Valentina Cloud Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Valentina Cloud Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Nov 26, 2023

Create your dream bedroom with our refreshing Valentina Cloud Quilt Cover Set. In this video, we introduced two styles of this stunning quilt cover set!

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Styling Our Valentina Cloud Quilt Cover Set

The stunning Valentina Cloud Quilt Cover Set is an elegant silver design that is sure to bring some sophistication to your bedroom. We recorded this live on November 16th...

The video was uploaded on 07/12/2023.

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The video lasts for 9 minutes and 54 seconds.

Exploring the Valentina Cloud Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

Sounds good, let's look at this next one. Let me grab this. Next one, alright. Alright, this one's called the Valent Valentina Valentina Cloud. This one might not show very good either. The colour is really different. Yeah, I'll show the pillow while you're putting that on, if that's can you do that? Um, this is sort of a floral weave, it's a polyester jacquard. It is grey, it's called Cloud, but there is a tone of green that can you can get a tinge of green out of it. So, it's nearly like a hail Cloud, you know how they're green when they got hail in them?

Yes, I'm just sort of making that up a bit but it has got a little bit of a tone of green in there. It's got a nice 3 cm flange with a nice braid around the edge of it as well, all bordering right the way around the pillows and the bedspread. Sorry, the quilt cover. The reverse is just plain white, it comes in Queen and King only, and there are Euros available for it as well. The Euros are the same pattern, same design as the quilt covering. The styling of this Quilt Cover Set, cushions. We're going to put... We won't put the Euros in this first one, but we'll put them in a moment. But we're going to put the Jasper Green Euros.

These are plain green on the back, it's got the joint in the middle like the opening in the middle, and then the front is a nice Checker pattern, with a different sort of pattern down the middle. It's a quite unusual sort of design, at that one strip of different down the middle. So interesting. Not... It's a nice colour though, this one. It's sort of a dark sage maybe, but by having these green accessories, I think it's really... It's starting to pull the green out of the cover. Yeah, you might not see it so well in the camera, but I think you can a little bit. This is a Jasper Green again, it's just a square cushion, similar pattern. Just... I don't know if you saw that. That pattern is actually where is it, it goes across here and as well as up here, so it's quite got a little bit of a different weave in the middle of it.

Yeah, I can see that. This is the Cor White. This is actually a cushion from one of the new designs, which we might even be doing this next week. This is the Cor White, nice little flange, bit of a geometric pattern. It feels a little bit velvety, yep. The Tallow, this is the Tallow Mist, long cushion. It's the same front and back, nice big, that's probably 3 cm as well, flange with a cord piping, with little polka dot kind of stripes. You can see. Oh yeah, that looks nice, pretty, pretty interesting. And we got it all going on, this one. This one's got the... This is the Freyer Ocean. Pardon, I think it's a Freyer Ocean. Freyer Ocean, yeah. Um, yeah, Freyer Ocean. It's a nice fine, it's a fine knitted one. It's not like the Johnson's, they've got a bit of a bigger knit. This just a smaller knit, and it's a nice green colour. These all work really well, these greens. But, yeah, I like this design, I really like this result. Now, I think it's... Yeah, I just know what you guys think of this style. It's a pretty good, pretty good um, colour match. 'Cause that slight green in the cover, yeah, it really works well. And we've got the green plants on the set, yeah, next to the beds, yeah.

So, we had Anita say, "I love it already." Karen said, "This one looks really nice and Lux, which is a luxury look and feel." Jen said, "I like that, cool and fresh looking." Bridget said, "Loving this one." Leanne said, "Very nice, love the colour of the throw." Karen said, "I really like this, it's really lovely." Tracy said, "Very nice." Anita said, "The white is probably a bit too white for the rest of the quilt cover." Yeah, maybe, that might be. And Odette said, "This one is beautiful, all works very well." I had a question, what was this brand did this cover belong to? I think this is Private Collection. Okay, so it is a... 'Cause the Lux comment, I can just double-check that actually while we're chatting. What was this one called again, sorry? Valentina. Valentina, it's... Yeah, all the links to all this stuff is in the description. You'll get all these bits and pieces up in there, yeah. So, this one, I can confirm this one is from the Private Collection. So, this is just replying to your comment, uh, Karen, about this one looking really nice and Lux.

This is our luxury quilt cover range, comes from that Lux range, yeah, yeah. So, it's... I really like this, I really like this one a lot. What do you think, Mary? I think it looks very nice. She said it looks very nice and Lux. So, that's good. Uh, the white cushion actually, Mary says she likes it with the white cushion. You prefer the white cushion in there? Yeah, we've had Odette also just come in and say that Anita is right, it looks better without the white cushion. Maybe you could try that. Silver, which one? That one? Yes, it's just a little bit off-white. We just had Michelle point out a silver cushion that might be a bit better of a white, it tones the brightness down a little bit. Yeah, I don't know, I think... Maybe it needs to be there, maybe, yeah. I think if you're going to be a cushion lover, then I would add in the white. If you are not really fussed about cushions, one less cushion, yeah, yeah. Yep, could be wrong, that's a guy perspective, I think. Alright, we'll strip this one back and put the last design on. I was going to say, with those green, I have for them, is like dusty pink. They're like a dusty... Yeah, okay, if you didn't hear that, Mary just said that the Euros are similar to like a dusty pink but obviously not pink. But they like a dusty... We try a Silver style, green, um, which, yeah, I think that's a good way to describe its color.

So, it's good. Yeah, this is just the Euros from the actual set. Like, well, they're not included but they're part of that same family, the Valentina Cloud, and yeah, it's got that braid around as well. But the reverse of these that the Euros, the reverse doesn't have the braid. It's just plain. So, I suppose it doesn't... It depends which way you want it, if you want it to calm... Calm the braid down. But we're going to put it with the braid to the front 'cause it sort of needs it, I think. Probably with... This is the same white one, the Cor White. We'll just pop that back in, yep, as well. And this is called the Sinclair Silver. It's, um, yeah, just geometric. It's nice, it's sort of embroidered. It's not embroidered, it's just... It's probably a jacquard, yeah, it's textured. Got a cord piping trim. This is a Private Collection as well, so, um, that's hence it's got extra like flange and a cord piping. And it's got a lot of stuff going on, so in that Lux range. And we'll put the Johnson Silver throw on just to put a silver throw. We're trying to bring a gray thing, pull the Grays out of it this time rather than just the um, and subtle down the greens. Yeah, and I think it's sort of done it but you can still see the Green in there. Um, but yeah, yeah. So let us know if you like this. I think I like the green one better. Yeah, I think I like the green one better too. Let us know if you like this green or the S one better.