Kooka White Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Kooka White Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Jul 16, 2023

Introducing the Kooka White Quilt Cover Set – a stunning Australian-inspired floral design set against a pure white canvas. In this video, we unveil two lovely styles of the Kooka White Quilt Cover Set that will seamlessly transform your bedroom into a serene oasis. Create your dream bedroom today!

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Styling our Kooka White Quilt Cover

This Australian Flora & Fauna inspired quilt cover is very refreshing! We recorded this live on June 29th...

The video was uploaded on 15/07/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 6 minutes and 7 seconds.

Exploring the Kooka White Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

So this one is the Kooka, and this is how you get it out of the packet. The name suggests that there is kookaburras on the print, so they're not on the pillow, but there's a four or five of them on the quilt cover, so little kookaburras on there.

You can probably see them on that, right on the edge of the picture, but anyway, this is it. Um, it's printed, and it's, it's sort of these gum leaves, gum nuts, like there's pops of red and and some Aquas and sage greens. And it's a cotton polyester; it's the cotton Rich material, so that's the 60 cotton 40 polyester, and. Um, yeah, it's just a nice nice printed design. It's got a cord piping Edge in white, so it's a nice cord piping finish, and it's got a white base; you can see that it's quite quite bright there, I think on the camera.

And on the reverse is just Australian sort of bush foliage, sort of going on there, a couple of them Fern fronds too, I suppose, and it's sort of an aqua color, just a two-tone on on the reverse, same same material cotton polyester, um, so yeah, so that's the. That's the print, the design, and we'll try and it comes in double Queen no queen and king, this one queen and king, and there's Euros as well. So the first thing we're going to put in there is the Euros, which are the same.

Um, same design as the reverse we saw, that I won't show you we saw that already; it's the same as the reverse, and what I'll do. It's a very light and fresh design, this Styling the Kooka White Quilt Cover. One isn't it, it is very fresh, yeah. So we'll put. They're the Euros that sort of are part of the Cuco range, and then we'll put the Vivid teal. Um, Square cushion, we've seen this before, the Vivid velvet, it's a nice staple accessory, and we'll pop that one on, and we're going to put the Vivid Indigo as well, which is just the blue, the blue one.

Just see the, get the colour on that, it's really, it's really sort of bright. Um, nice very blue blue that one, yeah, so that's the, the first design on the cooker; let us, let us know what you think; it's, um. Quite, quite good, I think. These two blue cushions you can put them either way, I suppose, and. They pull out the colours; the Kookaburras are this, like that blue indigo colour, the wings of them, so you might not be able to quite see that so well in the cameras, but you can see it, you can, yeah, yeah, it sort of draws out all those colours, the greens, they work quite well.

Yeah, we had Jen say that this one's pretty, and we had Bridget say it's very nice, so yeah, it is, yeah, actually I like all the ones tonight, we've got a really good selection tonight, it's really, really cool, so. That's the first one anyway; let's, um. We'll have a look at the other design for this one, but we, what we're going to do is actually do the reverse; this is reversible, this one.

So we will flip it over, just in case you guys have never experienced the reversible cool cover. What it is is there's a pattern, so some cool covers have like a pattern over the top, and then the reverse is either like a plain white or a plain colour.

What happens when you have a reversible quilt cover is there's a whole separate design on the back of it, and at the bottom you can see where the buttons are, it kind of all fits so that either way you have it, it works well, and it doesn't look like it's just a quilt cover that's been turned over, yeah, the buttons are right on the edge, yeah, of the of the cover, so it sort of hides the seamless right on the edge, so you can flip it over, it's this is not as, I suppose it's just completely different because it's it's only two colours whereas the others other side is real colourful and bright, yeah, this is sort of a bit of a Downplay on it but it, um, it still gives you a completely different look, yeah, with the same.

Um, same cool cover, so we're using the Vivid teal again, that Vivid tool we had before, and we have got the. Um. Steel blue throw as well, this is the madalina. I'll show you that we've seen this before a bit. That same. Steel blue colour.

The madelina so that just sort of finishes it off, it goes quite well with the with the soft Aqua colours, yeah, on there, so yeah, not not too bad at all, yeah, it's quite nice, so. Let us know in the comments, yeah, let us know what you think, and what we'll do is I suppose. Um, I can see Kerry's saying that she loves to throw that's it is a nice throw, it's nice and numb, nice and soft and sort of wobbly.