Minette White Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Minette White Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Nov 21, 2023

Create your dream bedroom with our beautiful Minette White Quilt Cover Set. In this video, we introduced two styles of this stunning quilt cover set!

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Styling Our Minette White Quilt Cover Set

The beautiful Minette White Quilt Cover Set is a refreshing floral design. We recorded this live on November 9th...

The video was uploaded on 20/11/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 10 minutes and 36 seconds.

Exploring the Minette White Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

We'll jump over and have a look at the Minette white quilt cover. So, this is the Minette. It's that's how you get it out of the packet. It's a very white base, and it's sort of florally at the front, and it does sort of dissipate as it gets up to the top. And there's a bit of a white patch on this side. Um, they're fairly large print florals, but um, it's a bit of bit bit less up the top here. Um, just so that you're aware of that. Um, and just while you're bringing that up to the camera, just wanted to say a special hello to Lisa, Carrie, Bridget, Amanda. Um, it's good to have you guys with us and Charlie as well. Uh, it's a really exciting night, this is a good design. Let us know what you think of this design and yeah, let's get started. Yeah, I actually meant to say at the beginning too that if you've got any questions as we're going through, sing out like, let us know if you've got a question, question, or anything you need, um, answers with.

So make sure you let us know in the comments. Alright, so this is the Minette white. It's a cotton sateen material, and it's printed, but there's, it's a real sort of um, there's a lot of deep sort of terracotta colours, um, in here on this design. And it's a um, sort of moves and nearly even Reds there and some deep greens. So very interesting. It's not really strong on the pinks, it's still floral, but it's a bit darker. You could say. It does have an olive cord piping trim, and so it finishes it off really nice. It's like an underline around their border around the edge.

The reverse is just plain white in the cotton satin, so not a bad design. It comes in double, queen, king, and Super King, and there is um, just a square cushion that you can get in this same Minette um, colour palette, and it's, it's basically the same, it's got a flower on it with the green cord, um, Olive, um, cord piping, and it is actually velvet, but I'll show you that in a minute 'cause we're going to put on the bit. So just while you get your accessories styling this Quilt Cover Set ready, we did have a question coming from Lisa. She asked, "This cool cover is beautiful, is cotton sateen a breathable fabric?" Cotton sateen, it, it is breathable and um, it's not, it's probably not as breathable as cotton Pique, but it's being a natural fibre, it, it is breathable, but just probably a tad less than a Pique. Basically, the difference, Lisa, between a cotton sateen and a cotton Pique is just that cotton is the material, and then satin or pique is the weave that's used. So really, you're going to get the same breathability, but some people find that the feel of it gives them a little bit less.

Sateen will be a bit softer to feel, yeah, but it does inhibit breathing smidgen, like a smidgen. It's just a little bit um, so if you're really sensitive to heat especially within the sheeting area, you would, you would go Pique if you could, but they, they'll be a little bit maybe scratchy. Some people are sensitive on the skin and they're scratchy, so they want the sateen. So yeah, for a quilt cover, hopefully that answers the question. Yeah, for a quilt cover, cotton's perfect. It's breathable, it's good, it's um, it's, yeah, yeah, yeah. Alright, this, um, is the, what do we call this? This is the Venice Olive Euro. We're going to put it in, it's velvet, so we're going to put it in with the plain side, but it actually has an unusual pattern on the front side, like a basket weave pattern on the front. Oh yeah, and it's, it's velvet as well, but we're going to use it with just the plain side because you can, like, it's, it's reversible that way. So we're going to just put the plain in the back. And hello to Marian, she's just joined us, good to have you with us.

Hi Marian. And we're going to put this, um, this is called the Alen Olive Square Cushion. Yep, it's, we're going to do this the same, we're going to use the reverse as well. This is velvet again, but it's, um, it's nearly looks the same colour and comes from the same family as the Euros but it's, it's a different, different, um, product. This is the Alen range. So, um, we'll pop that on there, but we'll use it in reverse. They're very much the same colour, aren't they? Yep, and we're going to use, we're going to put a couple of cushions on here today. This is the Vivid Terracotta Square Cushion. Now in the photo on the website of the Minette quilt cover, it's, um, decorated with the Vivid Terracotta accessories, the Euros, and this cushion.

But we're going to just use a cushion in this case. This is a nice velvet as well. They're all a lot of velvets going on here with the accessories. I think I think they all are. Let us know if you guys like velvet. It'd be interesting to know, yeah. So this is the Minette um, Square, the one that is, is comes, doesn't come with it, but it's an accessory to the, to the Coe cover. And it's all velvet, even the C piping trims. It's all velvet, everything's just the back is velvet. Not very thick and very plush, but it's very, very fine velvet feel. And it's, um, looks really good. It's printed well on the, on the velvet material. So, turns out really good. So that's our first. What, I don't know how we were going to put this. How are we going to put it, centre or side? I don't know. Anyway, that's the first design with for the Minette. Let us, let us know what you think. Um, we've got, um, we've got another design coming. It flips it out a bit different to this but um, let us know what you think. Yeah, it'd be good to let you let us know what you guys think of the style. Um, we did have Amanda say that she's loving the olive cushions with the floral print cover, which, yeah, it's very lovely.

Uh, we also had Odette, uh, she's here watching so hello, Odette. We also had Carrie, uh, she said hello. So hi, Carrie. Um, Leanne says that she likes this one. Very nice. Odette said she's not a fan of the velvet. And what was that? Odette says she's not a fan of the velvet. Ah, yes, yeah, yeah, well this is, these accessories are all velvet and I think even the next one is a lot of velvet as well. Oh, there you go. Anyway, we'll get into the next one. Yeah, so we actually had Jen comment, keep going. We had Jen comment saying she's not necessarily liking that green, maybe a purple or a pinky red and uh, well, she must have, she must have R on mine, yeah, because we've got a purple style. We'll try a Purple style now.

This is, um, this is another velvet, but it's, um, it's a Wisteria, that's the colour, the colour name of it, um, and it's, um, yeah, a nice velvet this one's it's velvet but it's doesn't feel quite as soft as the others but um, it's velvet anyway. Y and um, it's bringing those purples in. Now this is probably a it probably is purple I was going to say a cross between purple and lilac but it's it probably is a bit darker than yeah, I'd say purple, yeah, yeah, this is even darker purple this one this is um called the the Mia Mia black and um that's slightly velvet as well except for these gold bits are not um, yeah, yeah, it is Velvet in the in the middle there but nice like a cloud cloud sort of base with some splashes of purple bit bit interesting this one, yeah, the reverse is just plain plain um clouds might be no that's not clouds it's more florals I spose, yeah, I think it's floral underneath it and then there's like a gold brush Strokes on the top and they are it is showing up on the camera they are a little bit reflective too the gold, yeah, yeah, so adds an extra layer of Interest I guess it's cool, it just adds a bit of interest to it, yeah.

This is the Amelia Burgundy Square um, we've seen that one quite a lot velvet um with the creamy hessian reverse, yep, and we'll put that one in behind that one and the last one we've got a long cushion just to make it interesting this is called the Gilbert butterscotch long this is actually it's embroidered um little embroidered with the um sort of a hessian I suppose you could call that it might be even that slub material in in the base so um interesting cushion just to spice that up a little bit bit bring bringing a bit of geometric into the floral yep Arrangement so cool let us know what you think of that, yeah, it's um I like both of these actually I thought they were both pretty good bit, yeah, I think they are quite happy with the design. The Co cover is pretty good as well it's um, it's not it's a bit it's not as pinky pink floral so it just yeah deepens it a bit, yeah, let us know if you like this purple um and it'd be good to even know if you'd like the purple or the green more, uh, maybe we can get a bit of a gone see which style. Tracy said she like the purple, yeah, yeah, we had Tracy say she likes purple, Carrie said that she likes the purple, Leanne says that she likes the green. Tracy says too many cushions but I think that the purple wins, yeah, so maybe you could remove the, the red and the uh, hexagonal long cushion and just leave the purple in there, yeah, that might work Tracy, yeah, that could work, um, Amanda said that she likes the first one and Bridget said that she likes the first one, so I'm imagining that green probably wins in that style, yeah, so there you go.