​How to keep your bedroom tidy

​How to keep your bedroom tidy

Posted by Michelle on Mar 04, 2021

There are some great ways to either keep your bedroom tidy or to enjoy tidying it up. Here are ten ways to make or keep your bedroom fresh and clean.

1. One great way to keep your linen closet tidy is to keep your bedding in matching sets.

A great way to do this is to put all of your matching pieces together, nicely folded, and put them inside one of the pillowcases. This will ensure that you’re never having to search around to make the whole set.

2. If you’re tidying a messy bedroom, make or strip down the bed first.

It will give you a workbench to help with the rest of the tidy. Then be methodical, and do one part of the bedroom at a time. If clothes need washing, throw them out the door, to be picked up on the way to the laundry later. Any clean clothes that just happen to have made their way onto the floor should go onto the bed to be refolded.

3. Upbeat music helps keep you motivated while you’re cleaning.

Put on your favourite music to sing along to, and serenade the neighbourhood with your dulcet tones while you tidy. Not only does the higher tempo keep you moving, but the singing actually boosts your endorphins, and can make anything fun, even tidying!

4. If you hate tidying, create a weekly calendar, where each day corresponds to a small tidying task.

Maybe Monday’s task will be making sure that your shoe shelf is tidy, Tuesday is the day you hang up anything that needs to go in the closet, Wednesday is bed-making day, etc. It will mean you have to spend less time tidying on any given day, and over time, the routine will make sure that you have less to tidy at any given time.

5. Keep a shoe shelf.

This is just like a bookshelf, but much more fun! By creating a whole shelving system for your shoes, you keep them off the floor, and out of the way. Try and get in the habit of taking your shoes off at the shoe shelf, so they go back into storage as soon as they are off your feet.

6. It seems to be the curse of modern life that we never have anywhere to put our things.

Tackle this by having more storage than you need. It is better to have too much space to put things than to have your clothes erupting from overflowing drawers and closets.

7. Don’t be sentimental with your clothes or bedding.

Throw out things that you don’t use anymore, or store things that never get used, but you can’t live without. If you have a dedicated storage space, this is the best place for your out-of-sight stuff, but if you don’t, consider investing in some space-saving vacuum-sealed bags that you can stack in the bottom of your closet.

8. If you’re heading out of town, don’t leave the tidying for when you get back.

Clean up as much as humanly possible before you leave, to make your home feel like an extension of your holiday when you return. There’s nothing better than coming home to a tidy house, and a cosy, made-up bed with fresh sheets.

9. When organising your closet, think with your eyes.

Keep the most used items of clothing at eye level, and the less you wear something, the further away from your eye level it should be. That way, you will know where to find the things you want, and where to forget about those things you don’t want to remember.

10. Colour coding your wardrobe can make finding your outfit a breeze.

It won’t make it any easier to figure out what you want to wear, but at least when you know that you do want to wear that yellow top, you know it will be in the yellow section of your wardrobe.

And there we have it! Those are our ten tips on making sure that your bedroom is as clean & tidy as possible! If you have any questions about cleaning your bedroom or want any more information on this topic, don't hesitate to reach out to us! We have a team of experts ready to help you create your dream bedroom and keep it clean at the same time. You can contact us via email or you can give us a call. Simply get our contact details.