Chiquita White Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Chiquita White Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Dec 24, 2023

Styling Our Chiquita White Quilt Cover Set

The stunning Chiquita White Quilt Cover Set is a fun floral design that is sure to bring a pop of colour to your bedroom. We recorded this live on December 14th...

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Create your dream bedroom with our stunning Chiquita White Quilt Cover Set. In this video, we showed two styles of this refreshing quilt cover set!

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Exploring the Chiquita White Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

Well, let's, um, jump into the first quilt cover. We've got the Chita white on the bed. Yep, this so let's come to the bed, and this is a really interesting design. I—I sort of really like this. Um, we've got: it's a cotton, it's a 100% cotton, but it's actually a linen look, so it's bit rustic. Sort of, you might not really be able to see it, but you can sort of see the texture in the base. So, it's a white base there. It's a large print floral, so it's printed on that linen look base. Um, but really nice lilac colours, there's sort of it goes blacks, and then there's this greeny sort of tinge, charcoal colour. Um, that's really unique and interesting.

It's got some darker colour, brownie tone colours in there in some of the Florals as well. The reverse is just a plain white 100% cotton. Uh, so nothing, no big drama on the back, but the front is really nice and really interesting. It comes in double, queen, king, and Super King, and there is a square cushion available as well. We'll see that in a moment, and that's got, um, it's actually velvet, so, and just like these European pillow cases we're going to pop in there, and these—this is the Styling, this Quilt Cover Set. Um, this is the Velvet with I euros, and not it's a velvet, vet velvet material, yep. And um, this is an interesting.

I don't know if it was just me, but the colours that we pull out of here, it really tells a really different story with the two different designs we're going to do tonight. It um, really pulls out really well the different colours. Like we're pulling the purples out with these accessories, then when we do the second one, it, I don't know if it was just me, but I really—it really changes dramatically the look of it in my eyes. But that just must might be just me, so wait and see. So, we're pulling purples out at the moment. So, this one, this is the chaquita um Square cushion. It's a really fine, it's velvet, but it's not very plush velvet. It's got sort of a sage green base. It's maybe it's not Sage, it's a ducky sort of, yeah, um base with the similar flowers, the Lilac got a cord piping Trim in that duck eggy sagey colour and the reverse as well. I reckon it's more blue than anything else. It is a Bluey colour, yeah, it's not Sage is more green, but um, this is more got more of a blue colour blue tones, um, yeah, so looks pretty good. We're going to put the Amelia toffee in as well, um, that's our famous Amelia um velvet as well. So all all the accessories have got velvet, but um, we'll pull out the sort of the brownie colours with that and the and the lilacs with the Lilac Wisteria Euros, yep. So is that the style? So that's the style that's it. We're not going to put um, a throw on this one, um, because a lot of the print is down the end of the bed. This is one of those ones you can see it.

There's a fair bit of white area at the top there, so it's sort of the flowers Peter out a bit as it gets to the top. So yeah, um, we don't want to sort of destroy the—it's really needs to celebrate that picture so we didn't put a throw, yeah, um, even the second design we're not going to put a throw either, so, um, yep, all right. So let us know what you think. So I—I saw this and went, well, this is pulled out the purples really well, like with this and obviously the Browns with this, but when we do the next colour, um, let us know what you think actually on this and um, the next one we I'll have a look at the next one and I believe it really changes the complete look of it, yep. Um, Leanne said that this one is very pretty, which yes, it is a pretty floral kind of design, probably good for a master bedroom, I would say, y um, kind of as a Centre piece of the room, um, it's a good one. So now we're g to I suppose we're going to bloke it up a little bit.

We're going to put black, this is the Vivid velvet black, yep, Euros. So we're going to pull pull try and pull those black colours out, and it really, it sort of high, I'm telling you what this is a euro, um, it highlights the black colours and by doing that it sort of subdues the purpose now it really um, interesting now this this is the Amelia Black Velvet, so from the same family as the that toffee one and we'll use the Chita um again in there as well to florally that up a little bit and the tempo round that um, this is a this is Velvet once again but it's I it's got a little button in the centre of this, it's a nice round, I'm trying to get the camera to get the lights right so you can see it but yeah, it's a nice nice little round cushion that one, yeah, and then we're pulling it out the blacks so let us know what you think about that because um, am I seeing things or is this really like it's celebrating the blacks. Now where's the other one, we do designs and sometimes it doesn't necessarily, it complements the colours but it doesn't, I felt like this really pulled those colours out really well like it really changed things.

I don't know maybe I was just having a moment let us know what you think yeah, so we had um, we had a couple of comments here come through we had Karen say, hi guys hope you've all had a great day, um, likewise, Karen's good to see you join us, she also said yeah, she also said oh I like this one, um, Leanne said that she would probably rather the purple look of the black look, uh, Marian said I love this look and Carrie said I like the blacks like the black, yeah, yeah, I can see what you're talking about when you put the black accessories on that it pulls out the blacks um, and I can see with the purples it pulls out the purples in the co cover, um, but yeah, I don't know it might just be illusion it might even just be in here I, I know it was just strange when we were were preparing it the other day it was just yeah really stood out to me but yeah yeah anyway everybody likes both ways people like both ways so yeah yeah did a good job.