Floral Sheets | Q&A

Floral Sheets | Q&A

Posted by Michelle on Sep 20, 2023

Refresh your bedroom with our cute floral bed sheets. In this video, we took a closer look at what makes our floral patterned sheets so good!

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We Look at our Floral Sheets!

If you've ever wanted to introduce some petite florals into your bedding, our range of floral sheets are the perfect option for you! We recorded this live on August 17th...

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Exploring the Floral Bed Sheets

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

These sheets, we've got floral sheets that we just want to highlight the whole sort of category. But I've got a um, three different kinds here that you can sort of, you can sort of see. But I've got the pillowcase, so I'll come around the front and just hold them up in front of the camera, so you're going to get a bit of a closer look at them. This is the, the um, Lillian Coral. It's really nice. We've gone from one extreme to the other. The bed that Tariq was, a um, sort of a masculine designer. Now we're going to very feminine floral sheets, but it's, so it's sort of got a mixed bag tonight. This is a very, um, very petite Floral Little bouquets of flowers.

I'm not holding it up real good, am I? Um, so yeah, just a green and a red pink. This, this set is, it's called the Lillian coral, and it's 375 thread count, so that's, that's not a bad, um, bad thread count. We've got also a lilac version that's sort of, I'll open it up, will be better, there you go, and it's um, if you're into purples or lilacs, there's another, another printed design, and that's, that's the same, that's called 'The Little Darlings,' and it's 375 thread counter gain. But now this last one, just to be really quick, this is called cheeky pink, and you can see this is the pillowcase along the top, it's just on one edge so the bottom's not got it, but just on one edge is a green, um, very light green frill, yeah. So it's a real sort of playful sort of design.

This one with real small little small roses, um, with this it's got a white polka dot in the back, green back here. This is called cheeky pink. Now we've, we had a quilt cover that we did, um, a few, uh, might be a month or so ago. We did the actual cheeky pink quilt colour. This is the, the sheet set that goes with that story. So really fun design with that frill that frill actually continues on on the flat sheet. It's, it's not on right on the edge like it is on the pillowcase so it doesn't sort of tickle your nose when you're trying to sleep. It's, it's in the, the header where you get have a header on the sheets that sort of, um, 10 centimetres down the side, and that's where it's sitting at that header rather than right on the edge. So yeah, very interesting kind of a design. So that's just a few of our floral sheets, and there's a whole bunch more in the, um, the link in the description. So go and check that out if you're, if you're interested in floral sheets. Some people are, they're chasing them, and they're not always that easy to come by, actually I do, I believe so, yeah. We had, uh, Jen say that her mother would love that, and then we had Joanne and Tracy say that the purple one is nice, yeah, yeah, if I, if I was to choose one, the purple one's nice, yeah. Cool, floral aren't quite my thing, but the purple one, I think it's the color, yeah, yeah, it's nice, all right.