5 Bedroom Style & Decor Trends in 2022

5 Bedroom Style & Decor Trends in 2022

Posted by Michelle on Jan 25, 2022

Starting a new year is always such an exciting time! Whether it be new year's resolutions (that we totally keep... ), amazing fireworks, the chance to get away on a lovely holiday, or a chance to start afresh; I absolutely love the new year period. Another thing that I always look forward to is seeing what trends are forming in our industry! How people style their dream bedroom spaces is so fun, and taking note of what decor they are using is always quite interesting!

In this blog I thought I would collate all the new bedroom trends for 2022 that I have seen so you can get decorating ideas on how to style your bedroom in 2022. We will cover everything from the top bedroom decor trends in 2022, right through to different bedroom ideas and interior design trends that are taking our world by storm! So let's get right into it, with our first topic to cover, what is the on-trend colour scheme of 2022?

Homely Yet Bold Colours

1- Homely Yet Bold Colours

Whenever we look at what colours are going to be featured in peoples bedrooms in the coming year, most industries will immediately look at what the Pantone colour of the year is for a guide as to what we may expect in the year ahead. This year is no different and Pantone just recently announced what they believe is going to be the colour trend of 2022, and it is a lilac, violet inspired colour called Very Peri.

We are just starting to get a sneak peek into what our suppliers are bringing out for this year, and we can tell you that they are embracing this beautiful colour, but are also putting their own spin on it! In 2022 the colour scheme that people will be using is going to be a mixture of homely browns and greens, with bursts of this lovely lilac / violet colour!

Incorporating browns, greens and lilacs are going to be a strong part of most peoples bedroom colour styling this year and we are so excited to see how people utilise this palette in their own spaces! As always, floral designs are going to be super popular, but you should also keep your eye out for some more art deco inspired pieces. More abstract designs are becoming popular, and work amazingly well with this years colour scheme so don't be afraid to be bold and introduce these new colours and design trends into your room.

We think that most people will use the lilac colour as highlights in their bedroom. So vases, clocks,  cushionspillowcases are all things that are able to be used as a highlight piece to just make your room pop!

Striking Patterns

2- Striking Patterns

Another trend that we are seeing across many people's bedrooms in 2022 is the use of beautiful patterns on what usually would be plain coloured. This means your bed sheets that are typically white, or maybe a neutral tone, start to actually feature some patterns such as stripes or a more checkered pattern. This introduces much more depth to any bedroom style and it makes for quite a striking bed!

But it also doesn't stop there! We have seen that people are also matching those patterned sheets with patterned pillowcases, which just helps complete the flow of the style throughout the whole bed and bedroom!

Some of the patterns we have seen being used include lovely striped patterns that stretch the whole way down the sheets, but also floral and checkered patterns. I think that the most popular and on-trend pattern will be the checkered sheets, but the simple floral patterns will come in at a close second. I think that in 2022, if you want an on-trend bedroom design, you should definitely consider  patterned sheets.

High Quality Bedding

3- High Quality

If 2021 taught us anything, it's that purchasing low-quality bedding is just a no go. If your  sheets suddenly developed a hole in them or your quilt cover fell apart at the seams because you opted for the lower quality option, you had to go back out and buy another set and run the risk of getting sick. And if you were to purchase online again, it may take days or weeks before you finally get your parcel if you shop with an unreliable company.

In 2022, high-quality bedding is going to be in high demand as people just want to have a good experience when shopping online and in-store, but also want their bedding to last the test of time. There is increasingly incredible value being placed on high-quality bedding over some cheap and nasty bedding.

Not only does high-quality bedding last longer, but it will also feel much nicer. With good quality comes a bit more of a price tag, but it's absolutely worth it to treat yourself. After all, you spend upwards of 8 hours in your bed every day, you should always invest in areas where you are devoting a lot of your time.

Natural Material

4- Natural & Organic Materials

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly on-trend concern and the bedding industry is right there and onboard. We are seeing a couple of different things. The first of which is sustainable packaging is taking over most quilt covers and bed sheets! You will find that most bedding items you purchase will come in a fabric bag as opposed to a plastic covering. This is to help become more sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Another trend that we are noticing is the increase in the popularity of organic and natural materials. This includes materials such as organic cotton, linen and bamboo. These all have various benefits, but the main reason why it is on-trend is they are all not made with plastic. Polyester or cotton-polyester blends have plastic weaved into the material which is not great for the environment.

Another benefit of using natural & organic materials is that they are typically much nicer to the touch. Linen, organic cotton & bamboo are all known for their softness and lovely quality. Bamboo in particular is also beneficial to many who suffer from skin issues where their skin gets easily irritated. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and is a great choice for those who are looking at this bedroom trend and also suffer from allergies.

Split Bedding

5- Split bedding

Another trend that we have seen in bedroom decor is the use of adjustable beds. These beds are typically used by the older generation and are similar to hospital beds in the way that they are able to be moved. Your mattress in an adjustable bed has the ability to move up and down and in a variety of other motions. These beds are normally used as single beds, but there is an increase in the use of adjustable beds for couples. These are called split king or split queen beds.

If you are looking to manoeuvre in and out of bed a bit more easily, an adjustable bed is really the best option, and finding the perfect size bedding for those adjustable sizes is quite a necessity. Most bedding stores don't have a wide range of adjustable bedding, so you will need to find a good retailer that stocks a wide range of adjustable bedding. My Linen has a great range of bedding for  long singlesplit king and split queen beds and is the preferred place to get adjustable bedding for many Australians.

And there you have it! The 5 trends that are taking the bedding world by storm in 2022! If you have any further questions or are having trouble finding specific things mentioned in this blog, please don't hesitate to reach out and talk to one of our bedding experts.