Conley Citronella Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Conley Citronella Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Sep 14, 2023

Presenting the Conley Citronella Quilt Cover Set, a floral design that brings a bold statement into any bedroom! In this video, we introduce two styles of this Quilt Cover Set!

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Styling Our Conley Citronella Quilt Cover Set

The beautiful Conley Citronella Quilt Cover Set is a great option for those who are looking to make a statement with their quilt cover! We recorded this live on August 3rd...

The video was uploaded on 13/09/2023.

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Exploring the Conley Citronella Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

It's the Connolly citronella, and it's very floral. It's got yellow bouquets. On the screen, I'm looking at, it's a bit brighter than what it really is, a bit more, maybe burnt yellows in spots, but it's not so bright. I'm not sure what your screens are looking like. The back here is a greyish slate grey colour, fairly dark, but slate grey.

The reverse is the same, just the same plain colour, and there is no real border on this one, and it's a cotton sateen, available in queen and king sizes. It's a nice, soft cotton sateen and very yellowy, very floral. So we'll try and put some styling on this Quilt Cover. Whoops, some cushions in there. This one's the NIMS Meadow; it's called, and it's yellow as well. Goes quite well with this one. This is 100% linen. It's got ties in the back in the middle to close the cushion off.

Leanne did say that she bought the previous cover and put the same small cushion colour as the Euro on her styling, which I think I remember. We packed you all. I can remember that order. Yeah, that was only like last week. Yeah, packed it on Friday. Yeah, what I think. Yeah, she got the Cayman. Yeah, hopefully, you've got that Leanne. Are you liking it? Is it good? Let us know. It'd be good to get your feedback. Oh, we've seen this one already. I won't show you the second one.

You've already seen one. All right, and this is the same cushion, a square cushion in the same range, and it's got a flange on that. So this is... It's really on my monitor, a really bright yellow, but it's not. It's a bit more burnt colour in real life. Yeah, I'm looking at it now, looking at my screen that I'm watching and looking at real life, and it is not really that different. It might be just the monitor down here. Yeah, yeah. And Leanne did say that she loves it. So that's cool.

Oh, that Cayman, yeah. Yeah, I'm glad you like it. That's really good. This is the Vivid range. It's the ivory velvet on both sides, and the famous Oslo snow throw with the tassels on the end. Nice and soft. Yep, we'll pop that on the end. And that's the yellow on the Connolly. So let us know what you think, and we'll switch it out. To the... It's more of a creamy colour, this next one. So yeah, okay. So yeah, let us know in the comments if you like this yellow style and even if you like this quilt cover. It's... It's nice and florally.

I like these colours, but that might be another one of those masculine things. So let me know. Leanne says this one's nice. Tracy says this one's nice. She doesn't mind it. Um, do you reckon this one is a main master bedroom quilt cover, or do you think it's a guest bedroom quilt cover? I don't know. Probably guest, oh. It's not like those really opulent main bedroom ones like that. Um, Mateo that we did. The Tayo, didn't we a couple of weeks ago?

Yeah, yeah. It's not quite like that, but it is nice. It's a nice quality quilt cover. Yeah, but it's printed. It's pretty good. Yep. And Marion says this one looks great as well. Leanne said this one would probably be better for a guest bedroom. Okay, yeah. Yeah, I think it's on the borderline between guest and main. But yeah. Rachel said not something I would even consider before seeing this. It screams spring. So nice, which, yeah. The flowers, it is fresh. This one, these cushions at the back, the Euros, they're the Vivid ivory. Euros that go with that cushion that we had earlier. So same sort of... And actually, I'll show you this one. This one's as well.

This is the Yasmine nude. It's called. That's the colour on the front. But it's got a Hessian reverse on it. So we're going to use the reverse on the bed this time. So not the velvet on the front side. But we've shown that a couple of times before. But we're going to just use the reverse just to add that colour in it. And this Amelia toffee. We've used that. That's velvet with a bit of a quad piping edge. Same canvas on the reverse. These ones are feather-filled. This one, the Yasmine, the Yasmine was polyester fill. We had, just while you're showing this, we had Karen say that this one would be great for the beach house. Oh, yeah. Yes, might be nice.

Um, and then we also had, uh, Sherry say that she'd add in greens like the chair in the picture we just showed. And we just showed the product image from our website, which features a kind of greeny yellow chair, olive, olive sort of colour. Yeah, so if we've got any of those accessories, we might grab them after this style. But let's do this style first, and then we'll leave it. Anyway, let's finish this one. This one's, um, this is called the Brielle, Briella. It's a long cushion, and it's got lots of palm trees on there. But it's bringing that sort of yellowy tones into that as well. So we thought we'd put a different, another cushion on with a bit of a picture there. And it has also, we're going to put a Johnson cream throw on this one.

We've seen this one before. I, yep. Um, yeah, this is that knitted throw, that really nice, soft, heavy knitted throw that comes in a whole bunch of colours. So that's the cream, the cream one. Oh, it's cream, yep. Yep. Not ivory. So we did have, um, Karen's, I, Karen said this was great for the beach house. And I made a joke saying, yeah, if only we had a beach house. Um, and then she said that she'll have a beach house after she wins the 100 million dollars tonight. Oh, really? I didn't know. Michelle said that she can share with everyone. Sharing is caring. I didn't realize that the Salado, right? Or the, probably, yeah, or something.

Yeah. I don't do it. Yeah. I don't do it. Joanne said this one's nice. Let us know if you like this cream style. Actually, yep. Yeah, it's interesting to know how it compares with the yellow or the cream one. What do you think? Yeah. Yeah. It's different. It's a lot of different things going on in there. But it's, yeah, it's not bad. Yeah. I just know. All right. We have some other ideas here. Yes. Here's a greeny colour, but this is Olive, actually. Sumatra, I think it's Sumatra Olive. Yep. I'll show you a close-up. The velvet's got a sort of geometric pattern on it as well, so it's slightly quilted, but it's probably not Olive like that. It's called Olive, but it's not Olive like what was in the chair, right? It's a bit different. Yeah.

Um, we had Tracy say that she is not liking the cream one. She likes the yellow one better. We had Leanne saying that she likes the yellow one better. And then all that's, uh, wishing everyone luck with the lotto. Father Odette's wishing everyone luck with the lotto. Joanne said not this cream one. Jen said that she actually likes the green cushion on this quilt cover. So this green olive. Yeah, this is our famous pickle. Hurry up. The Rhodes, the Rhodes pickle. Yeah. Not doing the pickle sniper. We'll bring out the pickle cushion. I wonder what the yellow Euros would look in behind that pickle and green. Let's do that. Yeah, let's do that. Yeah.

Sherry said that cushion is nice now. Can we pull up the product image again? I didn't get a real quick look at it. Is that more of an olivey color or is it more of a yellowy, mustardy olive color? What do you think, Mary? A clear cushion in the... I don't know if I have a name for it, but I think it's between the pickle cushion and that last velvet one you had. Yeah, okay. It was like a little bit burnt to toffee. Oh, yeah. Might be interesting. Anyway, how does that yellow look now? I don't know. Let us know if you like this one. Well, Dad said that the chair was a bit more mustard than it is olive, which I think I agree. That might be true. Yeah, that might be a better word, better color. All right.