How To Clean Your Pillows

How To Clean Your Pillows

Posted by Michelle on Sep 01, 2021

Not many people enjoy cleaning, and I would like to classify myself as one of those people. But unfortunately cleaning is apart of everyday life, and to maintain a clear fresh clean space is essential for keeping healthy, both physically and mentally. Surprisingly, one of the dirtiest things you touch everyday is your pillow! Every night when you go to sleep, your hair, body oils, dead skin and other bacteria and potentially even dust mites land onto your pillow, and the only way to make sure that you aren't affected by any of those is to regularly clean your pillow.

Here is our guide on how you should clean your specific type of standard pillow. Before you continue reading, we strongly recommend that you read the care instructions on the label of your pillow before following any advice in this blog. This blog is general information only.

How to clean latex pillows

The best way to clean your latex pillows has three steps. Firstly, generally a quality latex pillow will have a removable cover. This cover is typically machine washable and you should follow that advice. As for the actual pillow, you will need to secondly gently spot clean the pillow with cold water and then gently squeeze any excess water present. Thirdly, air dry your pillow by placing it outside in shade or in front of an open window. Also make sure you do not leave it in the sun as that will damage the pillow.

How to clean memory foam pillows

The best way to wash a memory foam pillow is to first remove the removeable cover. High quality memory foam pillows will have a removeable cover which is typically machine washable. After removing the cover, the actual memory foam pillow itself will be ready to clean. We recommend that you spot clean with a warm water damp cloth and a gentle detergent. Make sure that after you have hand washed your pillow, you air dry it rather than tumble dry. Also make sure you do not leave it in the sun as that will damage the pillow.

How to keep your new pillow clean

Here at My Linen we like helping our customers create their dream bedrooms. Part of that journey is ensuring the longevity of your purchases. Keeping your new pillows clean can be hard if you neglect them, but if you routinely take care of them, it will be quite easy. We recommend that you purchase both a pillow protector and a pillowcase when buying a pillow. A pillow protector is simply a protective layer that you enclose your pillow in that stops dust mites, dead skin etc from dirtying your pillow itself. Then you can easily remove the protector, machine wash it, and place it back on your pillow without having to spot clean your actual pillow.

Also adding a standard size pillowcase is another great way to protect your pillow as you can cover the pillow with a fabric case and choose from your favourite material and colour. Pillowcases are not going to protect your pillow as much as a pillow protector, but it should be noted that we recommend getting both.

So there you have it! Those are our tips on how to keep your pillow clean! If you have any further questions or are having trouble finding the specific care instructions unique to your new pillow, please don't hesitate to reach out and talk to one of our bedding experts.