Ascot Granite Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Ascot Granite Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Jun 16, 2023

Are you on the hunt for a chic and sophisticated black quilt cover to elevate your bedding game? You're in luck! In this article, we're excited to introduce you to the Ascot Granite Quilt Cover, a sleek and stylish choice that will transform your bedroom into a contemporary sanctuary. Whether your taste leans towards minimalistic elegance or a timeless, understated look, our Ascot Granite Quilt Cover has the perfect option waiting for you!

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Styling our Ascot Granite Quilt Cover

Create your dream bedroom with this bold black quilt cover! We recorded this live on June 1st and styled our beautiful Ascot Granite Quilt Cover Set with some of our cushions and throws...

The video was uploaded on 15/06/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 11 minutes and 30 seconds.

Exploring the Ascot Granite Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

This is the um, the Ascot granite, and this is how you get it out of the packet. But what I want you to do is we don't really have any real plan of how we're going to style this tonight. We sort of do have a little bit of an idea, but we want you guys to tell us what you want to see on the bed.

So get in the comments and tell us maybe what colours you would put on here. It's a blank canvas, you can do anything on here. It's not, there's no failure here. But so let us know what you want to see. And hopefully in the showroom, we've got what you're requesting, and we'll pop it on the bed. But while you're doing that, I'll just explain this a bit to you. It's the Ascot Granite.

We've done Ascots before, but we've done only the whites in the accessories. So it's the waffle weave. Not sure if you can see it, but it's the waffle. It's a granite colour, so it's fairly black, but it could be a bit off. It's a really light black if you want to explain it that way. It's a cotton-polyester on the front and the back. The back is just plain on the pillowcases and the quilt cover. It's plain, but the accessories, it has Euros, there's long cushions and square cushions.

They're on the front, and the reverse is the waffle pattern. It does have a flange on here as well. So that's the Ascot. This range comes in other colours as well. It's got there's a white, as we know from previous lives, and there's also a pewter, which is sort of a grey colour. The same, so that pewter colour is probably a bit of a masculine, it's a bit lighter colour, but it's probably in that masculine sort of range as well. So yeah, and I'll tell you this comes in all the sizes single, double, queen, king, and Super King, and there's Euros, long cushion, and a square cushion as well. So a very big range.

This is a core Core Design. It's sort of been around for a while, and it's not going to go away very anytime soon. Styling the Black Quilt Cover. What we'll do, we'll put in the Euros and the um and the long cushion. And so hopefully you've jumped into the comments and let us know how we're going to what colours we're going to put on here.

Yes, we've got some suggestions. We have, yep, that looks quite good. It's very dark, but it looks good. Are you ready for the suggestions? Yep, let us have one. Cool. So we've got uh Jen and Tracy both said yellow or a mustard. Trying Some Yellow Accessories. To start yellow or mustard, yep, all right. So we do have some of that. We've this is the Yasmine nude, but it's sort of yellow, and we've got also that. I think this, and then after this one, which I think this one is probably going to look pretty good. This isn't too bad, so there's a thread that's not looking too bad, yeah. It's almost like a good mix.

I think when you add colours to this, it'll be a good, like it, how do I say this? It's not as masculine when you add more colours to it and make it more vibrant. It's more, it does, yeah, it settles it down, yeah, it's good. So that's a yellow style. We've got Jen saying that one looks nice. So yeah, let us know if you guys like this yellow style. The next style we've got is Tracy Styling with Green Cushions & Throws, saying that she'd like to see like a green, a green colour, yeah, all right, and I don't know whether to do more of a sage or an olive green, we've got both so we may as well try both.

The sage is probably the olive is pretty dark, um, yeah, that'd be a bit too dark, it might get lost the olive might get lost in the black, but yeah, that's nearly it's the same range of throws, and this is the Vivid velvet cushion. I'm not sort of showing you the stuff oh my, this is the um, is it Marlin no, this one is, it's Sage, yeah, it is Marlin Marlin Sage, yep, and then yeah, let's just have a quick look at the Olive colours.

Yeah, this is the Johnson Olive throw, but it's got straight, yeah, we've got Tracy saying she loves the grand Jen saying she loves the darker green as well, so we'll have a look at that, oh yeah, I think I like the darker green more, yeah, it's not bad, it's still it keeps it heavy, heavy male-orientated that's probably why you like it, yeah, yeah, you could nearly, I don't know, you could remember this comes with the um, this has got Euros in the Samatra yeah yeah so I keep forgetting the names tonight.

You could put those dark Greens in the back, yeah, it might just add a bit more green, yeah, um, the next one is we had Bridget say A Black, White & Cerise Style black white, and I think I'm pronouncing this correctly Cerise c-e-r-i-s-e which I had to Google, and it's a light clear red colour similar to like a it's like a pinky colour, correct me if I'm wrong, uh, Bridget.

Yeah, so why it's in pinks let's see if we've got something like that. Jen's saying, "Honestly, any colour would be amazing." Yeah, that's the pinky one. Yeah, I'm not sure whites and pinks, and we've got our throw, yeah. Cool, and Bridget thanks for confirming she said that's right, it's a light pinky red, creepy red. I just have to undo a packet here, let's undo the throw, yeah.

Um, yeah, Jen said honestly any colour would be amazing. With these neutral designs with the blacks and the greys and the whites, they're all very good bases for any type of styling, yeah, yeah. It's like the blank canvas, yeah, yeah. This is not necessarily that light red, it's all sort of very pink, I suppose, yeah. But you can bring pinks. Pink's work, did we got the maybe this pink would go better, yeah, the Vivid range rather than Yasmine, yeah, whoops, we're having a, I don't know if I like the pinks as much, but that might just be, I'm a guy again, let us know if you like the pinks.

Styling with Blue & Grey Colours, or grey, so you could do the dark blue, so let's have a look at that one next, all right. And while we're doing that, let us know which one was your favourite so far. I think my vote's in with the darker olive green. This blue might change my mind, though. This one's looking good. This is a very royal blue, this one. Um, yeah, lighter, lighter, yeah, you could go lighter.

Which one's your favourite so far, Mary? I don't know, there's too many, I can't remember. I did really like, I liked the mustard one, which I don't usually love those colours, but I thought that looked really good. Um, but I did really like the green one, but the one before the green one you like. I liked the lighter green, yeah, okay, so you like the sage. I like the olive, okay.

We've got Tracy saying her favourite was both the greens. Um, got a green, green thumbs. (Laughter) Yeah, you got. Yeah, purple, there's a darker colour, anything really goes, doesn't it? Oh, and what about really bright red? Yes, that's a very red, it's a very red cushion. (Laughter)

And very red, yeah, yeah, that's almost classic palm tree cushion, yeah. We have the palm tree cushion, let's see what that looks like, the Polano, yep, I don't know if that would look too good foreign, yeah. Yeah, Ben McDonald saying she likes the red. Tracy's saying the Red's nice.

We used to have a design ages ago that was really black and really red and it was like a, what do they, I don't know, do you know the design that I'm thinking about? It was like a, is it Oriental? It was like a Chinese type design. It's really black, really red, yeah, there was one, a lot, it was really old, yeah, yeah, it was really bright red on black, yeah, but yeah, that's what that reminded me of, yeah, I can't remember the name, no, no, was it Soji or something like that, yeah, it's too long.

We had Bridges say she likes the mustard and the darker green and the red and white looks lovely too, so yeah, you can make anything work on this cool cover, it's really versatile. We didn't go complete like black and white, but I think the image on the website has got it, it's a lot of black and white in that, yeah, we'll just pull that up now, yeah, and yeah, you can see the white, um, it's also got white sheets it looks like, so and they're pulling back the white sheet, this Ascot white in there actually that white um, is an ascot got white coverlet the one on the quilt cover, yeah, okay, cool, yeah, so black and white Works black and yellow black and green black and red black pink everything everything it's a good flexible base yes it's good so good fun all right all right I think that'll do for the Ascot.