Koto Flannelette Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Koto Flannelette Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Jun 25, 2023

Presenting the Koto Flannelette Quilt Cover Set in Pink Animal Print – a cosy winter bedding option crafted from high-quality cotton flannelette material. In this video, we unveil two styles of the Koto Flannelette Quilt Cover Set that will breathe new life into your bedroom. Our Koto Flannelette Quilt Cover Set offers itself as an amazing option for those looking for something on the wilder side!

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Styling our Koto Flannelette Quilt Cover

The perfect winter quilt cover is here with our cosy Koto flannelette quilt cover set! We recorded this live on June 15th...

The video was uploaded on 24/06/2023.

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The video lasts for 9 minutes and 8 seconds.

Exploring the Koto Flannelette Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

So obviously that's how you get it out of the packet. It's um, it is an animal print, and it is a nice soft flannelette. So I'll show you this when we get the camera around. Yeah, we'll just get it in a second. There you go, and it's it's like a tan coloured animal print, and it's it's like a pink background. So it's an interesting sort of a mixture, but it's really nice and soft and cosy and warm. It's nearly like you could make pyjamas out of this. Would be really that'd be really nice flannel pyjamas, these ones.

But that's the basic print. It's the same on front and back. It's all the same. And so that's the basic um, yeah, animal print. Sell it. Now we're going to style this up two ways, but in keeping with the first one, we're going to do, keeping with sort of The Animal theme, we've got some faux fur um products. These are, I'll show you a better shape. They're safe.

It's got, um, it's a nice faux fur soft brownie toffee colour, actually, but it's, um, it's called Hazel, this colour if you, I think if I've got the light, it sort of changes a bit, doesn't it? Yeah, but that one is so soft, I touched it before, and it's crazy. Yeah, it's really soft, and the camera's showing it up. It's being fairly dark, but it's, it's lighter.

It's probably just depends which way you're sort of looking at it. Yeah, but yeah, we did have, uh, Shelley say that this one reminds her of the Flintstones. This is the long cushion. We've done this. I've had this a couple of times. The roads pull. It's a nice um, I don't know what you'd call this. It's a, it's, it's nearly like a large pile carpet, like right. It's, but it's, it's not that soft. It's fairly coarse, but it's very textural. Um, it reverses just a plane.

I think we I think we found that it was like giant woven kind of, yeah, it's like loops. The side parts are just like loops that are fairly high, and in the inside, the loops are pulled in tighter against the base, yeah, fabric. It's, I, I'm really not sure how to describe. Now we've got a throw as well that goes with that cushion, and this is quite quite large and heavy. Um, and it's quite quite big, nice given that it's winter.

We'll, yeah, with this, it's folded in half here. So it's, it's nearly like a, it's really a throw. It's not a blanket size, but it's a um, quite large, and it's so thick, isn't it? It is very thick. Yeah, the reverse is a velvet, um, yeah, and the top is the, the front is the, the faux fur. So that's that's the first one. So keeping with the animal thing, we got faux fur in the animal print, and there you go. Yeah. So let us know if you like this style.

We had, uh, Rachel say that she likes the love. She likes the lovely different textures. It's, um, yeah. Yeah, it is. Yeah, it is. Take you've got the nice soft flannelette with the, the furry cushions, and yeah, reminding everyone this is a flannelette quill cover, so it's the same kind of material as your flannelette sheets, but as a quilt cover.

Yes. So this is actually good. Michelle mentioned this earlier. This is um, this is good for, for in winter if you didn't want a flat sheet or use a flat sheet, you've got now a nice warm flannelette top quilt cover if you don't use the top flat shoe. It's a nice, um, nice option for, for winter. We try our next style. So let's have a look at the second. I know. Yeah, the second design. Yeah. Um, we did have a lot of people saying that they're loving the throw, but nice thick light like the, um, the animal print.

Yeah. No, no, the throw, oh, the throw. Yeah. Um, we did have Tracy ask if this one came in different colours. Um, Tracy, I'm assuming you're talking about the cool cover. So let me know if I'm incorrect there. Yeah, this quilt cover, I think this is the only colour in in this one. Yeah. I'm just checking we don't have very many flannel quilt covers. It's, um, they're a little bit they're not that not that popular. I suppose.

So they're not that common and the ones we do have have kind of they're selling out. So got to get in quick if you want one. Yes. Yeah. I suppose I should show you this this Euro that I'm poking in the back here now. Um, it's this is the Oceania cinnamon, and it's a, it's a nice textured this looks like um, if you can see it, I've described slub fabric before. The, this isn't a slab fabric, but these threads that are going across here giving the texture are like slub, like there's thin bits and thick thick bits giving the texture and um, yeah, it's quite a nice sort of textural um, European collectors. So that's at the back.

These colours go quite well with this. Um, it's quilt cover, yeah. We did have Karen just say, uh, that that throw might be a bit too dark for the cool cover. So this style might actually be this is a bit better along those lines. Yeah, yeah. Um, cool, and Karen also said, just while we're waiting for other people to come Trying some sage cushions in. She said that maybe we could try a sage or a green colour that might be nice.

So I think we've got a sage cushion or and a green cushion. Yeah. I'm not sure how that will go with the pink base, but yeah. Um, yeah, maybe just grab one and just show it. We we could. Oh, you don't have to do a full style but just kind of sneak peek. That's just, that's a bit of sage. Yeah, it's probably clashes a bit too much. Yeah. So it doesn't work so well. If you like flashing colours then it might work, but yeah, yeah. I don't, yeah, I don't think that the pink really gels well with the green.

It is it's a pretty hard one to style. Yeah. Okay. We could actually pull them up right now, and yeah, it is or maybe a cream, yeah, white or a beige kind of accessories there. Yeah. Um, yeah, we had a whole bunch of people say that they like this one better. So this lighter color, yeah. I think I do too. I've heard it. um, I'll put the throw back on there. I wasn't going to do that, yeah, and we did have Rachel say she loves both, but the first star was a real winner. So yeah, it is quite nice and fluffy.