Charlene Blue Bedspread | Styling Session

Charlene Blue Bedspread | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Jul 10, 2023

Introducing the Charlene Blue Bedspread – a delightful floral design set on a refreshing blue background. In this video, we present two stunning styles of the Charlene Blue Bedspread that will effortlessly transform your bedroom.

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Styling our Charlene Blue Bedspread

Our lovely blue bedspread is the perfect way to add a touch of colour to your bedroom! We recorded this live on June 22nd...

The video was uploaded on 09/07/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 7 minutes and 45 seconds.

Exploring the Charlene Blue Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

Sounds good, all right, so let's go back to the bed, and we'll have a look at the Charlene bedspread. This is the bedspread, and it pretty much comes to the floor. It's um, I don't know if I mentioned it before, but the bedspreads, uh, the coverlets are single, single-slash-double, Queen-slash-King. A lot of them, not all of them, they can be specified: Queen, King bedspreads are always specified. The size, so Queen, King, and most of ours are, so you have the Queen or the double size, and the drop, the measurement of them, the drop is 50 centimetres.

So, you, yeah, 50 centimetres to the floor. Yeah, that's what the drop side is, um, but it still measures the best and safest way with, um, with bedspreads and coverlets. All right, so I'll have it give you a close-up on this one, and so this is a real, it's a real old, like, an English-style garden. Um, pictures on here, it's actually slightly quilted too.

There's a little slight, yeah, you can see that little, um, sewn quilting on there. I've got all bedspreads and coverlets got some sort of quilting on them, and yeah, so it's a nice floral with pops of red on there. Um, the reverse is just a nice blue. It's like a duck egg blue, maybe the reverse and the base. And it's got a nice scallop, this one. The scallop sort of edge. You can see that it's not your normal sort of edge on this one.

So that's the Charlene and a bit of a traditional styling, the blue bedspread design, isn't it? Yeah, yeah. Um, we've got the Amelia burgundy. We've seen that before, the nice velvet cushion. We'll put that one on. That'll pull all the reds out. Nice, yeah. And we thought we'd just show you a bit brief. Um, this first one with just only a couple of cushions on it. So this one here is the Corally Dusk decorator cushion. It's, it's pink with white sort of dot.

It's sort of a waffle. It's not really waffle, but it is woven little dots in there and in white. And on the reverse, it's the inverse. It's the other way around. So white with pink dots. It's a nice little, nice little cushion, nice colors.

And we'll pop, put that on there with the pink side facing the front. And that's, uh, I suppose that's one design. But what we're going to do is throw in that little decorator. The pink decorator cushion has a Euro, um, sort of associated with it. I think there's a cool puppet with this as well. Yes, one side has got a nice floral and a white base. Look, they look like roses. Um, yeah, but nice pinks. It'll pull out the pinks in that bedspread.

And the reverse is white, but with the pink, pink dots. So nice. And is it nice and florally? Is it almost like a little check pattern? It is like check, yeah. It's very unusual. It's, yeah. They're not little dots. They're sort of four stitches each. Little dot has got four stitches right, so it's, yeah, pretty. Thank you. All right, so there we have the first design.

We've added a bit more florals in here, but um, and you turn the cushion over this one, the front one. Oh, I put that wrong. Yeah, that's the next design. All right, so that's the first design. It's very florally. Um, we've pulled some pinks out with the flowers up there and with the back of the cushion here. So let us know what you think, yeah. And this is very, um, very old English-style, um, sort of a design here. So the next, the next one we try, our next style, we're going to do is really just to flip all these.

We'll flip the Euros, and we'll make, and we'll leave, we'll flip that one as well and leave it. And we'll swap the cushions out with the Vivid teal, and Vivid teal is a common Vivid teal. We've always featured the nice velvet. Yeah. We did have Amanda say that the pink one was very nice, the pink one, yeah, yeah, if you like flowers, yeah, it's really, it's really very, very florally. And we've just got a throw for this one, which is that the Oslo, the Oslo snow throw that we've, um, featured before.

I really like this. It's really white. It's really nice, this throw, yeah, it's really very versatile. It's, um, being white, and so that's, I suppose, sort of the white, white side. These do show a little bit. It's not dark white. It looks like it in the camera a little bit, but they have, um, a very subtle pink tinge to them. So I might be able to zoom in if we just give me a second, and I'll switch over there, yeah, so I can see it on my screen. I don't know if you guys can see it at home, but yeah, it's got little pink pattern on it.

We had Amanda say very feminine, this one with teal, and throw is better, so yeah, I think it's brighter, this one's brighter, yeah, yeah, and it takes away the old look of it, I think, yeah, yeah, if that's your style, some people like the um, more traditional designs, yeah, yeah, which is cool, everyone's personal taste is different, I guess, eh. Jody likes the teal too, yeah, the teal, teal, yeah, that works everywhere, that cushion.

All right, so that's the bedspread, cool, all right, um, you can use, um, with those blankets as well, if you don't want to, if you don't have a bedspread or a quilt cover, you can always use a blanket, especially like that Sherpa one because it's got a pattern, a sewn pattern as well, yeah, um, so it doesn't just look like a, a blanket, it's got it's a bit of um, and if you're upsizing it, you'll get this kind of, you'll get this kind of look if you get a big one.

We also had Bridget say that she likes the teal, and uh, yeah, looks like Teal's a winner on this one, it's um, yeah, Jody says the teal breaks up the nannery look, I'm channeling the Natalie look, yeah, in summer we do have some people use the cotton waffle blankets, um, as a quilt cover, yeah, so yeah, it's still like some sort of weight on top of them, but the breathable cotton blankets make it so that you're not sweating while you sleep because it's so hot underneath your quilt, but yeah, yeah, yeah, it's good, lots of options, all right.