Cayman Blue Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Cayman Blue Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Sep 12, 2023

Presenting the Cayman Blue Quilt Cover Set, a masculine design that features some lovely blue stripes. In this video, we introduce two styles of the Cayman Blue Quilt Cover Set which will help transform your bedroom into a relaxing space.

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Styling Our Cayman Blue Quilt Cover Set

The stunning Cayman Blue quilt cover set is a refreshing option for those who like coastal-themed quilt covers! We recorded this live on July 27th...

The video was uploaded on 11/09/2023.

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The video lasts for 9 minutes and 48 seconds.

Exploring the Cayman Blue Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

All right, we'll jump back onto the bed, and we're going to have a look at the Cayman blue. This is a nice Coastal Coastal Design. It's, um, that's how you get it out of the packet, just with the standard pillowcases and the quilt cover. I'll bring it up close because this is sort of a little bit textured, um, very slightly. I don't know what you would call it, but it's just very ruffle sort of a texture going on through there with the different width stripes in a Bluey sort of colour.

It's very Hampton Z spring summer fresh, very, very fresh. It does have a little bit of a border, around there flange, and the reverse is wide. I think I showed you that, and it comes in Queen, King, Super King, and there's Euros that look the same as this, but they're the same pattern, but we're not actually featuring the Euros putting Euros in tonight because we're going to use some other colours.

Styling the Cayman Quilt Cover. So cool, we've got the, um, this is the. I'll just quickly show you for those who have a new, this is the Velvet steel blue Euro, nice blue colour velvet front and back, and that's the join there too, just you might be interested in. Well, I'm not really sure I'm actually too good. That's where they put the pillow in, but that's the reverse, so it's fine.

We've, um, I've just asked everyone if they like this cool cover, and we've got Heidi, Sarah, and Rachel saying that this one is so lovely, and Rachel said that this one is fresh and cool looking which, yep, nailed it on the head, yeah, that's right, it's very springy summery, spring summery, um. And this is the Eden steel blue, same symbol, uh, whoops, I'm getting all over the place here, similar steel blue colour in the back with the white palm fronds sewn in there.

It's a sort of it's a stitch design, not printed, it's, um, embroidered in there. So there's the that one, and we've got the Ascot White. This is a nice waffle, we've got a whole range of these and the Euro pillowcases, Square cushion, and the, um, and the long, this is the long cushion, nice big flange around, gives it a nice bit of character, very cool, it's a polyester fill this one, but, um, so it's not very heavy, it's pretty light, and um, now we've got the Madalina, this is the same range, same sort of colour, still blue throw, we've seen these before, except the new guys might not have seen it, and nice waffles, uh, tassels on the end, yeah, and we'll Chuck that throw on.

So that's I suppose our blue blue design, our first one. So let us know what you think, did we do okay? I think it's not bad, no, I like this one, yeah, it's not bad, it's very fresh, but our next design is going to probably freshen it up even more, so we had a lot of trouble, we were trying to bring some colour into this one, like real different colours, but yeah, it was really difficult to make anything really work, so yeah, we sort of failed on that just on this sort of style, but, but if you're looking for a Hamptons design, they don't normally have bright bold colours in that inner there either, so yeah, it, it just it's probably okay.

It's, um, everyone really likes this. We've got comments about the throw is great and actually completes the look. Um, well, that said that it's beautiful, but it might not be for me, um, Karen said that this might be perfect for her son's room, especially with the steel blue pillows, which yeah, it's interesting. I don't know if this is typical like it's not, um, overly gendered either way, you know what I'm saying? Yeah, that's right.

It's probably, yeah, it could go either way, yeah, yeah, it's cool. We'll see what the next style brings, eh? Yep. All right, let me. We try our White & Navy style. Oh, do a quick exit on all this, and we'll, we're going to go White, strangely enough. I'm cameras lost, okay, here I am, um, the, this is the Ascot white. It's the same as that long cushion, but this is the Euro, so it's another part of that Family. Actually, the Ascot range has a white quilt covers as well in a whole bunch of sizes, and there's other colours in that waffle Ascot range as well, so, um, that's a big common staple arrange the ascot.

Pan, here's a linen, this is the nimes Navy Square cushion. It's a linen material, really nice, soft and Lemony, a little bit of a flange, but yep, um, yeah, nice nice um Navy sort of colour, cool, and just while you put that on the bed, a special welcome to Chantelle and Tanya. I believe it's your, maybe Tanya, you might have joined us before, I'm not sure, but welcome to the live.

Oh, we've shown you this one anyway, this is the long cushion that Ascot white long, we had it in the other thing as well, so just this is pretty much a white look, whoa, nearly lost it this one, this is a really nice throw, this we've featured quite a lot, it's the Oslo snow, yep, um, nice and white, probably not good for pets, they'll pull these like no man's business if they got near it, but, um, and it's white too, it probably would show the dirt, but it's very, very nice and soft and just good for decoration anyway, so, let us know, let us know if you like the white one.

It really brightens it more, maybe too much, I don't know, I I'm not sure, so I think I think the heart, the blue is going to be a hard one to beat, it is, yeah, we did have a, um, suggestion from Sherry, she said that you could turn this into a farmhouse style with red stripe pillows and darker blues or red and blue star Styles, which sounds like the American flag, um, but yeah, like some nice Reds could be a good addition, um, yeah, Jenny, sorry, I'm just addressing your comment now.

We, we probably will be doing the pickle challenge next week. So if you're interested, watch that, you can watch that next week, um, Bridget says she likes the blue better, Amanda said the one with the gray cushions, um, the white doesn't give it the punch so, yeah, Jenny says she likes the blue, yeah, I'll yeah, the with the other, the Eden cushion with the Palms, yeah, we're building back the island, whoops, and uh, Karen said that a Navy throw would be better than the white throw for a pop right at the end of the bed, but she overall likes to still blue a bit better so, yeah, we've got a navy-ish this one, it might not quite be the right color, yeah, but it might give you the idea, yeah, whoops, yeah, you got like three different colors of blue there, there is three different shades, yeah, so you'd have to you'd have to really find the right match there, take this one out, yeah, yeah, The Palms and the white sort of they do something, yeah, Charlie said she actually really likes this one as it is, which yeah, cool, all right.