Charming Blush Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Charming Blush Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Sep 19, 2023

Discover the timeless beauty of our Charming Blush Quilt Cover Set, a stunning ensemble that effortlessly combines traditional botanical inspiration with contemporary elegance. We style it two ways!

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Styling Our Charming Blush Quilt Cover Set

The beautiful Charming Blush quilt cover set is a stunning floral choice with lots of character! We recorded this live on September 7th...

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Exploring the Charming Blush Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

So, this one is cotton-polyester, printed, and um, it's the cotton-rich cotton-polyester, so 60% cotton and 40% on the polyester, and it's a grey base. Um, if you can see that, it's fairly. It's motley, kind of a base, and there's a whole bunch of flowers. There's some plum colours, some pinks, and blushes, some sage, greenish sort of leaves. It's just a nice, um, florally colour on the back. It is just geometric in a grey colour, but it's sort of florally as well. I suppose these are, I sort of think of them as an artist's impression of a flower. Oh, yeah, um, but it's all symmetrical, like, yeah, so pretty, pretty interesting having the geometric on the back of the floral, which is the same with that damask, the last one with having the damask behind, some interesting how they do that, yeah, yeah.

Styling this Quilt Cover, how they would even think of doing it like that, you know? Yeah, we did have Kerry just ask us or ask you, Ben, in particular, or bad, ask you, Ben. Um, are you good? Are you this good with helping Michelle making the bed at home, too? Yeah, the bed doesn't get made. It's the same with the mechanics, right, a really good card. [Music] Not these linen sellers anyway. This is um, I don't think I explained all of this. That this quilt cover comes in queen, king, and Super King, and it has Euros as well.

This is the Euro, and it's the same pattern as the reverse, but it does have and on all of it is a flat piping edge around it as well just so you're aware of that. I haven't been paying attention, you mentioned that the revert, the reverse of the cool cover is the same as the, or the pillowcases, sorry, is the same as the Euros, yeah, yeah. The reverse on the pillowcase, and the quilt cover is the same as the Euros. Euros the same on the front and back, and it's the reverse, yeah, cool, yeah. All right, we've got the Hara Brandy square cushion. Um, this is a very soft knitted, um, it's nearly like velvet, it sort of moves and changes its colour like a velvet, yeah.

It's got some tassels on the corners as well, so we'll put that in. It's Brandy colour, they're calling that's the colour of it, and it's appealing, pulling out some of the oranges and or some of those colours in there. This is the Amelia burgundy velvet, we featured a lot that feather-filled one, and that works really nice on this. It's pulling out some of the plum burgundy sort of colours. And then the nude, it's not nude, it's the Yasmine orchid, um, which is a nice sort of lilacy. It's velvet as well. Um, cushion just to finish that off on the front, and we've got a throw we're going to put on.

We're going to put a, oh yeah, I'm forgetting what I'm doing. Um, this is the, this is Sahara Brandy throw. It's, it's, it's in the same family as the cushion that I just showed you. Yeah, and well, I'm not, I'm all over the place, and this has got and it's four tassels on the corners. Those, these big tassels, there's just four of them on each corner, one on each corner, yeah. And it's the design, so that's it, yep. So let us know what you think. You probably could do without the throw, it's not too bad without it, possibly. I think Mary might throw a riot if you get rid of it. I'll just take it to the couch. We had, uh, yeah, so let us know in the comments if you like this style.

This is the first style of the Charming blush. Charming blush colour. We had Leanne say that these colours look so good together, and Carrie said, "I really like all these colours together," and she loves the throw. So, yeah, okay, this style is a good job. You guys have done a good job on this one, yep. Let us know in the comments, that's cool. All right, we'll have a look at the last one, yep. And we're going to leave the Euros in there, I think, and we'll put in, "We try our Green style." This is called the Sumatra Ollie. If we're going to pull greens into it now. So, this is a Sumatra Olive. It's a velvety colour with some geometric lines on there. It's a velvety colour.

It's an olive colour. Velvety feel, and um, yeah, just plain green on the back. Up all of your colour. It's got a flange around the edge, too. So, yeah, but we did have, or that say that the previous style was pretty, but again, she's not too sure of the throw, so maybe you're right, maybe you could have gotten rid of the throw, yep. Um, and this is the, this is the Yasmine. We had that on the other bed before. So, yeah, it's probably not a week goes by we don't use this one. I think it's a real good, the colour's just right, yeah. It suits quite well, yeah. Now, and we're going to put a green throw on this one as well, so this is the Johnson, the Johnson Olive. We've seen the Johnson stuff before. Nice and neat, this is, this is a snuggly one as well, yeah. Um, nice, fairly, fairly substantial, fairly thick.

So there's a Green version, cool, on the Charming, the Charming blush, yeah. I don't know about the green throw either now. Um, it's probably not too bad, looks alright, yeah. Um, Mary just had an interesting point, maybe, um, or debt, and anyone else that wants to answer to for that matter, um, do you guys use those? Do you guys like using them? Do you use them as decorative stuff, or do you kind of keep it off your bed, and maybe more so for the lounge room, you know? Yeah, yeah, good to know. It's an interesting question, yeah, yeah. Is it something that you would use to decorate your bed, or it's just like cushions, like if you don't like too many cushions, you might not want to throw either, yeah, yeah, so, so, yeah, it'd be good.

Let us know in the comments, and also let us know, so let us know if you like this green style, yep, it's, um, it pulls out the leaves. It's quite nice, yeah. Sometimes with the throws, you don't need them when there's a lot of stuff going on on the quilt cover itself. Like this has got a lot of pattern on the quilt cover, and if you want, it depends what you want to, you want to celebrate the pattern, then you don't really want to cover it up with a throw, but if this is fairly, fairly symmetrical, like there's a, the flowers are sort of everywhere. So to cover a little bit of it's not a disaster, but some quilt covers have got a lot of the pattern in one area, and those you just probably don't want to put a throw on that, because you what's the point in having the pattern on the wheel cover, you know, yeah, because you're covering it up, um, we did just have a question from Odette.

She said, can we change out the yellow to a soft pink cushion, yep, we just swap the yes back around, yeah, Carrie said, just in response, yeah, so that actually looks pretty, that's looks pretty cool too, yeah, yeah, so let us know if that's cool or debt. Um, Kerry said, LOL and their little Wiggle Butts, like a picture in my head, that's funny. Um, and or dad said, yes, that's so much nicer with the pink cushion, it is, yeah, I, yeah, I like it, good school, good choice, yep. Um, Carrie said, I have a Sherpa Throw That I have on the bed for my sausage pups to snuggle in, yesterday I spoiled rotten sausage dogs are always so funny, you see them running around all the time, they're similar to ferret, so have you guys ever seen your shirts, I saw a ferret the other day walking, I'm not, sorry, I should make mention, Kerry, I'm not comparing your sausage carrots, the way that they move in their long bodies and their little legs, yeah, yeah, I saw a guy, I don't know, I don't know who I was with, it was me, it was me, and we just, we were walking down the street, and then all of a sudden, this guy pops out a ferret out of his jacket, and they just start walking it on a leash, crazy, anyway, if you have ferrets, that's cool, let us know, and Leanne said, I use throws on the bed all the time, she likes the green, um, style, so yeah, it's good to know, Leanne.