Ivy Green Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Ivy Green Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Jun 02, 2023

Are you in search of the ideal quilt cover and matching styles to elevate your bedding arrangements? Look no further! In this blog, we explore two stunning quilt cover styles that will transform your bedroom into a cosy haven. Whether you prefer vibrant greens or crisp whites, we have the perfect options for you when we style our Ivy Green Quilt Cover Set!

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Styling our Ivy Green Quilt Cover Set

Adding a green quilt cover to your bedroom is one of the best ways you can add a fresh breath of air to your room! We recorded this live on May 25th and styled...

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Exploring the Ivy Multi Green Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

Let's go and have a look at the first quilt cover. I suppose, yep, sounds good. We've got a couple of good ones tonight. I'm sort of, I sort of like them. This one's very green. And that's how you get it out of the packet, so nice. And it's a florally, but very greeny. But I'll bring the pillowcase up to show you. It's a cotton satin, so it's nice, solid material, and it's an olive base. Then it's all printed, and there's like white flowers, like white floral design on the quilt cover, and the cushions, and the pillowcases. It's, yeah, when there's a darker green too, like a Heritage green or a forest green in there as well, with a nice cord piping trim around the edge.

The forest sort of colour, dark green, the same as the print on the leaf, so the pillowcases are pretty reversible. The quilt cover has a different kind of reverse on it. It's, if you can see that, it's white with a sort of a green, just a green outline of the foliage in the print, so it's the floral sort of design on the back, just with it, so reverse quite well. It's a really nice reverse. I didn't tell you the sizes. This comes in double, queen, king, and Super King, so a fairly broad range of sizes on this one. So let us know what you think. Do you like Green? yeah, Serena's favourite. Uh, we also had Jen say that she likes this green one. It is quite nice, it's quite a nice design, I think green is nice and fresh, and it's that sort of, it's not Sage, it's Olive, so it's a little bit darker than Sage but Sage is on Trend so yeah, green sort of Styling the Green Quilt Cover, go well, we're going to do the Samatra Olive, the green arrangement first.

Anyway, we're going to put the green Samatra olives in here; we have these, I think featured last week, they're Olive with a sort of Velvet and an olive darkish olive colour with a bit of a geometric pattern going on so we'll put the Samatra Olive Euros in there. And then we've got some a couple of Amelias that the Amelia burgundy we've featured those before, the Velvet burgundy in the Amelia so it brings some real colours onto this one tonight. And then this is the toffee Amelia. But Amelia range is quite high quality, isn't it? It's got feathers; they are, yeah, they're feather-filled, and it's a nice canvas back, it is a yellowy cream colour but it's, yeah, you could reverse it, use it if you needed that colour on the back sometimes, right? Yeah, but you know it's good; the velvet's the main story on these.

And then we've got the Samatra Olive square that will just finish that off on there with the cushions; this is a Bed full of cushions this one. And then the Johnson Olive throw for, and they have the ivy. It's not a bad sort of setup I think I like the colours popping in, yeah, it is a winterish look, yeah, yeah, the second design is a bit not winter but this one's got, it's fairly winter, yeah, so let us know if you like this Karina style. We've had Amanda from a lot of my pets say love the burgundy colour, very Royal, yes, yep, think of a King's throne or something from the coronations that red burgundy, because nice, we had Jane say that she's loving these colours as well, and then we also just had Jen suggest maybe a burgundy throw.

The burg might go well, it might pull, it might go not too bad but we don't have one here so we can't put it on, no sorry, but yes, and then we had Amanda say again all the colours make the olive colour pop out which is, I'd agree, yeah, quite nice, yep, it's very good, so I'll pull all these off and we'll do the next colour and I'll pull these white ones out too, I think they're just the standards with the sheets, for the sheets, yeah, so in a sheet set there's the flat sheet, the fitted sheet, and then two standard pillowcases which is what that was, yeah, and that's what they were, they were from the sheets.

This is the Ascot white, the waffle, and just a quick look; it's got a nice flange on this too, it's a really solid waffle, it's really front and back, a really good, and this Ascot range comes in a few other colours and all the accessories quilt covers it's got a few different bits and pieces with that Ascot range; it's a real staple sort of range that we've got, and we'll put the Amelia on the bed.

This is the Samatra Olive. We'll pop that in there with the white Ascot. So we're building out the white rain, right white design here now, yeah, and it's their machine, it's summery, it sums it up, yeah. And the last thing is the Oslo throw, this snow you've seen this. I think a couple of times now, it's a really nice soft throat with a frill on it, so we'll put that on there as well. We're sort of highlighting the whites in the quilt cover this time, whereas the last design was just all about greens largely, so yeah, there's a what the quilt cover.

Yeah, and we did have Jan say, oh, the reverse is nice, so this quilt colour, yeah, so I'm wondering whether we flip it over, we should flip it over, yeah, and show everyone more of the reverse, yep. Reverse of the Ivy Multi because I do agree. It's, I don't know if it's better, I think it's just as good, but that's just me, yeah. So we did have Sharon say that she likes that white styling better, uh, she likes the lighter colours bringing out the lighter colour cushions and yeah, yeah, and then we also had Charlie so she likes the white style as well. I'm not sure if the white accessories go with the flip, oh yeah, the green try the green throw. We've got that's not too bad, yeah, that turns out all right, yeah, and it's a bit uh, not as green, it sort of tones down tones down a lot, yeah.

So, and we yeah, so we had Charlie Sharon Karen all that errands and then Jen say, oh yeah, this reverse is quite nice, so yeah, that's good. It might even look alright with the green Euros in there too, yeah, what's going on, yeah, I don't know, yeah, let us know if you guys like the white styling on this cool cover or the green styling. I'm thinking more of the light styling swap, we're getting all right. Michelle is behind the cameras too, by the way, if you didn't know, and everyone's saying that they like this white side, so reverse is a winner, yeah, yeah, so this one's it is very flexible. Michelle just said that it's good when it's flexible so you can either side.

You can even nearly, we've nearly put the same well we have the same cushions that we had here initially with the green side. You can pretty much use the same same accessories on the on the other side, so yeah, it's really really cool. We did have uh Mary's just suggested maybe we look at that like maybe putting a golden throw on that or like a brownie throw on that instead of the green one, yeah, we've got one over by the yeah, what, I don't know if it's the same colour as the pillow, I like that one, yeah, yeah, it might work with because it'll pull out that gold cushion that's on there, look, yeah, it's a little bit lighter, yeah, but if it was a bit darker, you might, it might not be too bad either, not a bad idea.

Tracy just asked do the pillowcases have the white side too? No, they're the same, they're the same green, it's just the same, which is a bit funny because normally they in some other brands they have they do often do that, it can vary but yeah, it's yeah, it is nice, yeah, it's nice.