​How To Put A Quilt Inside A Quilt Cover Challenge

​How To Put A Quilt Inside A Quilt Cover Challenge

Posted by Michelle on Jul 24, 2023

Have you ever struggled with putting a quilt inside a quilt cover? If so, you're not alone. Many people find this task to be quite puzzling. In a recent video, two contestants, Michelle and Ben, engaged in a friendly competition to see who could successfully put a quilt inside a quilt cover the fastest. Little did they know that their attempts would not only entertain but also reveal different techniques for mastering this perplexing household task! Let's take a look at their lively and informative challenge:

How To Put A Quilt Inside A Quilt Cover Challenge

We decided to answer another one of life's biggest questions... How do you put a quilt inside a quilt cover easily? We put Ben and Michelle against each other to see who could do it better...

The video was uploaded on 18/07/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 10 minutes and 38 seconds.

Here is the transcript from that video:

We'll show you our way of how to put a quilt inside a quilt cover, yes. So for all those who haven't been following along, a couple of weeks ago we did a "how to fold a fitted sheet challenge". You wouldn't want to say that too fast! 

So if you missed that one, that was really fun, you should go back and watch that live. But tonight we're doing another challenge, who can put a quilt into a quilt cover the fastest! Now I have some Insider information that Ben has been practising...

Oh so Ben has a significant advantage tonight? I needed to practice because my thing's... probably going to fail, but yeah.

So what we'll do, so we get the rules straight this time and no hidden pillowcases or anything like that. What we'll do is we'll start with the quilt and quilt cover separate, completely separate, and then I'll start a timer and we'll see, we'll compare times at the end. And hello, Denise, just saw your comment, good to have you with us tonight, and we'll see who has the fastest time.

Now typically, I think the best way to do this is with two people, but we wanted to give a good challenge tonight, so we're going to have one person do it. Does that make sense? Now I've sort of set myself up here, yeah... um, yeah. Anyway, all right, so what will I try and explain as I go, yes, that'll slow you down, bonus plan as you go because that'll slow down. What you should do is explain a little bit now, how you're starting, and then afterwards you can explain the whole process, does that sound good? Yeah, right, all right.

What I've done is... Ben's attempt to start with here is I've turned the quilt cover inside out, the quilt cover's inside out, and it's just laying loose on top of the bed, and the opening is at this end here, yeah. Um, at the base, just like you'd have it on the bed, but it's inside out on top, yeah, okay.

When does the time start? All right, I'll count down and when I say go, the timer starts, okay? So are you ready? All right. All right, let me get the time out, all right, three, two, one, go!

On faster... the pressure's on, it's a bit of a workout. You've got the whole world watching right now. Probably going to... I just hope it all works...

Yeah, it's too hard for me to do that. All right, we'll leave the buttons, so that time was one minute and 18 seconds. So it wasn't too bad, that's not too bad, that's better than what I could probably do. So... but you do have to do a lot of shaking, yeah. And this is a double, so if you're doing bigger sizes, would it be even... well, now it's Queen, it is a queen size, double bed, Queen quilt, yeah.

We did have Jen say that her daughter does it like that. And Jen said, "I think she uses magic LOL because I always get in a muddle." So off the back of that, why don't you explain what you kind of did step by step, and then maybe they can shed some light on the magic.

All right, well, I can actually do it in... I can take the quilt out the same way. So what I did was I just ran my hand up the inside of the quilt cover and grabbed the corners of both the quilt cover and the quilt itself, and then pulled it just to the front. That's just so that I can grab it from the end of the bed; otherwise, if you stand here, you just sort of can't reach the end. But so you just grab both corners together and pull it back inside itself, and then I did poke a bit around here just because it was getting stuck halfway through, but you don't sort of have to do that. And then you just grab those two corners that you've presented there and give it

I think Michelle did a great job too. She explained it as she went, which is a bonus. Jen said that's how she does it, and I must admit it seemed like she was trying harder than me. Alright, we had Charlie say Michelle should have extra time as she's talking as she does it, which is what Mary just said. Jen said that's how she does it. So yeah, you could also let us know how you guys put your quilt in your quilt cover.

We had Sharon say Michelle definitely had a great technique. Mary said Michelle for sure. We had Tracy say Michelle, she looked like she did it with ease. So I think it's pretty clear that Michelle is the winner tonight.

Yeah, alright, well, we did say we were gonna have a third challenge, so I'm gonna do it now, but just because I can, I'm going to try Michelle's way, so I'm not gonna turn it inside out. I'm just going to put it over me and then see how that goes. It's probably not gonna go very well. Alright, so I'll start with it on the bed, and I'll do it exactly as Michelle said, alright? So I'll have to run down the end of the bed now. Alright, so let's get this. Yeah, this is the tricky part, the shaking, but alright. So I've got both corners, I'm going to just pull it over me, alright, just like this. And then shake it. It's a bit tricky to get to the other corner, but I think I've got it. Shake it down the side. Oh, it's tangled. I don't know if this is gonna work, guys. But alright, let's keep going. Alright, pulling it through, shaking, and then I have to get to the other side. Oh, it's a bit stuck. Alright, oh, there we go. Alright, that's the wrong corner, but I think I got it. Okay, let's pull it through. Shake it, shake it, and shake it. Oh, I'm making a mess, but alright, let's get to the other corner. Alright, let's see if I can do it. Alright, pulling it through, and then shake it, and shake it, and shake it. Oh, I think it's done. Okay, that was definitely not as smooth as Michelle's, but I think I did it. So, yeah, that's another technique, guys. I think I'm still gonna give the victory to Michelle for her technique. Mine was a bit messy, but it worked. 

Jen said Michelle definitely won. Bridget said Michelle definitely won. I won! So mind you, I get lots of practice every week. Yes, every week we're designing these and doing these beds. Yeah, most of the time it's just me. If we do it together, just as a team, yeah, it's easy. We do it opposite. Let's do it.

Unfortunately, Ben, everyone said that Michelle won. Yeah, I can see. So if we were doing it with two people, we just do each side, so then you could time us, Joshua. Yeah, okay, see if two people reduce the time. It's got to be half as quick now because two people, yeah.

All right, three, two, one, go! Okay, we probably still do it our own way as well. Yeah, I push the quilt cover in and you find the corner first, and I find the corner with the quilt, sorry.

All right, waiting, waiting, waiting. You're at 20 seconds. That's it, far out, that's 25 seconds. So that's, yeah, that was pretty good. Teamwork is the dreamwork, yeah, yeah, much easier.

Styling this one all right. Um, you don't want to see me do it again, do you? I believe Tracy was joking. Jen said if I had to do it though, I plus four cats equals half a day, yeah. Um, and then we also said Tracy said that it's easier with two, it is different, it is, yeah.

So, I hate doing the buttons. Yeah, we'll just do a couple. There we go. All right, so this is the next one we're styling up, as you can tell. So, that concludes our little quilt cover challenge. Thank you all for joining us and for your input and comments. It's been a lot of fun. We'll be back with more fun challenges and videos soon. Stay tuned and have a great day