Evergreen Sage Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Evergreen Sage Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Jul 18, 2023

Introducing the Evergreen Sage Quilt Cover Set – a design that brings the essence of Australian-inspired florals to your bedroom. In this video, we present two breath-taking styles of the Evergreen Sage Quilt Cover Set, each promising to rejuvenate your bedroom into a serene haven. Whether you prefer the calming nature of a garden-inspired pattern or the enduring charm of timeless florals, our Evergreen Sage Quilt Cover Set offers the ideal choices for your bedroom makeover!

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Styling our Evergreen Sage Quilt Cover Set

The beautiful floral Evergreen Sage quilt cover set! We recorded this live on June 29th...

The video was uploaded on 17/07/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 10 minutes and 3 seconds.

Exploring the Evergreen Sage Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

This one is called "The Evergreen," and that's how you get it out of the packet, But you get it's a little bit Interesting because it's there's a lot of Um, design going on at the front, but then It, it sort of peters out at the front top, and there's a bit of a white section That green sort of comes right up in Here, but it's, it's less florals at the top.

This is a cotton sateen, Nice 100% cotton, nice soft material. It's Got a cord piping in a sage Sort of a colour, and yeah, white Background with lots of sort of blues and sage and brown colours going on here, So we're going to pull some of those colours out when we style it up. The reverse is just plain, plain white, same material, and um, yeah, really nice print, just printed, so. I'm really good, really good material, This one, these cotton satin ones, And so we're going to pull out some of the Browns and the blues, but we're going to do Blues first. Styling the Floral Quilt Cover. This is the Velvet Steel Blue range, and It's velvet, and it's still blue colour, so.

Same front and back. That's just the opening there from the for the top pillow in. Yeah, yeah. This will pull out all the blues, So the next one is the. Um, this is the Almond. The Velvet almond, It's the same, it's velvet again.

I've got a lot of accessories with a bit of velvety, And, but it's a really nice brown almond colour, this one with a sort of a Hessian canvassy type of a reverse. Yeah. Um, really nice. This is a feather-filled, too. This cushion, so it's nice, and ones are always nice, high-quality ones, yeah. They're really, they're like heavy. I feel like you're getting a good pillow when they've got feathers.

They just Wait, waiting. This one is the Ada Steel Blue with a bit of, um, like Chenille kind of, I'm sort of my hands. I'm in the wrong place there. You go. Sort of a chenille sort of pattern on there, yeah. They're like little pluses, aren't they? Yeah, the reverse is just plain, and tassels on the corners. I'm getting it all wrong tonight. So yeah, that nice sort of steel blue colour cushion, which pulls out the blues. This is sort of our blue design on this one.

Um, we're sneaking a little bit of brown in, but you know, it's mostly blue. So yeah, what do you think? It doesn't. We tossed around putting a throw on this one, but it most of the picture and the pattern is down this end, So we thought we'd just leave it off. So it's better to just leave and celebrate the picture. So yeah, we did have Um, Kerry say that the bottle green.

So she said the bottle green sheets would actually make this quilt cover really pop, Which I agree with. We've got, um, if we flick over to the website, We don't necessarily, we do have some Um, more of like a Mossy green here with the Nara range. We do have our satin sheets, which are a bit more of an emerald green colour.

But I think one of the ways that we've styled this up in the past is with our Sage green sheet sets. Which side Sage would work? Yeah, yeah. It looks really nice. The Moss one might not be too bad either. Yeah. Because there is that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We didn't, yeah, we didn't go down that. We didn't, we tried to steer away from the green because you're getting three designs here, because the image on the website has got greens in them. Yeah, yeah. So we tried to do something different to that one.

So there's sort of three, three there, yeah. So, so we've got everyone saying that it looks very nice, very good. Um, we did have Um, and excuse me if I mispronounce your name. KMV and tonight, Um, she said, is it sage green? Or they said, is it sage green? And yes, it is a sage green on the cool cover. There is little elements of a darker green, but the overarching green is kind of, it's the same sagey. Yeah, yeah. It yeah.

That's why that's that green, green gum set of sheets matches a lot of the green in here. It's just that's lighter sage green, but there is other. There's every shade of green, really. Yeah, yeah. Um, but the sage is probably more prominent. More. There's more of it, yeah. We did also have Charlie say blue sheets would also be nice. Um, we had Joanne say sage sheets would be good. Um. Yeah, light blue. It's nice. The picture with the green accessories is good.

Um, we did have Jenny ask if we can take away the brown cushion for a second just so she can see the chenille pillow centre. So sorry, you guys just took that all the way. We've just destroyed it. Let's add it quickly. We can chuck it all back. Yeah. Sorry. I didn't get around to it quick enough. We did also have. I don't know what the next tile is, and maybe we're getting ahead of a bit of a head, a bit ahead of ourselves, Jen. But she mentioned also maybe a yellow style would look good. Yellow. Maybe. So that's. Yeah, that's the cushion for you, Jenny, without the. Without the brown. It probably, um. It probably does look alright with yes, playing on more of the blue styles. It's more blue.

Yeah, it's a stronger emphasis on the blues, yeah. We had Charlie say that she likes it more without the brown. Okay. Yeah. There you go. We also had Joanne say that it looks way better. Shane said that he likes that. So maybe the brown was a bit of a distraction. Yeah. Well, hopefully you'll like the next one. Yeah, the next design. Brown. Let's. Let's get that one in and see what We try our brown style. You think that's funny? It might be that the brown is um. The brown was because it was the brown and the blue. It was putting you off. Maybe this will blushing. Yeah. This is the Velvet almond range again. Um, this is the Euros.

The squares and there's even a long cushion in this sort of this colour. So really nice velvet velvet sort of almond colour. Cool. Everyone's kind of saying that the um. The blue is almost like a Karma colour. Whereas the brown kind of makes it more darker, heavier. Um, Jenny even said that the brown was a bit too strong for such light covers on the such, yeah, yeah. So this is the The Velvet almond long cushion, yeah, with the Frills on the side around the edges.

Another feather, feather cushion, yeah. And just. And we've got the Amelia toffee. We've seen this before. It's a bit of a different shade. It's brown with the um, canvas back. We're pushing that. Behind. And there you have the brown. Arrangement and hopefully I know that the fan, uh, disapproval Style. [Laughter] Let us know what you guys think. Is it a winner or is it a flop? Yeah, it's um, yeah. Jenny's saying that it's too too strong for the light colours.

Yeah, yeah. There's probably not enough Brown in the cool cupboard, but there is. There is. Um, Brown in there, yeah, yeah, but it's finished. Yeah. Jenny said that not a fan, sorry, even though you have Browns in the quilt, they are light, so the darker colors are just a bit too high, she's too heavy, yeah, yeah. And to be fair, the Browns are a bit more of like an accent color in the cool color. The main colors are whites. Light blues. Light greens, yeah, yeah, yeah. All right. We had. We had Carrie say she loves the photo look as well, so yeah, yeah. It's good. All right.