Folding Bath Towels | Challenges

Folding Bath Towels | Challenges

Posted by Michelle on Oct 31, 2023

In this video, we take a look at our bath towel range, and challenge Ben & Mary to see who can fold a bath towel better!

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Top Tips on How To Fold Bath Towels!

We took a look at our top tips and hacks that we use to fold and store our bath towels! We recorded this live on October 19th...

The video was uploaded on 30/10/2023.

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The video lasts for 11 minutes and 20 seconds.

Exploring Our Bath Towels Folding Challenge

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

What we've got is um what I'm going to do is I'll show you what we're going to create first, and then I'll show you what we do. This is our basic fold that we use a lot around the place here. It's just very simple, but so I thought I'd just show you that for a way of starting, and what that is is simply um if you're watching on the top there, what that is is simply just folding in half and then folding it in half again and then folding it thirds over, and you just get a nice little stack with the border around the edge, so finishes it off quite simple but that's the first way, the first towel folding. Then we're going to have a look that it's a little bit um similar but it tucks it in this way, tucks it in a little bit like it tucks it in; you don't have sort of a loose edge.

Oh yeah, it's just nice and tight and it stays together quite well as well. So we'll have a look at that one. Um, that one, most of them, how I'm going to start most of these is folding it; the towel is folded in just straight in half lengthwise, so that just gets us a nice good start. And with this one, we fold it each side into the centre and then what I do was fold it over just past the border so you got that border you can look at and then all you do is just tuck up, lift up the sides and tuck the other end inside the little fold that's there and there you have it nice and nice and neat and snug. So we've got about five of these to do tonight so um, it's good; you can choose whichever way you like so yeah, let us know in the comments which um let us know which ones you like and um yeah alright this is another way it's just around solid log, yeah, we got a couple of those but little bit different finish so we'll have a look at that one, reminiscent of a sausage dog one of the snags. Yeah, this one we start with a towel folded in half again and um about 6 in 150 CM from the end fold it underneath and then we fold... no, I'm doing yes I'm doing the right one then fold it into the centre again and then we just roll it up and then once you got it all rolled together you pull the flap that's created, you I hope you can see that, yep, you pull that back over the top and tuck it all back in. So makes a nice solid log, yep, um so that's that's almost like a good uh travel, like a way to fold your towel for travel you know what I'm saying?

Yeah, yeah, you can probably yeah, they'll probably they could save room in your linen cupboard as well, yeah, yeah, um, they're way to display for guests um, as well when they come. These last two are a little bit more um fancy; this one finishes off with a it's like a little triangle, oh yeah, um tucks in there it's still around but it finishes off with a little bit of a pattern so we'll have a look at that one. This one starts off with the square again folded in half and then we, you pull the diagonal Corners into the centre, yep, maybe a bit further then then hold it in the middle and you got to flip it over and pull it back a little bit so you've got maybe a couple inches 50 cm on the top there and if you've got it all right when you roll it up you roll it over and then you get the last little bit to tuck in and there you have it. I did this one around the other way; I've got the Border in in there but it's different to that one cuz the tows were run the different way but um yeah so that's that one and then the last one this one's a little bit trickier but a little bit harder to get it but it's um I think they use this one um in hotels right that kind of a a finish.

Now this one you don't; you've got to start with this one with it laid right out um right nice and flat and then you pull one corner up so you get the get a like a triangle on the end and then you have to flip it over I'm trying keep all the edges together and then the smaller side bring back over on itself and then um to save all the rolling for the whole length you can just do a big fold and then start rolling and as you go just keep it all tucked in and get to the end and all you do is just tuck it under the top Edge and you have a nice nice a nice roll, yeah, cool so that's our towels so um what we might so let us know did it help anybody I hope you enjoyed watching the towels yeah let us know if you um let us know it helps at all and what we'll do is we'll get Mary to jump in and we will um get Mary to make us an animal yes it'll be fun we had uh Leanne say that she is excited to see Mary's Animal um and she said that she likes to roll the towel in the Caravan and uh fold it for the linen cupboard y yeah um which is a good way to save space in the Caravan uh we had Carrie say the dark green rolls look nice but it might be too much fussing for her yeah that's true it does take a bit of effort um yeah that's why I showed you the first one as well cuz that was just a pretty quick you can nearly fold that first option without even having a table you can fold it against your body yeah um it's quite simple but it it's not as attractive yeah but it does stack it into your linen cupboard quite easy but anyway let's go over and um back to the table and Mary's there writing to fold up an animal.

We did also have um Charlie say that she likes the last one the best and and also Anita said how do you fold the towels at home Ben that's the question we all want to know ah well um you have a great wife not like that yeah usually usually Michelle does it yeah usually Michelle does it um and they probably if we do do it it's probably the first way that easy just folded over yeah yeah like the very simple yep y cool so Mary is gone for it now oh God it takes a while so let us know if you guys can guess what she's going to make she's got a bath towel here and looks like she's rolling it up um in the meantime we've had Leanne say you're just not a pretty face Ben L rolling seems good gives more room in linen press yeah yeah UMES they look they look nice too and especially like if you can use the different methods for different reasons like if if you're too busy and life gets you well you just folded up the easy way the first way but then if you've got guests coming around or you want to just show off a little bit or be a bit fancy then you can choose one of the other ways it's um sometimes I think you can I've seen towels in a in a basket sort of in the rolls just sitting there as a as a uh like a decoration even in a in a bathroom and things like that so yeah uh depends what you want to what your end end um purpose is yeah

So Mary it looks like she's folded it and then rolled the bath towel in a couple different ways and now she's got a hand tow with that we've had Carrie who's guessing an elephant on the money car's on the money um we had Karen say awesome guys I'm going to try these out for my towel cupboard see if she can save a space which is going to be awesome so y uh that's cool yeah one thing I didn't mention is most of well I think they all all those methods can be used pretty much on all the different sizes of tows as well so your face wash your hand tow you it might be a little bit more difficult with some of them on the smaller ones but you can um you can use it for all all sizes Y and looks like we might have some there got some stickers I prepared earlier and the big reveal what have we got a little elephant there you go it's got its big floppy ears and its legs it's uh that's that's really cool what's the trunk trunk trunk y yeah thought it was like trout and I'm like no that's a fish yeah it's falling apart a bit but you don't have to touch it so that's cool Tada yeah you always get a job in um cool so we had we had uh Jen say uh she's going on a cruise in two weeks so she'll be able to make her own Taw animals that's cool uh enjoy the cruise Jen um and we had Leanne say that that one was beautiful Charlie said can I take that home Mary uh Carrie said woohoo what do I win guess correctly um I don't know Carrie pat on the back yeah yeah yeah the um the nice feeling that you want that you that you guessed it yeah D said she loves it and Leanne said cute well done so yeah that's cool that's cool well done Mary.