Bradshaw Green Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Bradshaw Green Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Oct 02, 2023

Elevate your bedroom decor with the contemporary elegance of our Bradshaw Green Quilt Cover Set. In this video, we introduce two styles of this Quilt Cover Set!

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Styling Our Bradshaw Green Quilt Cover Set

The stunning Bradshaw Green quilt cover set is a sage green quilt cover that features a textured design! We recorded this live on September 21st...

The video was uploaded on 01/10/2023.

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The video lasts for 12 minutes and 2 seconds.

Exploring the Bradshaw Green Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

Yep, and just while you're doing that, um, we did have Kerry pop in and say that she is enjoying her order that she's just recently received. I believe she purchased last week sometime, and she got her order on Tuesday. Um, so, Carrie, let us know how you're going with that. I think it was a cool cover, is that right? I think it was a quilt cover. If it could have been the Dandy. Yeah, I remember saying, I can remember seeing the order. Yeah, yeah, let us know how you go, and Carrie, if you like it or not. Be good to get your feedback. Um, and a special hello to Joanne and Amanda. It's good to have you with us tonight. Um, Amanda, I believe you're on the Gold Coast for a couple of weeks from memory. Let us know if you're back home or what's going on, yeah.

Um, it's good to have you with us tonight. Uh, Kerry said order placed on Sunday for the Dandy, yeah, yeah, cool, and got it on Tuesday, yep. It's pretty fast, but, um, cool. And Amanda says that she loves the green colour. Such a soft colour. So let's get into this first new arrival, I reckon, yep. Yeah, this is the on-trend colour. The sort of sage, it's called green, but it's very sage. Um, and this is, this is a, it's not just printed either. It's a, um, sort of slightly stitched. It's a Jacquard and it's cotton-polyester on the front and the back. And it's got, yeah, green with sort of panels, sort of checked sort of panels and with white stitching going through it. So quite a nice, nice soft green as well. It's got a flange, a tailored flange, I think that's about 30 centimetres.

And the reverse, it's just plain white cotton-polyester, but yeah, it's all happening on the front. So it comes in queen, king, and super king, and there are Euros as well, but that's how you get it out of the packet with the just with the standards. But the Euros, they're a little bit, styling this quilt cover. Different, the front is, it's not checkered like the quilt cover, it's just plain. It's sort of nearly waffly, but it's actually just a white stitch going through. And this side's got the white stitch with the green base, but the reverse is the reverse or the inverse, I suppose, that's the right way to say it. Um, where the stitching is actually green. I'm not sure if you can see it, the camera is a bit bright, but the stitching is green, and the material is white, so with the same flange.

So nice sort of a change, so you can use these both ways, you know? I think we're going to do that tonight, actually, we'll flip them over. Yeah, um, we did have, we did have Amanda say that she's back home, thanks. She had some good quality time with her dad up at the Gold Coast, so that's good. That's nice. Um, Kerry said that she's yet to wash her Dendy, um, and place it on the bed, and she'll send some photos over on the weekend, so that'll be, yeah, that'd be really cool. Really cool. That'd be great, yeah. Um, and we did have, and I'm just getting some information up on my screen now, we had Joanne ask how much is this one for a king? Okay, so I'm just pulling that up now. Bear with me, Joanne, sorry. Um, and a special hello to Jen. Good to see you again, Jen. Let me see that. The price, this one was the Bradshaw Green, and this one is a part of our private collection, so it's one of our more luxury choices, yeah. And it's currently, uh, $313.95. So, $314 for the king, yeah.

So it's a good quality on this one, yep. It's the upper end of it, yeah, yeah. This one, this is the Nimes, um, Meadow, it's called cushion. We're going to put this one on there as well. Bring a bit of yellow in. Flange on this, we've sort of seen these before. The Nimes, that's linen. 100% linen cover, that one, with a polyester fill. And this cushion is the Trent Vanilla. Nice. Frills or tassels, not really tassels, but it's just all over. Textured reverse is just plain, but this is a cream. It's a cream colour. So we're bringing a bit of cream in. And then the McKenzie, this has got a bit of chenille sort of polka dots, different colours.

Bringing the yellow from that cushion, white from the stitching, and, um, like to match up with the quilt cover, a bit of a frill on the end of this as well. And, um, yeah, so we'll chuck that on. This McKenzie's also got a throw that's, um, it's got a throw in the same family. Um, same sort of frill and the chenille sort of polka dot throw. So, let us know what you think. Is that a go? Trying to bring some other colours in other than the green just to break it a little bit. So, um, yeah, not bad. I don't think it's that bad. It's nice and fresh. Yeah. Very spring, spring sort of makeup tonight on that one. Yeah, yeah. So that's our first style. And we will, um, I can see Jen likes this one. Yeah. So we had Jen said, and she likes this. Joanne says she loves it. Amanda says that she's loving the fringe on that cushion. Um, there's a couple fringes actually.

There's, yeah, yeah. There's, they follow through. Yeah, yeah. Um, and Jen said that the yellow and the green is a nice pairing. Yes. Yes. Good job whoever started this one up this week. This one was mostly Michelle. Yeah. Yeah. Good job Michelle. I was a bit reluctant actually. Cool. Alright. Let's have a look at the next star. So it's good that it turned out alright. While you're just doing that, uh, if anyone's interested in shopping anything from the live tonight. So if you see a cushion you like, um, or a cool cover that you're interested in, there's a link up in the, we try our white style description. Uh, so on mobile, I believe you have to swipe left or right, one of those two ways. And when you're watching on desktop, it should be either up or down. Not too sure. It's all around the place. Let's have a look and you'll, uh, there'll be two links in there for you. That's good. This style, this time, this colour, we're going to do, um, turn the Euros around the other way so that's white with the green stitches. This, and this cushion is the, um, the common Ascot white, yep.

And we're going to pull a bit of whites into this design, and we had a bit of a discussion last week about a round cushion, so we're going to feature that. Yes, Florida Fern is called a whole bunch of tassels. That's a good one. Sort of a knitted, textured, round cushion. I believe that one comes in a multitude of different colours, is that correct? There are different colours. Um, not sure what they are, but there are a few. Yeah, we can actually, I've just pulled it up on the website. Just might be interesting to see. There's a fern one, there's a salsa, salsa red. There's a black one, there's a pink one, there's a basil, which I think is a bit green. It's more of a safe, that's sagey. Yeah, yeah. Um, rose white. And that's about it. So there's quite a few colours in that Florida range. So if you're interested in round cushions, we've got some for you. I've got a few in there.

And this one is the Ascot white, but it's just the, the long one. To go with that as well. It didn't carry, say that that would be a nice toy for the snacks. Carrie, for all those who are unfamiliar, Carrie has a couple sausage dogs running around the house, which yes, they would love those. Yeah, lots of fun with that. Yeah. All right. So this was the Oslo Snow Throw. Um, I didn't show you. Do you want me to show you? Just quickly. Yeah, that's the Oslo Snow. Nice and soft. Okay, I think we featured that one in every single live for the past two months. We do. We do feature it a lot. It's just, it's really versatile. It goes white. It just goes with, um, with a lot of the covers. Yeah. Yes, it works quite well. So I'm going to ask a question of Mary that Mary's here helping us switch the cameras. Mary, which style did you like better so far? Yellow one. I'm not usually a fan of the yellow accessories, but this one is still my favourite without the yellow. Yeah. Okay.

So you like the white. I do like the white. I love green looks nice. So we've got a white and dark green with Mary. What do you think? What's your favourite one? I, I, I, I don't know because the yellow is actually growing on me a bit. I think we're seeing it the second time. I like it. Um, the white's not too bad. We, we, when we originally put this white on, we highlighted the green a little bit more by not putting, stacking it in. We just put it on the bed. That's where I originally threw it on and I thought, yeah, it's interesting you say that because we've had both Jen and Amanda say maybe try a darker green throw instead of the Oslo. Yeah, we, we could. We've got that here. Yeah. That's, we might as well have a go. This is the Johnson Olive. Yeah. Um, and I think we paired this up with that Florida last, last week, did we? Yeah. Yeah. Um, so, yeah, we did have, that would work as well. Yeah. Let us know, uh, Jen and Amanda, whether or not that green throw is a bit better. We did have Odette just say, "Place the round green pillow in front of the others.

I'm not sure that the cushions look right. It could be a bit of an orientation type thing." That's a good way of saying it. Yeah, the, yeah. Yeah. It's a bit interesting. What if you even took them off? I reckon the best way to make the questions on the bed is just to chuck them on. That's probably mostly how you do it anyway. [Laughter] Uh, yeah. So, Jen said that that throw is good. Joanne said that it's better with the green. And Amanda said, "Yes, that's better styling with that green, the green one, yeah." Just a bit too much white, yeah. Yeah, I think Mary's shaking her head. I think she likes the white style a bit better. Yep. Say good, everybody has their own opinion. It's interesting. Yeah, that's what makes it fun.