Charlotte Pastel Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Charlotte Pastel Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Oct 12, 2023

Refresh your bedroom with the elegance of our floral Charlotte Pastel Quilt Cover Set. In this video, we introduce two styles of this Quilt Cover Set!

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Styling Our Charlotte Pastel Quilt Cover Set

The delicate Charlotte Pastel quilt cover set is a dainty floral quilt cover that features a collection of pastel-coloured floral arrangements. We recorded this live on September 28th...

The video was uploaded on 12/10/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 15 minutes and 47 seconds.

Exploring the Charlotte Pastel Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

So we've got the Charlotte pastel quilt cover here. It's very white. It might be a bit bright on the screen, so you might not be able to see all the detail too well. But it's very, very petite, very soft. The material is very soft as well as the design. The design is like a hand-drawn floral sort of breast printed, but it's sort of a handwritten sort of thing with very subtle colours - the subtle pinks and blues and like lilacy colours in there. But they're very pastel, very light. You might not really be able to pick up all the colours on the monitor.

I'm looking at here, they're a little bit, it's a little bit more colour in it than the monitor I'm seeing. I'm not sure what you guys can see, but it's very subtle but very pretty and delicate. Same with the material, it's soft as well, so the picture and the print complements the softness of the material. It's very, very soft, yeah. It's got a flange, like a three-centimetre self flange with a cord piping trim, so it's got all the works on the trims, so it finishes it off really nicely. The reverse is the same material, cotton satin, and it's like a fern pattern in a linen colour with a white base, but with a linen pattern over the top. It's sort of geometric or laid out, but there are little ferns. That's nice. It's like a repeating pattern. It's repeating, yeah. You can say that, yeah. It's pretty good.

It's very different from the front, but we're actually going to style this one up. We're going to show this one in three different ways, and one way we will turn the Euros over the other way. This is the Euro; it's the same pattern as the quilt cover, everything's the same thing. So, you know what it reminds me of, this quilt cover reminds me of, is it the gum nut babies? Oh, yeah, yeah. Is that, am I completely off here? Is it like a book or something? Yeah. Edith, by Michelle, said it is fly. Yeah, forgive me, everyone. I feel like I'm going to get reprimanded in the comments. It probably is that kind of design, like the drawing, the print. It's like that. Yeah, cool, yeah.

We had Jen say that the reverse looks nice. Mandy, hello Mandy. It's good to have you with us. She said that this one looks beautiful. Odette said that this looks so nice and soft, which is, it's soft. It's soft. It's not fragile, yeah, but it's like the material's not fragile. It's cotton satin. It's solid, but it feels that way. It's nice, yeah. I'm trying to explain the feeling on the camera. It's hard. Um, and, uh, yeah. So, thanks, everyone, for confirming that the gum nut babies is a thing. I'm not gunned up with the fairies. Um, we did have a question from Mandy. If you wanted to just return to the quilt cover, Mandy asked, "Does the doona cover have a zip or is it buttons or what type of enclosure is it at the end?" This is button, and it's just a little bit down from the edge, yeah.

So you can reverse it. Um, but it does have that. You will see that join. Um, yeah, on there. It's not like a seamless. It's not same. Sometimes they're on the edge, but this one's not. It's button. To answer that question, cool. But the first one we're going to put on, we're going to do a sort of a grey. A grey sort of colours on here. This one's called the Suvi grey, and it's got some nice tassels on the end. Just a nice sort of a small long cushion. Like it's probably called a brunch. You'd probably put that in the brunch cushion, yep. Um, the first one is pretty simple because we're just going to put one cushion and one throw. This is the Alanya, silver, or is it grey? Elena silver. I think it's silver. It's silver. And this is a nice waffle throw, pretty solid. Um, yeah, it's a lounge throw. Like it can be used for that. It's not too delicate, not too fragile, yeah.

So that's the first look. It's pretty simple, but it does pick up some of the tones and the greys in the cover. Yeah, keeps it very simple and subtle, yeah. I think it's nice just with the grey, yeah. Yeah. Um, I have noticed that we've got a bunch more people who have just joined us. Did you want to let everyone know that we're doing a giveaway, what we're giving away, and how to enter? Yep. Yep, we're going to give away a satin sheet set tonight. So if you're interested in a satin sheet set for free, then jump into the comments and let us know what you're up to this weekend. It's a long weekend, it is here anyway. Um, let us know what you're doing on the weekend, and then that'll get you an entry into the draw. Hang around to the end, and then we'll do the draw. But you need to be here in the show at the end to receive the prize. Yeah.

So hang around to the end, and yeah, hopefully you're the winner. But let us know what you're doing on the weekend. Cool. We did have Jenny say that this one's nice. Leanne said that this one's very nice. She likes it. Rachel said the throw is so pretty. And Joanne said that this one's nice size. And Catherine said that that's pretty. So, hello Catherine. Nice to have you with us. Yeah. Hi, Catherine. Um, yeah, so I reckon this one is nice. It is nice. Yeah. What's the word I'm looking for? Like it's elegant is what I'm thinking, you know. It's not your run-of-the-mill floral quilt cover. You know, it's quite petite, nice, yeah, petite. Nice, yeah. Jenny said that she loves this one so much. And we did have Jen McDonald suggest maybe a dark green would work on this quilt cover. Is that one of the targets? That's not one that we had planned. All right. We'll save it in the Bank and maybe look at it after these. Stars, we could have a bit of a chuck. Chuck, chuck some stuff on there, but yeah. We, at the moment, yeah, we've done the grey.

We're doing a like a pinky, um, movie colour, lilacy colour. Now, this is the Yasmine Orchid, and it's the velvet. Got a little bit of a cord piping around the edge. Plain canvas on the back. We've seen the Yasmine range before, but, um, this one hopefully we're trying to pull out some of the pinks and the lilac colours. Now, yep. Um, this one's the Hara Orchid. Um, tassels on the corners, or four corners, we've got those, and it's a knitted nice and soft. It's probably not good for those sausage dogs, the snacks, so, um, yeah, this one's they'll love to chew on this. Yeah, that one's a nice texture. It's like it's almost like a velvet, is that right? It's, it is like a velvet knit. It's knitted, yeah, and it is like a velvety, yeah, yeah, that's cool

Okay, this throw is the Elenia, the same throw is the silver, same family, but it's the Mulberry colour. So nice lilac. It's a bit, this, these are a bit darker colours than the grey that we had in there, but, um, really does, yeah, feminizes look at the brings, the cut, those pink colours out. But yeah, that's the second one. So cool, let us know what you think, and I suppose we'll rip this apart, and we'll have a look at the the third one, which I think we're gonna do this style right now. We did have, I believe it was Odette, she said, "I think that the light brown colour cushion that you used last week and the throw from last week would look very pretty on this bed." We're doing it, yes, we are doing a brown one, but I think it's a bit different cushions we're using. It's because we're going to use the brown. We're going to turn the Euro over so that we're using that, um, that linen sort of fern pattern on the back. Take advantage of that.

Look at our brown style and pull some browns, some subtle browns in there, yeah. We're going to use the nude, Yasmine, new. That's a sort of a yellowy, orangey colour. Um, use that and the, I think this is the one we used last week, this cushion or if it wasn't this colour, it was this same one, that teddy bear feel. Somebody said that it looks like a teddy bear material, yeah, yeah. Like that, they're made out of. So this is the clean, clean butterscotch. So we'll pop that in, that's bringing those subtle, yep, brownie colours in. And if you are enjoying any of these items or want to potentially get them for yourself, we do have all of these items that you are looking at on screen or on live now in the link in the description. So yes, you're interested in shopping though, I keep forgetting to say that. This throw is called the, these are cadizer, mushroom, it's, um, and it's sort of a polka dot, um, designed with a border around the end. But then we've finished off a tassels on right on the end. It's, it's quite a heavy throw. It's actually got a little thriller around there as well. So it's got a lot of textures going on. So we'll give that a go. It might be a bit busy maybe, but I think the colours work all right.

It's not too bad. So yeah, that's sort of the brown, the brown look. Yeah, let us know if you like this brown style. Maybe you're debt. Let us know if you like this brown style or if you'd like us to kind of pull out some of the Tivo stuff, which I think is what was on the bed last week. She might have been mentioning the tea rose. Yeah, yeah. Um, so yeah, let us know if you like that brown style or debt. In the meantime, I did have, let me just check. Yeah, we did have Carrie ask, what are the Euro pillows filled with? The sound coming through the video is very sensory soothing. Oh, really? Yeah. So do you know what they're filled with? They're feathers. Yeah. Okay. It's the feathers, the feather ones. Yeah. Um, but it's probably, except the feathers making the noise. Yes, the feathers making the noise. Yeah. All right. We did. Don't fall asleep. Yeah. Um, Leanne said, maybe we could try a different throw with this brown style.

And Odette's asking for the tea rose. So let's maybe put the tiro stuff on or, you know, the way to Mary's heart because Mary love it, loves, loves the tea rose accessories. Uh, we did have Charlie say that she likes this design. So Charlie, you might be in the minority here. Kerry said that she might have to get some of those feather Euros, which always still got to stop of them. I'll just check for you. And I'll get a link for you. Okay, just bear with me a second. We could just, yeah, just put only the tea rose in. Let us know how that looks or dip. Mary's very happy with that. Okay. And Kerry, I can confirm we do have those feather Euros in stock. They're pretty. They're pretty normal staple. So there's a link coming through now for you, Kerry. And Odette said that's beautiful. I love it in all capitals. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. That's good. Yeah. So all right. Do we want to try the green? Yes. Bring out Jen McDonald's green. I think she was potentially referring to more of an olive colour. If you've got olive, like a darker green, dark event. Sorry. You know, we've got that.

This Johnson, it's called Johnson Olive, styling with some greens. But, um, it might work. It might just be a little bit harsh because it's it's being the, um, but it's not too bad. Yep. We did have Jen say that the neutral colours with this are really pretty. Um, which I agree. And there was a couple other comments in there saying that the throw, the previous throw might have just been a bit too much, uh, pattern to put on top of this delicate quilt cover. That first one that we put on the mushroom one. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I tend to agree with that. Yeah. We did have Joanne say maybe you could try putting, uh, some dark Euro covers in there, um, which we, you definitely could. The Sumatra Olive, I think is kind of what we would do for the, yeah, yeah. But we don't have that. I'm not here right now. Yeah. I'm not sure if we might have run out of stock of those, actually. Oh, okay. Yeah. Uh, Charlie said that she feels like a sage green might also be nice. Maybe. Maybe. Come back to the table and we can just keep talking. Yeah. Um, Odette said tea rose wins that for her, which, yep. Denise said the tea rose, the other ones are too heavy. She doesn't like the yellow or the emerald green or the artificial plant in the corner, which, that is an interesting thing because we haven't actually changed a set in a while. We haven't done anything but have we? Yeah. Yeah. So maybe, maybe one live, we can do a help us, help us style it up with your suggestions on what we can do. That might be a good question to ask for a giveaway or something. I don't know. Maybe. Maybe.