Geraldton Coal Coverlet | Styling Session

Geraldton Coal Coverlet | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Jul 08, 2023

Introducing the Geraldton Coal Coverlet – a sleek and elegant black coverlet that exudes sophistication. In this video, we present two captivating styles of the Geraldton Coal Coverlet that will effortlessly transform your bedroom into a luxe sanctuary. Our Geraldton Coal Coverlet provides the ideal base to express your style in your bedroom.

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Styling our Geraldton Coal Coverlet

If you want something a bit different to a quilt cover, we take a look at our Geraldton Coal Coverlet Set! We recorded this live on June 22nd...

The video was uploaded on 07/07/2023.

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Exploring the Geraldton Coal Coverlet

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

This is the Geraldton Coal coverlet. So, what I thought I might do is explain a little bit about the coverlet and bedspread. What's the difference? It's got some basic fundamental things that are different between a bedspread and a coverlet. A bedspread is pretty much fits the size of the bed, and it drops down and is designed most of the time to touch the floor, whereas a coverlet doesn't touch the floor. It just hangs over the top, and it can be longer or shorter depending on what size it is and also the beds.

It determines the height of them as well. So, even though I say that with the bedspread, it can change because of the height of the bed, height of the mattress, because you have all different site sizes nowadays, so that can make a difference. Now with bedspreads as well, you can get like a tailored, nice tailored climber rather than this corner like this.

You can get them sort of nice and tailored in. Now, those ones are often used for poster beds, for four-post beds, and that's another feature of a bedspread, and they also, there's another, some of them, not all of them are like this, but some of them have no pillowcases in the set, and they have like a sham or a fold-over that folds over the pillow.

So, it's a lot more formal sort of a design, so that's sort of the key things between a bedspread and coverlets. Coverlets are often they can be sold as one size fits a couple of beds, like there's a single slash double and a queen slash king, so they can fit sort of two beds in one size, and there's also a Super King as well. Yeah, let us know, are you into quilt covers? What's your preferred bed covering?

Is it a coverlet, a coverlet bedspread type of thing, or is it just the um a quilt with a doona inside a cool cover with a Duna inside? Um, yeah, let us know what your preferences are, or do you really love one or the other, or do you actually um, yeah, not not like them so much when I'm, let us know, let us know what you thought. So while we style this one up a bit, so this styling the Black Coverlet, this is the Geraldton Cole, and I'll show you this is the Euro, and it's it's a it's 100% cotton.

The front of the Euro and the accessories has got this slot, it's slightly quilted with a like a check square stitches over it, the reverse is just the same colour reverse but just plain, no pattern, so that's and it's quite soft and very lightweight, but it's very slightly quilted, most most coverlets and bedspreads will have some sort of quilting, they'll be a bit a little bit of quilting in there, so we have love my pets saying that she loves a bedspread with a coverlet folded at the end of the bed.

I like a throw over the over the end of it, yeah, I've seen that happen, I've seen that done, that's that's pretty cool, I might be able to get this idiot, hey Tracy, I didn't mention the pillowcases and the Euros, I've got a plain reverse, but this particular one, this coverlet has got, it's the same um pattern as the front, it's the reverse on for the actual coverlet, but all the accessories are just plain on the back with the squares on the front.

It has Euros, Euros with the, it's not with the accessories, they're extra but Euros in a square cushion with it are available in that design, the Geraldton, and we're going to put the Sumatra Olive with, we, this features a little bit every now and then, but it's a it's a nice really nice green olive colour, this one with a bit of a geometric pattern quilted, it's velvet, so nice little stitches on there and Plain on the back, the same colour.

It's nice and soft that one it is nice and soft and it's a good winter colour, yes, yeah, actually tonight we're, we're having, we've got a bit of a this is a wintry colour, and this is a bit bit into that masculine um area where we went last time, but so we're going to do a his and her night tonight, the coverlet's going to be the heads, and the and the bedspread's actually, are a bit of a it's more of a feminine, very, very petite and feminine, this is the Johnson Olive throw we've seen this before, um, the knitted nice green, so, so we're doing a green one, very green here, so that's the that's the Green version.

It's, um, yeah, not too bad, you can put any colour really on these, yeah, and it'll all sort of work, so we'll take this one out, and we'll pop in the next colour, yeah, so let us know, we try our mustard style, which style you like that's the first one, the nice olive green one, and this second one, this is the Tropic mustard cushion, and I'll just show you that, um, because it's, it's sort of a Chenille pattern on here, a bit of a foliage, maybe foliage sort of design, it looks like leaves, pretty unique.

It's a nice substantial cushion and it's, so we're bringing the golds in on this one, um, yeah, put them, mustardy Golds, mustardy Golds, yeah, this is that was, yeah, Tropic mustard, and this is um, Marlin gold, so it's a and we've seen the Marlin before, it's got some tassels on the end, I'll just try and pick that up so you can see them, yeah, whoops, all right, so we'll Chuck that on, let us know what you think, yes, do we do any good with this one, so that's the yellow style, so we've got the green versus the yellow style.

I think I like the yellow a bit more, I think the black and gold works really well, it does, I think I think the green got a little bit lost, but yeah, um, it looks alright in real life here, but when looking at on that on the screen, it looks a little bit, it can look a bit lost, yeah, it's um, Bridget likes the gold, yep, it's good, that's um for the mustard, oh, and Tracy likes the mustard, yeah, yeah, looks like gold might be the winner.

It's just a different, yeah, um, brighter it a bit, but you can pull in any colour from your room, yes, yeah, multiple colours, yeah, it's like it's like we did one like the other the week that that was very much like this where we put everything on, yeah, so it's another one of those, but but this one is a coverlet, actually, one thing I didn't say about this coverlet and I probably should mention a bit more about measuring when you're buying.

When you're looking at coverlets and bed spreads you should, measure them even though there's a side, this side that you buy them by the size you should measure the top and down the sides like completely over to get and then you can decide where how far it's going to hang on your bed so you measure your bed from the floor up and across them down and then look at the descriptions in the website and have a look at what where where it's going to sort of hang and then you can go back and measure where the thing's going to hang.

Because then some we put this one on the classic example we put a this is a double bed and we put the double size it was a single slash double on here for the coverlet but it was really small so then we we reverted to the queen king. So this is actually the queen king size on a double bed so it in this particular the Geraldton coal it needed to have that bigger size so it pays to measure when you when you're doing um you can start at the size of your bed but it pays to measure to get just to check where it's going to hang.

This is a little bit a little bit big possibly because it's hanging really um down big on the corners but it's not not too bad but this is a pretty low bed too it might um a lot of bits will be a bit higher as well so yeah it'll lift it all up on off the floor.

One thing to note is that I'm just pulling up the website images now all of the images you see when people try and advertise their quilt covers or their bed spreads as they typically try and upsize on the bed so it hangs over so for instance if you have you know a queen bed and then you buy a queen quilt cover you're not necessarily going to get that Designer look of it being overflowing over the bed and nice.

Pretty typically we would advise that you go up a size when you buy quilt covers yes so if you've got a queen bed grab a king quilt and quilt cover yeah because then it gives you that more yeah um better better hang down the side better nicer float because this is a double bed and we we put Queen quilt covers when we're showing you each week the quilt cover is a queen on on a double so yeah it just gives you and it's just play with the measurements like you may you may want to put a king on a double like if you want it to hang really really low.

I don't hear if that happening very much you don't necessarily need to but if it's a if it's a bed that's high off the off the ground if it's high and you just might it might just wire it so yeah doing a bit of measuring a bit of homework is very well worth the worthwhile yeah Jody said that the white in the website picture also looks great with this and it does yeah classic yeah white and grey yeah it's good yep all right.