Egyptian Cotton Sheets | Q&A

Egyptian Cotton Sheets | Q&A

Posted by Michelle on Sep 11, 2023

Interested in our Egyptian Cotton sheets range? We had Ben explain a little bit more about what makes these sheets different from cotton, and also walk you through some of the different colours and sizes! We also answered some of your questions that we had come in live.

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Uncover the Secret of Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets!

If you've ever wanted to learn more about what makes Egyptian Cotton sheets the best type of cotton, this video is for you! We recorded this live on July 27th...

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Exploring Our Egyptian Cotton Sheets Range

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

All right, so the first thing we're going to look at is the Egyptian cotton sheet. So we'll jump over to the bed because we've got a set on there, and the um, I'll I'll bring this to the camera just to show this is the Wedgewood colour. If these are 400 thread count Egyptian cotton, they're a nice, um, cotton sateen, really good quality sheets in this range, and they come in a whole bunch of sizes and colours.

There's um, all these colours here: white, Ivory, linen, Mist, Navy. There's a pewter and a granite, so a whole bunch of colours and a whole bunch of sizes. Now, the sizes can vary, like the single, King single, double, queen, king, Super King, all of them, long single, split king, um, and also in. I was just thinking about split Queen, but we don't have this range in Split Queen. We do have a lot of them being fitted and flat sheets, just as pieces as well as sets. There's deep walls in this range. I think we mentioned this last week.

We got a 60 centimetre deep fitted sheet in this range, but it only comes in white. But that's across the queen, king, and Super King. You get the 60 centimetre if you're really desperate for a really deep mattress. So um, really big choice here. Not all the sizes are in all the colours, and it's just fairly hard to explain. You just have to go hunting.

The link will be in the top in the description to this range of sheets. But one thing that I was going to do is last week, I think it was Jan Jan McDonald asked a question about Egyptian Sheaf. She asked, "What is Egyptian Cotton?" When you say Egyptian cotton, what does that mean? Now, I thought I didn't really answer that real well last week.

I mentioned about the long staple threads, but that was about all. But um, there's a bit more to explaining Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is actually made from a different type of cotton. There's a few different plants, there's maybe five or six different plants that are used for cotton, and there's one that's grown or native to around the Nile River area in Egypt. So that's where the cotton comes from, and it's known for its long staple threads or fibres.

So it makes for a bit better weaving, better spinning, and then you get more durability out of those. You get finer threads, so that allows you to have more thread counts in your product, in the sheets. So you get higher thread counts because they're thinner. Now, another benefit is that they're less likely to peel into damage. That's because when they're longer threads, the joints in the spinning are further apart, whereas if they're shorter, there's many more um crossovers, if you know what I mean. I hope I'm communicating that well.

Yeah, but um because then where those ends are is potential, you could say weak points or where peeling can start to develop. Now, good sheets won't do that anyway, but with the long threads, you get thinner threads, less likely to peel, and that's what makes Egyptian cotton so good. Nope, I've said that they, they're grown, the plants grown in Egypt, but it doesn't necessarily mean the sheets are made in Egypt. It's that cotton.

It's not that they're made there. These ones are actually made in China. They can be made anywhere, India. It's like Australian wool, actually. We got a range of wool blankets. They're made in China, but they're using Australian wool. So it's the same thing. It's Egyptian cotton that can be manufactured somewhere else. So I hope that answers Gents. I'm not sure if she's, oh, yes, you see, yeah. Jen did confirm that she did ask about the Egyptian cotton sheets last week. Um, and yeah, everyone's saying that you make sense, and it's all good.

I also asked everyone, so maybe if everyone else wants to give their thoughts as well. I put in the comments, "What does everyone prefer, Egyptian cotton or just normal cotton?" It'd be good to kind of pick your brain about that. Yeah, interesting to know. Yeah, yeah, we had Amanda say that she's only used cotton before, but Egyptian cotton looks and feels lovely. Yeah, yeah, bamboo is actually similar. It has a lot of long threads, so you get that softness as well. So that's the same. And one thing I didn't mention, this um, cotton is often picked by hand, so that's where you get some of the expense comes into those, especially this one because it's picked by hand. Um, a lot of times so anyway, that's the Egyptian cotton.