Essex Navy Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Essex Navy Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Jul 22, 2023

Introducing the Essex Navy Quilt Cover Set, a sophisticated blend of geometric navy patterns against a pristine white backdrop. Within this video, we unveil two different styles of the Essex Navy Quilt Cover Set, each promising to rejuvenate your bedroom into a serene space.

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Styling our Essex Navy Quilt Cover

The beautiful blue Essex Navy quilt cover set is a beautiful option for those who like geometric patterns! We recorded this live on July 6th...

The video was uploaded on 22/07/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 6 minutes and 21 seconds.

Exploring the Essex Navy Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

This is the um Essex range. It comes in a lot of colours, and this particular one is the Navy. Now, we did do this in the charcoal. It was probably a month or I was probably more, but we did the Essex charcoal in this. But we thought we'd do the Navy, yeah. Um, I don't know if you can see the little herringbone patterns in the camera.

If you can bring it a little bit closer. No, this, it's so fine. Oh, you can see it a little bit there. Maybe it's got a focus, but yeah. So that's the patterns. Yeah, and so when you're away from it, it looks like just plain plain blue. I should just explain. But when you're away, it looks like plain blue, but when you get closer, it sort of comes alive with this Chevron sort of yeah, and it's got white borders with a navy little flat piping trim up around there.

It goes right around the edge of the quilt cover as well as you can see, yeah. Some, this is a cotton polyester as well, and this is a, this is a core range. So we've it's on Range all the time, and there is other colours. There's a pewter and a charcoal, um. It is a stone, but I think they're discontinuing that, and I do believe there is a sage one coming out this next season. So that might be nice, that might be interesting, yeah. I, I styling the Geometric Quilt Cover have heard on the Grapevine, um. All right, so this is the Loxton Navy.

Um, I did mention that that comes in single, double, queen, king, and Super King. It does have euros and a long cushion as accessories, but we're going to put the um, the Loxton Navy Euro in. Um, I'm hoping you can see the navyness of that. It's pretty black in the picture, but it's a nice um, it's velvet, but there's this nice patent texture on it, yeah. It's plain velvet on the reverse. So this, I really like this Navy going into the in with this one.

Yeah, matches the trim, yeah, yeah. It's pretty smart, and the square cushion, and that's that's it. That's all we're putting on this one, yeah, just a simple. We're going to put the long, no, okay, not with this one, just nice and simple, ah, no, no. Oh, maybe, well, you can see you could, we can Chuck it on, yeah, yeah.

So long cushions the same, if you can see that. It's the same borders around the edge, same pattern, same, yeah, just a filled cushion, yeah, that ties it together, actually, yeah. Yeah, let us know if you like this style, yep. So that's the blue. You, you couldn't even put that denim throw on that too, but yeah, maybe grab that because it might be. I think we tried it, and it's the wrong blue. It was the wrong blue, yeah, no, I'm speaking out of turn here, wrong blue.

It looks good in the back screen. Oh, it doesn't look good in real life, yeah. No, it's, it's off, anyway. Ben fails again, um. All right, so we'll take all of them out, and we'll do the white version as well, yeah. So we'll just put the Ascot whites back. We try our White style in this one and see how that sort of turns out, yeah. This creates a more of a Hamptons look and feel too, yes, right, yeah, the classic white, yeah, sort of costly Coastal, very Coastal, yeah.

So, and we're going to put the Oslo snow throw in, yep, as well, because that just goes really good. So, similar styling to the um, the white design before, you, yeah, it is similar style, yeah, just um, different pattern quilt cover, yeah, that's nice. I think I like this white one better than the um, the peak slate, yeah, white version, yeah. So this is crisp, nice, this is crisp, yes, yeah, yeah, nice and coastally, summery sort of a feel. So let us know in the comments if you like this one or if this is another Brown disaster. We're trying to avoid those, yeah, yeah.

So let us know if you like this one or not. Mary, which one would you choose again, yeah, again, all right, yeah. We had Kim, hello Kim, nice to have you with us tonight. She said that she likes the white best this year, yeah, yeah, it does look very Hamptons, is the right call, I think here. It's very, yeah, Anthony coaster, yeah, I'm not sure if that Chevron patent is Hamptons, but you can't see that right, um, all the time. So, yeah, the blue is definitely in that range, but Chevron might push it outside of, well, it's a herringbone sort of chevron pattern.

It's almost like it's um, it's a good, you have. I say this a couple times, you have good guest bedroom cool colors, and then you have good main bedroom cool colors, and this is a good guest bedroom, yep, because it's not overly florally, it's, it's a nice design, it's neutral, yeah, it's fresh, yeah, yeah, and especially with the whites, it makes it, it brings it more a bit a feminine Edge into it as well, yeah, yeah. The Navy might push it more the other side, so yep, yeah, pretty much everyone in the comments is saying they love the white, so yeah, white wins, that's good, white wins, yeah, sounds that's good, good, all right, Sharon agrees with Josh.