BedT Sheets | Q&A

BedT Sheets | Q&A

Posted by Michelle on Aug 06, 2023

Interested in our BedT sheets range? We had Ben explain a little bit more about what makes these sheets so special, and also walk you through some of the different colours and sizes! We also helped answer some questions we had come in live.

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Taking a Closer Look at Our BedT Sheets

The amazingly soft BedT sheets are a perfect option for those looking for all-season comfort! We recorded this live on July 20th...

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Exploring Our BedT Sheets Range

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

All right, so this is the, it's called a bed tea, and it's like a t-shirt material. So what I'll just, I'll take up to the camera first and show you that first. It's this green, like sagey colour, so that's popular in on-trend colour. But it's, you can probably see that it's behaving like a t-shirt when you move it, so it's a jersey knit, that's what it's called.

So it's not like your usual sheets, like your normal cotton sheets are woven; they're like in and out woven. But this is a knitted jersey knit, so it gets that little stretch in it, exactly like a t-shirt. This particular sheet set is 70% organic cotton, the material, the thread that's made out of, 70% organic cotton, and there's 30% tensile in there. Now tensile is not heard of much, but it's similar, it's made similar to bamboo, it's like a wood pulp, I think.

I think I saw that it was eucalyptus trees I use, but can't be sure that's always the case. But, yeah, tensile is made from wood pulp, probably similar. It is a similar process to making bamboo, but it's a very nice, fine, very nice cotton, the tensile. So that's what these are made out of, 70-30 sort of blend. It's very breathable. These sheets are breathable; they don't wrinkle, so no ironing really required, and they are also warm in winter. Josh shares his thoughts and cool in summer. Josh actually has had them on his bed, but it was a while ago now. He had them, and he can attest to that.

They're good for all-year-round because I know that now I've got cotton. I've got our Logan and Mason 400-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets on my bed, and it's quite cool at the moment during the winter months just having straight plain cotton. So the Jersey cotton sheets or these bed tea sheets were really a good middle ground for all-season use. I found anyway.

Yeah, people might have different experiences; that's what I'm looking for. Yeah, but they were definitely very soft, very nice. Yeah, it was just like a t-shirt, yeah, exactly. They're quite nice and soft. So that's the bed tea. They come in single, double, queen, and king, and there's a range of colors here as well. If I get these names right, I think this is granite and ivory and silver. They look like that. I quoted the names wrong, and this one's Sage, the green. Is it nice, Sage? So that's a bit too.