Koko Silver Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Koko Silver Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Jun 03, 2023

Looking to upgrade your bedding with the perfect quilt cover and matching styles? Well, your search ends here! In this snippet, we unveil two exquisite quilt cover styles that will work wonders for your bedroom's ambiance. Whether you're inclined towards lively greens or stunning blues, we've got you covered as we introduce the Koko Silver Quilt Cover Set!

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Styling our Koko Silver Quilt Cover

The elegance of silver & grey bedding is something quite special! We recorded this live on May 25th and styled our beautiful...

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Exploring the Koko Silver Green Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

This is a little bit tropical because it's got palm fronds. It's slightly quilted, very slightly quilted. You could use this one as a coverlet if you wanted to. It's very slightly quilted, but so you could take the quilt out in summer and then use it just as a bed covering. So really nice. It's polyester on the front, and the reverse is just plain white, but it's cotton-poly on the back. It does have a little cord piping in white.

You can't see it too much, but it does give it a finish on the edge, and yeah, a nice tropical fern design. Yeah, on this one, it's not really printed; it might be a jacquardy kind of thing. It's sewn and weaved into it, so it's real nice quality on this one. The first one we're going to do here is we're going to do black; we don't get to do black very often because it's very polarizing. Yes, so we've got the Vivid black euros, and I think it's a square cushion coming in here as well. They're velvet, you might not be able to see much; it's just all black.

But so this design will look fairly monochrome. Like your black and white TV, if I may, but I'm showing you these Euros again. Now we've got two, there's two Euros going in, so we've got Tracy Jen and Jane saying that they're all loving this design. Oh, really? So yeah, it is a good one. When we originally started trying to see what we would put on here, we had all Michelle had all the colours, everything, all the colours of the rainbow on this quilt cover because it's a very neutral plain palette. So you can just do whatever you want to do with this cool colour. This is the Amelia; it's just a black version of the Amelia.

Same feather filled and something called. This is the Loxton Platinum; this is a velvety, but it's got a little weave all through it, so it's very textural, and the reverse is just plain velvet, so it's called Platinum, but it's sort of silver, I suppose, give you another idea of the colour. And we've got this is Velvet too; I think this is a throw we're going to use, and it's got tassels on the end. I don't know if you can see even that; can you? Yes, can you see it? It's a velvet throw with nice tassels on it, so we're going to put that across, a little bit formal on this one. Oh, wow, look at that throw. So there's the Black Version, so not bad; it can be polarizing. Like if you don't like black, you don't like black, but it does, it does sort of, I reckon it looks alright.

Yes, yep, we've got, let us know what you think. Yeah, everyone's actually really liking this black. We did have Jen say that it's no good in my house with all the four black kitties that keep shedding. For, I mean, maybe you'd blend in, good, yeah. And then Charlie also asks, what's this quilt cover called again? Uh, this one's the Coco silver, yes, yeah, and I've included a link to all the products that you'll see tonight's live, yep, and this one comes in queen, king, and Super King; I'm not sure I mentioned that, yeah, the sizing of this one. Alright, so we'll change out and do the last one now. I really like the last one; I think it's going to be hard to beat. Everyone's really liking the black. Did anybody want to see some other colours on that quilt cover?

Before we go with the last one, yeah, start this last one, and then we'll see if there's any other comments, yeah, all right, we'll do that, all right, we'll do the last one, and if you want to see some colours, we'll try and see what we can do. So this is, we're going to do a sort of a blue, colour this time. This is the Nara blue stone; it's called, and it's the Nara range. This is bamboo, the Nara; we've got a Nar, the Nara range is bamboo cotton, and it's a very, very soft material. But there's also, it comes in sheets and pillowcases; there's even quilt covers, but I think we might be a little bit low on stock on the quilt covers. But the sheets for this a whole bunch there, different colours, really nice bamboo product these ones. And we're going to use them in the back. Got him. Yes, actually, yes, if you had these Nara Bluestone sheets on the bed as well, that might be a good addition.

This cushion is the Avoca Steel, and it's blue steel, steel blue, sorry, and yeah, it's got a nice little frill, a bit of texture on the end, so a nice little long cushion there, and this one was a great find that we found in all our struggles trying to design this bed. But it's actually, it's got put Fern fronds on here, the same as the quilt cover, so it's a really good find. So it's called Eden steel blue, this one, it's an embroidered design on here, just a canvas on the back, so it looks really cool, sort of complements all the fern story going on. And then we've got the Eden, no, this is the Evoca steel blue throw. This is the same range as the cushion, like I suppose I can show you.

It's just the same thrills on the end with some same material as the cushion, yep. So we've got, uh, this is the blue style. I think this is it, isn't it? Yeah, so let us know if you like this blue style. We have had a whole bunch of people request a whole bunch of things from us, which is very good. We love talking to you guys and putting on a good show for you guys. We've had Jane suggest we do maybe a sage green. We've had Tracy suggest maybe some Reds. Yeah, we had Amanda from Love My Pets say you're gonna have to show us how to put on a quilt cover properly because every time she does it, she ends up on a heap on the floor. So that sounds like a good idea.

We might not be able to do that tonight, but maybe in a live coming up soon, we might be able to get that done. Yeah, we might try and do something, yeah. And then Jane also says, on the back of that, that we also need to show people how to fold a fitted sheet because that's the same story, gonna end up on a heap on the floor with that. Yeah, and then everyone's saying that they like the blue, and some people are saying it's a hard decision between the black and blue. So maybe do we have an ability to do a green style? We've got a couple of bits that we can do, so we might not be able to do all of the cushions or all the stuff, but yeah, we can probably do something so you can get some sort of an idea, piece together something. And yes, Jane and Amanda, those ideas are good.

We should do a live on how to fold fitted sheets and how to make your court cover, put it on. That's the word, yes. Karen's saying she loves them all tonight. Trace is saying she likes them both. These designs are good. I think we've hit some winners tonight. That's the stage of there is, oh, what about the, can you add this, some Mantra Olive euros and cushion, which is a bit darker. Just getting a sage, sagey throw now. This is Freya Ocean; that would work actually, yeah. We did also have say, uh, it also has to say we did also have Amanda say that we need to also teach them how to escape from the quilt cover once it's on the floor, but hopefully it won't end up on the floor.

Looks like we'll just quickly grab the euros and the throwout; we won't put the Euros on the pillow because that might take a little bit more time. So hopefully you can get an idea. I'm really liking this sage; that's very nice, yeah. Yeah, it is looking good, isn't it? Yeah, so do we try and do the other one? Well, we got an idea, yeah, the sage is good. Do you want to, is that do we have much red accessories? Probably not that much red here. We had Tracy say that the green is very nice. Amanda says that this style is very pretty. I'm not a green person, but this may turn me to like it, which is always fun to expand your colours.

Jane says, oh yes, that looks bloody beautiful, so I haven't had that one yet, so it must be pretty good. Uh, Jen says that this quilt cover would work with any colour. Yeah, that's right, yeah, yeah. Karen's saying that definitely loving this one. Charlie's saying she likes to search; everyone's liking this sage. So it's good; we've got a yellow one or a gold colour. Oh yeah, so that could work with the throw that we had on earlier as well, the yellow thing. Yeah, that might actually work better with that throw. You could literally grab anything from the shower and put on the bed, and it would work well. Yeah, it's good; it needs some euros in the similar colour, and it would work, would, yeah, cool.