Blankets | Q&A

Blankets | Q&A

Posted by Michelle on Jul 09, 2023

Interested in our blankets range? We had Ben explain the different kinds of blankets we have available at My Linen and also walk you through some of the different colours and sizes! We also helped answer some questions we had come in live.

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Let's Take A Look At Our Blankets!

Our blanket range is perfect for keeping warm on a cold winter's night! We recorded this live on June 22nd...

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Exploring Our Blankets Range

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

We've got a whole bunch of blankets here to look at, and I'll just sort of open them up, and hopefully, we can see enough from here. But this first one is a wool, and it's Australian wool, and it's got a wool marker accreditation, so it's legit Australian wool. This one is 480 GSM, it's a reasonable weight, and it's satin-bound around the edges.

It has got this satin strip, and it's got four stitches. A lot of them often don't have four stitchings across here; they could. I've seen two, and it's not, so this is an indication of good quality. It's a real solid edge on this one, so these are really good top-quality wool blankets. These ones come in all the sizes too; there's other sizes. The next one is the sherpa blanket. This one's I think somebody mentioned this last week. They had this one.

I think this is called the Mansfield, and it's sort of double-sided. It's got a nice plush velvet on one side, and there's little diamond-like diamond stitching. So slightly quilted just a little bit with the stitching, and then the reverse is the sherpa, which is faux wool. That's sort of what gives you that sherpa feel. It's similar to that lovely throw that we had on the bed last week, that faux fur throw. Yeah, it's a little bit different but a little bit different.

The reverse is not more like wool. The sherpa is not necessarily fur; it's not fur, no, so yeah, faux, I think the word means fake, or I think that's sort of what it means. So this would be faux wool rather than faux fur. We did have comments; we had Amanda say that she loves the Aussie blankets with the satin border. That reminds her of her childhood when everyone had these on their beds. They look so snuggly, yeah, the wool blankets, yeah, yeah, yeah.

They're Australian; those blankets are Australian wool, but they're not actually made in Australia. They're made with Australian wool. I just wanted to be upfront with that. They're not, yeah, so the wool is shipped to, I think they're made in China, so they're all shipped there, and then they come back with and they've all been traced, and it is 100% Australian wool, so yeah, yeah.

We also had Jody say that she has the sherpa blanket in Grey, and it's absolutely amazing, the best blanket that she's ever owned, which is pretty cool, yeah, they are really nice, they're nice and soft. And then Amanda also said again they look luxurious, especially that colour, which I think that was the blue colour, correct, or it's called teal, yeah, so there's four colours available in that one, yeah, teal, silver, charcoal, and I think it's a brownie colour.

I should have made note of what they're all called. And this is just a micro-plush blanket, and it's quite nice as well. It's similar to the front side of the sherpa one, but except it's not got the stitching, it's just a plain blanket. Everybody knows the micro-plush blanket, they're pretty common, yeah. It's just a velvety, probably a long-pile velvet, you could say. I think this one's got four colours in this and multiple sizes, yeah, so there's chocolate, there's navy, there's red, and then there's silver, yeah, that red is called jarrah, I can remember that, yeah.

So these are nice and soft as well. These are really, really good, maybe a little bit lighter weight as well than the sherpa, yeah, yeah. All right, the last one we'll look at is the electric blankets. The electric blankets, we've got two different kinds. Well, they're only different in that one's quilted, so that's just a quilted one, you're probably know what that is. One's quilted, and one's wool. So it's just a normal electric blanket, it's like a bit like a mattress protector, but it's electric, so I won't put that down and get just to work with the wool one.

The wool one is, it's got a wool pile on it, like a two-centimetre pile on top, and it's like a wool polar fleece, um, sort of top, yeah, and it's electric blanket, but it's got nice deep walls. Um, so it's like a fitted electric blanket, and the controllers are there's twos that will wherever there's a person on the bed there's a controller. So if it's a single bed, there's only one controller. But yeah, and King single, and we've got long single in these as well, and then that when you get to double you've got two people, so you've got two controllers.

Now, these also have a whole bunch of zones and heat settings. So the zoning is, well, there's two, it's body and feet, but then they're controlled by each side. So you can, the wife can control her side, and then the husband can control his side. But he and then there's nine heat settings as well, so a lot of different choices with the controls on these.

They're really, really, really nice electric blankets, yeah. So one of you is quite cold, and you can put it on, or if you have cold feet, and your torso is hot, then you can do that. It's all very customizable, yes, yeah, yeah. And if one's got hot feet, you can just swap it around. Yeah, it's, um, yeah, so very versatile. I don't think you'd want any more zones than that, I think it's, um, yeah, it's pretty good, so that's the electric. I also don't think that there's such things as, like, heated pillowcases or for your head, but I don't know if you'd really want to do that either, but, um, yeah, so I just feel okay.

So, yeah, no, I don't think so, all right, um, I just, there's a couple of other blankets in there, I know the links, um, Josh has put the link in the top, and it's, it's just gone to the blankets category, but, so there's a couple of others in there as well, there's waffle blankets, which I didn't bring and show here, they're 100% cotton, and they are probably more for summer, it's sort of a summer weight, unless you sleep hot and or you're in Queensland and you just need something a little bit warmer for winter, if you're in a warmer climate or something.

Just letting you know that we've got the cotton waffle blankets in there as well, and there is a few, um, weighted blankets as well, and we're a bit limited there, there's not the great choice, but there's, there's some weighted blanks, I'll just mention them, they're in there as well, so yeah, um, they're not, not necessarily for warmth, weighted blankets, they're, they're more for, um, if you like weight.

Amanda asked a question, she said, do the long singles have reverse controls if you have two beds together? That's a good question, they're not reverse controls, they're, they're, you can have two beds together, and the controls, you can buy, you can buy a left-hand side and a right-hand side, yeah, in the description, and it's in the description or the titles, it actually says that what you're buying, so be, so in, in the website, there'll be two long single quilted electric blankets, one will have left and one will have right, yeah, so you can see here that on the, uh, it's funny on the right-hand side on your screen, you can see the left-hand panel, this has long single left bed, um, and then on the other side, you can see right bed, and same for the wool, there's a left and a right.

So it is customizable to what you kind of need, really, yep, I think with the singles and King single, the controllers on the right, only I can double-check that real quick, yeah, I'm, that's all in the description, yes, it's in the description, yeah, that's where I'm looking now, just give me a second, we also have King single if you've got a king single bed, yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the right, it's, it's only on one side anyway, there's no choice, yeah, it's in there, the controller module can be found on the right-hand side when lying on your back in bed.