Fiorella Blush Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Fiorella Blush Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Nov 04, 2023

Refresh your bedroom with our floral inspired Fiorella Blush Quilt Cover Set. In this video, we introduce two styles of this Quilt Cover Set!

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Styling Our Fiorella Blush Quilt Cover Set

The stunning Fiorella Blush quilt cover set is a floral quilt cover that features a collection of beautiful arrangements of flowers. We recorded this live on October 26th...

The video was uploaded on 01/11/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 8 minutes and 53 seconds.

Exploring the Fiorella Blush Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

And it's called the Fiorella blush. This is, uh, so this is it as you get it out of the packet. Um, these ones that we're showing tonight, they're oldies but goodies. So, they've been around for a little while. They've been on our range for a bit, but they've been quite popular. So, um, this one's the first one, the Fiorella. So, I'll just show you that. Um, it's a cotton sateen, so it's that really nice soft cotton sateen, and it's got a white base with some really large print florals scattered across it with some blue-green foliage. It's very delicate, sort of hand-painted. It's printed, but it's a hand-painted sort of design, so really, really nice floral. It's got a cord piping in like a dust pink, and the reverse is just... well, I think your microphone's just dipped out for whatever reason. Yeah, I can't hear you, sorry. Everyone got some technical difficulties.

It looks like it's just completely dropped out. We'll endeavour to get that changed. Meanwhile, while we're getting that, we had Tracy say that she likes this design. Oh, looks like it's come back now 'cause I turned it back on. Oh, okay, but it might fail again. Yeah, okay, all right. Let's get the other one. Sorry, everyone. We had Tracy say that she's liking this design so far. Um, and then we also had Leanne say that this one has some nice colours, and we've got the photos up, the website photos up on the screen now. And yeah, this one's quite a lovely, uh, refreshing design almost. Um, it's a good springtime design, I reckon, with all the flowers and the um, foliage. I do. Yeah, correct me if I'm wrong, but am I back? Yes, you are. Um, are these Australian inspired florals at all?

Not this one, no. Okay, I don't think so. No, they're just very delicate. I'm not sure what they are, to be honest. Yep, maybe some of the garden, uh, green thumbs can let us recognize some of them anyway. So, this is, um, yeah, this is Fiorella, the Fi blush. And it's worth mentioning there's a lot of white patch up the top. It's the flowers are sort of from the bottom and then they sort of dissipate as it gets up to the top and there's a bit of a white patch at the top. So, um, just so you're aware of that, you may not see that, notice it on the website in the website photos, but that's the way this one is. Yeah, um, we'll just style this up a little bit. We're only going to do it one way tonight so it's not too complicated. Um, this is the Vivid Sage Euro pillowcase, and it's a nice soft um, velvet. It's just one of the colours in the Vivid range, so we're going to put the greens in. I know the photo on the website's got the blush version of these Quilt covers, but we thought we'd do something a little bit different. Yep, so that's the euros and then we've got the NIMS rosette, and I we've seen this one before as well. This is just a pink um, Nimes 100% linen um, cushion.

Get pull out some of the pinks with that one. We're going to bring the Klein in as well, the Klein blue and um, that's that nice teddy bear kind of material. Yeah, yeah, and that sort of helps really what we're doing with all the cushions and the um, well, the last cushion is the Vivid Sage cushion. We're really pulling out all the colours in the in the quilt cover into cushions. So this is the Vivid, the Vivid Sage Square. So few cushions on there, but we've got um sort of we just pulled all the colours from the or a lot of the colours from the from the Quilt cover. So let us know, let us know what you think. Yeah, let us know if you like the style. It's um, yeah, it's definitely a little bit different but it's quite nice. I think it's a bit different.

All the colours, all these colours go quite well with it but maybe it doesn't need all of them. Um, right, it might be a bit it could depend on like the rest of the decor in your room as well, you know, like you can take out the pink one if you've got more green greens and Blues in the rest of your room um, or you could keep the blue, the pink one in and take away the blue one if you've got some more florally, you know, artwork or candles or stuff like that. Yeah, they all work, all those colours work reasonably well. The pink in the um, on the website looks quite nice with it, the the Vivid those Vivid blush yeah, range that quite good with it. So yeah, we had Tracy say this one's nice. We try a Green style but it probably it definitely has too many pillows on it. Um, Le also said too many little cushions maybe just the green um, so yeah, maybe we could try just maybe just take the green 'cause I think that's how the blush is pictured actually with just the green right let's have a look at that on the website let's see see how the blushes are. Yeah, it's just the two euros and the the one yeah, yeah. So, yeah, I think the two greens uh Euros and the one cushion probably makes the most sense uh, but Shar just come in and said you can never have too many cushions. So just depends on who's doing it, I guess that's it does depend on the person, yeah, absolutely.