that was interesting uh Tracy said Tracy said uh earlier that she's actually looking for some quilt right now so this is actually super helpful good timing um yeah so she said think wool is winning um and can you please send me a link for the wool one please I'll get on to that right now Tracy um the links the links should be is there a link to all the summer there's a link to all the summer description up in the description and then I also just commented a link all the summer quilts just before but I'll get a link to the W on specific to the W ones yeah specifically um and then we also had Leanne say we take the doona off in summer and sleep with top sheet and cotton cellular blanket yes that's we sometimes do that too yeah as as it gets warmer there's less on.

The cotton blanket is the same it's it's similar thing it's cotton it breathes it um because that natural natural fibre it's a good good good choice yeah we also have cotton blankets so what I'll do is uh Tracy I'll put in the link now she said thanks sorry for the extra work there's no drama that's fine totally fine just I will make mention the summer wool quilts are available in a double queen and a king that's the only three sizes that we have available oh well if you if you if you've got a size that you want and we don't have just email us and we'll we'll we should be able to get them so cool just um communicate with us and we'll sort it out yep um and then also I've just put in a link to our cotton blankets as well in case anyone wanted so have a look at our cotton blanket just like uh Leanne was saying believe it was Leanne um so yeah Super King yeah Tracy said she want Super King yeah reach out to us in an email we might be able to get it for you yeah I'm sure we can there's a I'm sure we can we'll just have to double check time to do it when it's live yeah I'm pretty I'm pretty sure this one down here comes in a um in a Super King cool so yeah send us an email and we'll um we'll definitely chase that down cool all right.