10 Tips For Staying Warm In Winter

10 Tips For Staying Warm In Winter

Posted by Michelle on Apr 21, 2020

10 Tips for staying warm in winter

In the depths of winter, there are few things more appealing than snuggling up in a lovely, warm bed. We decided that we would help you figure out your bedding situation this winter and give you ten tips for staying cosy through the cold season.

Tip 1. Make sure your bed is placed correctly

Bed placement is surprisingly important when maximising your bedtime warmth in winter. Most importantly, keeping your bed away from any source of drafts or cross-breezes will make sure that the chilly winter air doesn’t affect you too much. Also, consider where the sun sets in relation to your bedroom. If your bedroom has an exterior wall that faces west, make use of the sun’s warmth by putting your bed against that wall.

Tip 2. Use electric blankets

Electric blankets, if you live in a cold climate, can be one of life’s great comforts. Jumping into a nice warm bed, when it is freezing out, instantly makes you feel completely cosy. If you make sure to choose the right electric blanket for your purposes, they can last for years, and be a constant friend on those chilly nights. Your electric blanket should be the same size as your mattress with no overhang. If you want to find out more, we wrote an article about electric blankets here. We recommend the Multi Zone Quilted Electric Blanket by Linen House

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Tip 3. Get a hot water bottle, it'll be your best friend!

For toasty toes, pop a hot water bottle under the covers about half an hour before you get into bed. This will warm up the sheets, covers and mattress, and will start your night in bed on a comfy note. If you have cold pillow syndrome (it’s a real thing, I’m sure of it!), put a hot water bottle under your pillow, and when you get into bed, flip the pillow so the warm side is up. Tip: Always be sure to check your hot water bottle each year before use to ensure it is intact with no holes or age damage.

Tip 4. Make sure you have winter sheets

To keep your bed toasty in winter, go for a micro flannel or a flannelette! A micro flannel is made from 100% polyester, which traps body heat, with a brushed feel like flannelette, but a lot softer, warmer and lighter. Micro flannels don’t feel cold when you first get into bed like cotton flannelettes can, and it actively holds your heat in, making for a lovely, warm sleep. We recommend the Micro Flannel Sheet Set by Kingtex

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Flannelettes on the other hand are a cotton alternative and are great at keeping heat in your bed, but are just that bit more breathable than micro flannel sheets. We recommend the 100% Egyptian Cotton Flannelette Sheet Set by Jenny Mclean

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Tip 5. Make sure you wear the right attire to bed

Even if you don’t like to wear much to bed, winter has its own plans. Thankfully, we can fight the cold in our own way, with robes, pyjamas, slippers or bed socks. When you go to bed at night, keep your robe and slippers within arms reach of the bed, so you don’t freeze when you get up in the morning, or if you need to make an unplanned night-time excursion. Consider flannelette pyjamas to keep you toasty in and out of bed, too.

Tip 6. Have a hot shower every night 

A hot shower just before bed sounds obvious, but I mean JUST before bed. Brush your teeth, turn off all the lights in the house, do everything that needs to be done before you even consider turning the shower on. Use a shower cap for these bedtime showers, as you don’t want to have to spend time drying your hair. The tip is to shower as hot as you can comfortably bear it, to raise your body temperature, dry yourself vigorously with a dry, fluffy towel, and run to the bed. The goal is to stay as warm as possible from the shower to sleep.

Tip 7. Make sure you have a winter quilt

The best doona for winter is one that is light and airy, so it doesn’t stifle you and make you sweat, but is also thick and warm. Feather or down doonas, wool or microfibre quilts are the way to go, as they trap your body heat and reflect it back at you, while keeping the cold air out. You will also want to go after quilts with a high GSM. This just means that there is more thickness / fill. Go and take a look at our full range of winter quilts here if you are interested.

Tip 8. Keep your feet warm and use a rug

Rugs can be great during the winter, especially if your bedroom has bare floorboards or tiles. Not only will they keep your delicate bed-warm feet from screaming at you if you have to get up in the middle of the night, but they also retain some of the warmth of the room, and insulate the room against the coldness of the bare surfaces.

Tip 9. Insulate your bedroom

Keeping the draught out seems like a small thing, but if you can properly insulate your room, then it will make your sleep that little bit more comfortable. If you don’t have a door snake, or a rubber draught excluder attached to your door, you can make do with a rolled-up towel wedged into the crack at the bottom of your door.

Tip 10. Use heaps of blankets!

For winter warmth, you can’t go past the humble blanket. Keep a stack of blankets by your bed in winter, and that way you can regulate the amount of blanket you have on your bed, for any given temperature. Also, if you share your bed, consider an individual blanket for each person, as well as a shared cover. That way, you can completely cocoon yourself in your own little oasis, while still making use of your partner’s body heat. We recommend the 100% Australian Wool Blankets by Bianca.

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There are our 10 tips for keeping warm in winter! If you have any other questions about how to keep warm in winter or your are interested in any of the products mentioned above, don't hesitate to reach out to us! You can contact us via email or you can give us a call! Our details are on this page right here. If you are interested in any bedding, you can look at our full range of bedding products here.