Ellen Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Ellen Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Sep 21, 2023

Discover the Ellen Quilt Cover Set, a stunning addition to your bedroom that brings a touch of elegance and a dash of versatility. We've styled up this quilt cover in a couple different ways!

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Styling Our Ellen Quilt Cover Set

The charming Ellen quilt cover set is a subtle quilt cover that features small arrangements of florals! We recorded this live on August 17th...

The video was uploaded on 20/09/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 12 minutes and 34 seconds.

Exploring the Ellen Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

Let's jump right back out of the bed. I think it's all ready, so we'll go and have a look at the Ellen, yep. This is called The Ellen, and this is how you get it out of the packet. We've done this one before; you might have seen some videos on this. We did a video a couple of years ago, maybe on this, but we're going to do it again for tonight. So, this is a really interesting story. You know how the pattern is sort of the same, same, but it's not. These bouquets on here, that print, there is the same colour, same design; it's the same colours as what this one is on the reverse.

So it's the same print, but it looks different somewhat because it's got a different background. There you go, it's very, very interesting; it just changes the look completely on the bouquets on the dark side to the light side, but it's actually the same but different, so pretty cool. This is a cotton, 100% cotton material, and we're going to start. This is the same, the reverse. We're going to do the other side of this, but this is the same with the reverse. The buttons are right on the edge, so it makes for a really, really neat design. I'm a little bit fussy that way, so yeah, it's really good having the buttons right on the edge. So yeah. All right, so we did have Jen McDonald say that this one is dainty, which, yeah, I would agree. Nice. All right, this euro is the heath styling this quilt cover, terracotta.

It's a very light terracotta colour; it's slightly quilted, and it's sort of a bit corduroyish. But yeah, nice sort of interesting pattern on the top on the back of that. So I wasn't listening; did you say that was velvet? It's, I think it is velvet, and it's got sort of ridges like corduroy. There you go. Yeah. It looks interesting in real life. Yeah, it's not exactly corduroy; it's velvet, but it's slightly ridged. Yeah, like you could hear it. Yeah, it's an interesting texture. The reverse is just plain on that. All right, next cushion. One day that's going to hit me in the head.

This one's, Michelle's hoping; this one's the linen tea rose. So it's sort of a beige colour, but it's got a tinge, a pinch of pink, you know, with a nice frilly, fringy border around it. And this is an interesting cushion; it's called the Hara Brandy, and it's like a knitted cushion with tassels on all the corners. So really, and it's the same knit both sides. Nice soft cushion, this one. And we'll finish it off with a throw as well. We've got this is a tea rose, the Wanda Tea Rose throw, and I think. But, and we've seen this before; it's a sort of a waffle with a bit of a fringe to finish it off on the end. So. And let us know what you think. We did have Odet say that the cushions go with it but not too sure about the throw. I think what that may be referring to an earlier design; I think she might be a little bit lagged out. Let us know if it's The Ellen or if it's another quilt cover. In the meantime, we had Jen say it's a bit too girly for my taste, but I do like the autumn tones.

Yeah, which, yeah, this is the wrong style for spring. Well, we're not there yet; yeah, it's still one time, so maybe it's not. And then we had Carrie say that she's just sent through a photo of the quilt cover she was talking about, and I can confirm we did have that one in stock; we don't anymore. I'll show it to you off-stream later. Yeah, just for fifty reasons. So we're out of stock now. Yeah, we're out of stock of that one, so sorry we can't style that one up, Carrie. Nice, yeah, it is okay. It's nice and bright and colourful.

Well, I can't remember it. Yeah, anyway. Let's flip this out, and we'll do the other side. Yep. Let us know if you like this style. I don't know if we said that. I don't know if I did either. Yeah. Karen said that the throw on the design that you just had definitely lifts this quilt cover up. And Leanne said that all these are nice tones together, so I agree; those earthy tones, yeah, we're doing. Fairly earthy again on this second one, but it's a bit darker, yeah, going with the darker side. This is called the NIMS terracotta. It's the 100% linen material.

Nice and nice material, and the back's got ties on the back. You're holding this real well. Ties on the back in the middle, so you could even use that. It does open, but you could even use that, although you're hiding it behind your standard pillow, so it's not necessarily. I was just thinking it could be used as a feature, but you're hiding it behind the pillow, so you could. This is going to be really interesting. Put it, flip it around, rotate it 90 degrees with the tassels on it, yeah, so the tassel is coming out up. Oh yeah, yeah, you could, yeah, I don't know if you like tassels. It does have this split there too that could open up a little bit, so it's not, yeah, it's not that tight, but anyway, just an idea, get more value out of your usage out of the product.

This is the Kalina cinnamon Square cushion. Yep, it's got big palm leaves and a little fringe around the edge. It's the same on the front and back. So that's a little bit different, having the palm leaves with the nice little rosette. But the colours are really good, like it matches pretty well, and we're going to put a light throw. This is the Johnson throw, the knitted one. It's nice and snuggly on the lounge, this one, yep. We did have, uh, someone asked, is that terracotta a floor cushion? I think in referring to the NIMS linen cushion, the NIMS, like a floor, yeah, it's a small 45 by 45, so it's only fairly small. Yeah, um. I think floor cushions might be a bit bigger; they're nearly, aren't they nearly like a Euro size, potentially, yeah, yeah, yeah. We do have some cushions that are 50; they're a bit bigger. Sometimes we put them on the bed, and they're someone just a little bit too big. I feel like they're a bit too big for the bed, yeah, um, they work, but they can be a bit too big. These nice 45 43 centimetres are good for the beds, but yeah, so it's not necessarily a floor cushion, I wouldn't say.

You can sit on the floor with it if you wanted to; that's pretty small. Yeah, yeah, it's just very small. Terry said, uh, this is more the style that she likes, and she also asked if we get anything in like the quilt cover that she has, just to let her know, so we'll keep you in mind, yeah, yeah. Leanne says this one looks nice, and Bridget said, uh, that this one looks nice, and that this site is better, which I think I probably agree; the other side is a bit, yeah, maybe. Anyway, it's cool, yeah. So is this the final styling for this side? This is the final, we're done, cool. So let us know if you like this stuff, yeah, yeah, the cream throw's a bit bright, maybe, but it's not, it's not a disaster; there's cream little cream bits in the flour, so it breaks up the quilt. It does break it up a bit, yeah, it brings a bit more variety, so it's not too bad. Like the same with this cushion, this has got nothing to do with the little bouquets of flowers either, but it's, it sort of works because the colours are there, yeah.

We do have uh Mary who would like to share a thought; what were you thinking, Mary? I could be wrong, but if that throw's too bright with the tea rose throw, alright, or is that totally off-colour? It's what the one we put on the other side, yeah, yeah maybe, oh yeah, it might work, yeah. It probably, probably does; it's another brown colour. But well, it's brown but that tea rose has got a bit of a pink tinge to it, so that's it's not bad, and we did just have Karen and Joanne say this one would be good, but maybe just get rid of that busy cushion, the one with the pattern on it, yeah, yeah, yeah, look, for everyone, it's a bit better, yeah, yeah, and if you had a tea rose cushion, which we have, there you go. I like that; that's pretty good. Okay, yeah, no tea rose euros, but that's fine; these Euros pull back in with this cushion there, yeah, yeah. I think, I think that's a winner. I found a winner; Karen said, yeah, that's better; Joanne said love that; Bridget said very nice; yeah, Jen said better; everyone likes this one better, so there you go; best of both designs. We'll have to put them in the link. Are they not in there already? They are all in there, yeah, everything's in there, yeah, cool, yep, sweet, now that's cool, yeah. Alright, let's jump back over to the table.