How to match cushions with your sofa

How to match cushions with your sofa

Posted by Michelle on Jun 27, 2022

Cushions styling

Designing your dream loungeroom is always such a fun project to undertake, I am actually a bit jealous of all the interior designers that get to do this all the time! In this blog, we will look at a few aspects that you need to consider when choosing and matching cushions with your sofa. And yes, there is more to styling and arranging cushions on a sofa than just increasing the number of cushions you use!

How to choose cushions for your sofa

Cushions are a great way to bring out your personality in your house, as they are easy to move and change depending on how you feel! But, it's still important to understand the things you should consider when choosing the best cushions for your lounge room. There are a few different strategies that you could explore when choosing the correct cushions, but the ultimate goal is to increase visual interest and express yourself. Let's take a look

Introduce pops of colour

One of the best ways to express yourself is with colour! If you have a more monochrome-coloured sofa or lounge, adding a colourful cushion might be an excellent way to add both variety and interest to your lounge room! Even if you already have a colourful styled room, add a complimentary colour to make the room different and uniquely yours!

Create a cohesive theme

This is the most popular strategy we see regularly used in most homes! If you find a colour palette you absolutely love, just add more cushions and accessories like throws that are in that colour palette. Expanding within the range of colours you love will do two things. The first is it will help create a strong and cohesive theme in your house. This is important if you want to create a homely and welcoming space as everywhere in your house is a friendly reminder of the room you were just in. The second benefit is that you and your personality now have the opportunity to fill the entire house!

Add different sizes

If you want to do something a bit more advanced, deploying different size cushions is a really good way to add variety! Mixing and matching these cushions' shapes and sizes will help make your living space unique and is also more practical as you have smaller and larger cushions to choose from to help support you as you rest. We would also recommend sticking to odd numbers, so maybe 1 larger cushion with 3 smaller ones!

Experiment with patterns

Now, this is quite adventurous for some, but you might be quite interested in adding some varying patterns on your cushions to break up the plain and repeating patterns you have existing in your living room now! Yes, we all love solid colours, but why not experiment with adding various different cushion patterns.

Now that we have some different strategies under our belt to help us with choosing a cushion, let's take a look at the best way to arrange them!

How should I arrange my cushions on a couch or sofa?

There are a few different ways to arrange your new cushions on your couch, and it ultimately depends on how you plan to use the cushions practically! If you are looking for purely decorative cushions, it's all about adding layers to your couch! If you add the taller cushions at the back and then add the rectangle or smaller cushions towards the front, it will create a very nice cascade of layers!

The other option is that if you are planning on using the cushions more practically, make sure you spread them out across your sofa so that you can get access to them all easier to provide a more comfortable experience when resting on your sofa.

Another thing to remember is that all these tips and tricks apply to your bedroom as well, so don't forget these tips and tricks when you start to restyle your bedroom!

And that's about it! After this, I think you will be equipped with a collection of great strategies to help with your cushion styling and cushion arrangements. If you have any other questions or want some more help, don't hesitate to contact us via email or phone! You can get those details on our contact us page.