How To Style A Bed

How To Style A Bed

Posted by Michelle on Jan 19, 2021

Ever wondered what goes on inside an interior designers head when they are creating the beautiful bedrooms you see in magazines or on Instagram? I have too, and I'm assuming it's a lot more thought than what a lot of people give them credit for.

Creating your dream bedroom doesn't need to be hard, but there are some key things anybody can do to create really beautiful bedrooms and feel right at home in their stunning space.

No, you don't need to pay an interior designer to help you, you can do it yourself! I believe in you! It's your dream room, so you take the reins and just start creating! Take a weekend and build a Pinterest board, go shopping, get some inspiration and then get down to business and start developing your own creation.

We are here to help and give you some tips and pointers on where to get started and some things to look out for when decorating your dream bedroom. And it all starts with styling your bed.

What are the things to look for when styling my bed?

There are three main considerations you have to think about when styling your bed and bedroom. These will take some time and thought for you to come to a decision, but you won't regret it once you get there. Here are the three considerations:

  1. The main focal piece, the quilt cover
  2. The additional wow factor, the accessories
  3. The environment, your bedroom

What is the best quilt cover?

The first consideration you should have, is to decide on what you want your main focal piece, your quilt cover, to look like. There are a few things to consider when trying to pick the best quilt cover for you. You should consider the following:

  • Size

The size of the quilt cover has a dramatic effect on the style of your bed. The most beautiful arrangement is to have a quilt cover that is slightly larger than your bed itself, allowing for the quilt cover to drape over the sides of your bed that allows you to create the "messy" style, or create an elegant style that is boisterous and bold. Compare these two pictures, see how one is a bit tamer, and the other is beautiful and flexible to style in a multitude of different ways?

Standard vs Luxury Quilt Cover Look

That's why we recommend upsizing your quilt and quilt cover to the size above for the designer look.

  • Colour

The colour of the quilt cover plays quite an important role in the overall style of the bed and also the bedroom. If you want the bed to be the main focal point, going for more vibrant colours will achieve that, whereas if you want to create a more neutral tone throughout your room, you might choose a more subtle colour.

Our recommendation is to analyse the colours in your room, and match it with your quilt cover. Know your colour palettes and stick to them throughout your bed, it will create a beautiful and cohesive theme throughout your bed and your bedroom.

  • Pattern

Just like the colour of your desired  quilt cover, the pattern is equally as important. Find something you love and stick with it, and work it into your bed and bedroom and see if it fits! The most popular pattern we have currently is florals. Everyone absolutely loves florals, as it brings a beautiful natural feeling into your room.

We strongly recommend you check out our amazing tool that can help you find the perfect, stylish quilt cover for you and your bedroom. Try our quilt cover finder.

How do I style pillows on a bed?

Styling your  pillowscushionsthrow blanketsstylish blankets and other accessories is not hard, but the most important factor is that you have them. A bed with no accessories is like a car without the leather interior and skylight with automatic parking, there is just no comparison! Not only does a bed with accessories look better, but who doesn't love falling into a heap of cushions?

We recommend finding out what cushions and pillows were used on the bed in the product photos and then experimenting with similar accessories in varying colours in line with your colour palette.

Typically, a bed will have European pillows, standard pillows, a collection of varying shapes and sizes of cushions, and a throw. With the full collection of accessories, you can create a depth that just isn't possible without them. Arrange your pillows in such a way that the euro shams and euro pillows are at the back and the standard size pillows with the standard shams on them in front. The standard sized sleeping pillows can also have standard shams on them, and they should go underneath the European pillows.

Make sure that when you are choosing a doona cover, you take into consideration the accessories you want to put with it, and vice versa.

When you have picked a quilt cover, make sure you can find the perfect accessories to match, and the proper way to do that is to make sure that the accessories you pick aren't mismatched. A flowing, cohesive story, is always better than one that is disjointed.

How do I create the best bedroom to pair with my bed?

Creating a beautiful bedroom to pair with your bed is one of the more important aspects of creating a stylish bed. Making sure the environment around your bed reflects and even compliments the design choices you have made with both your quilt cover and accessories is very important.

By following a few pointers, you'll be on the right track to ensuring your bedroom is the best it can be for your newly created bed.

We have three recommendations when it comes to your bedroom.

  • Let in lots of natural light

If you allow a large amount of natural light into your room, not only is it good for your eyes, but it has a vastly different characteristic to artificial lighting like LED lights.

Letting in natural light into your bedroom during the day is a perfect way to illuminate your room, and if you have a window that can be opened, opening a window to let some fresh air will actually help you rest easier. Sleeping in a stuffy room is never a nice feeling.

  • Create a feature wall

When designing a bedroom it is a good idea to remember that the bedding and furniture aren't the only aspects of the room you need to pay attention to.

The walls, floors and ceilings are all very important to the feel of a room, and the colour of the walls is in our opinion one of the most impactful aspects of creating the best bedroom for you.

If you have seen any renovation show on television, feature walls are very popular. Not only does it add an extra layer of decoration to a room, but it allows you to express your creativity and personality another way.

  • Expand your colour palette onto other objects in your room

Knowing what colours work together and what ones don't can sometimes be tedious, but once you have a colour palette set and in place, it's quite easy to find bedding and other furniture or knick-knacks that match your palette.

One of the biggest things people forget is that your sheets play an important role in the feel of the bedroom! If you have hot pink sheets and an emerald green quilt cover, the sheets might be a little bit of an eyesore!

Go visit your local markets and see if you find anything that catches your eye that will fit right in with your bedroom.

There are our tips on styling your bed. We hope you have been inspired to create your best bedroom yet!

If you need any help creating your dream bedroom or if you have any other questions, we have a team of experts ready to help you! You can contact us via email or you can give us a call! You can get our contact details