Lagos Olive Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Lagos Olive Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Sep 30, 2023

Immerse yourself in the beauty of an island hideaway with Lagos, where overscale banana leaves in pristine white contrast elegantly with the rich olive backdrop. In this session we styled this design up a few different ways!

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Styling Our Lagos Olive Quilt Cover Set

The tropical Lagos Olive quilt cover set is a leafy quilt cover that features over scaled banana leaves! We recorded this live on September 14th...

The video was uploaded on 29/09/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 11 minutes and 10 seconds.

Exploring the Lagos Olive Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

All right, so this is called the Lagos Olive, and it's a nice green. It's olivey, greeny colour, and it's a Jacquard polyester. Jacquard material, and it's got a sort of a little bit of weaving going on, a bit of texture, and it's white leaves like these are banana up fronts, actually banana leaves. It's on an olive base with a flange at the top, and it's just a plain white cotton-polyester on the back. So all the stories on the front, and yeah, it's a nice Jacquard. It's the Euros on this one; I'll show you those as well because they're styling this Quilt Cover, a little bit different, where the quilt cover reverses to just white. The Euros have the white palm fronds or banana leaves on one side, which is the same as the quilt cover, then the reverse is the reverse, so yeah, it's white on the with green, Banana Leaf.

That's only happening on the Euros, though. This one comes in queen, king, and Super King, but obviously also has the Euros. Accessories, would you say that the design is a little bit textured like it's not, or is it a Jacquard, so it's just yeah, yeah, slightly stitched. It's, you could say it's slightly quilted, yeah, it feels like it's quilted, like it's a little texture. It's not printed like the lacquer, like the last one was just definitely printed, but this has got a little bit of a texture to it, yeah, cool. The next, this one here, you need to let us know whether you, what I'm worried about this style. So let us know what you think. We've got earthy tones coming in on this one, so just let us know. This is a square cushion; this is that linen range that we've featured, the cushion, the silver one on the other bed feather field, nice frills around the edge.

This is the hazel colour in that linen Ray, so linen cover, feather fill, and we, and this is another one in that family, just a different colour, and this one is the tea rose, the tea rose colour. I like this colour actually; it's nice. Put them in Mary's nodding her head in the back here; she also likes it. I love the tea, yeah, that you bring on, and every time I'm like, 'Yes, I love it,' and this is another one in that Teddy Bear cushion. If you like this, it's a clean KL Ein Moss is this colour. So nice teddy bear feel. We had Haley just comment and say she's a cleaner, and she sees lots of clients currently with linen and Earth colours in their homes, so you might have, okay, so yeah, you might have gotten the winner here; we got it right. Yeah, it's got to look good on that cover, though. Um, but yeah, okay, so linen and Earth is the bit of the trend or the favourites, anyway, yeah, yeah.

All right, this one's that's it; we're not putting a throw on this one, so just a couple of earthy tones in there; let us know what you think. Did we ruin it with the tea rose? We had, let's go through what everyone had to say. Odette said that she loves the linen cushion and loves the colours. Jen said nice contrast to the green. Odette said that she loves these colours. Joanne says loves the colour of the cushion. Charlie says she likes it all together, and Haley mentioned that she's a cleaner; she mentioned that the Browns and stuff are also in their Lounge rooms on the couches and whatnot as well. Okay, yeah, so everywhere, yeah, yeah. I think you don't spend much time looking at Instagram and going through all the nice pretty houses at the moment, but from what I can see from what is popular right now, a lot of the beigey earth tones, the whites, the neutrals, there is, yeah, yeah. Leanne said this one looks good, and Tracy gives it a good thumbs up, so okay, everybody likes it, that's cool, laughs

All right, we'll do the last colour on this one is. Is it's back to, uh, we're just going to put a bit of white, mostly on this now. Um, so we've got the Ascot white square that we had before, and, um, a new one that Michelle's trying to hit me with this. This is a round cushion, and it's called the Florida Fern, and it's got tassels all the way around, and it's sort of a knitted woven colour, nice green. This might be one of the first times that we've ever put a round cushion on a bed. Is that right? It might be, yeah. If we don't do it very often, if we, yeah, if we do, let us know. This is going to be an interesting question, just for my sake, so entertain me if you will.

What's your favourite shape cushion? Is it square? Is it round? Is it rectangle? Is it brunch? I think there's brunch cushions where they're a little bit shorter, rectangles, yep. Um, I don't know if there's any other shape of cushions, yeah. What do you, yeah, yeah, star cushions, triangle cushions, yeah. Joanne says that her favourite is rectangle, and Bridget says that this style is looking nice so far, yep. We've got the um, we'll finish this off. We've got the Oslo snow throw. This nearly goes on a bed every week. It does. I keep on putting it in the links, yes, every week, every week. Uh, Jen said that she likes a darker square. Haley said that she, that's a darker square. Jen said that she likes a darker green. Haley said that she likes larger square cushions.

Odette said that she has all three shapes on her bed, which, okay, yeah, you get gold stars across just like this one. Uh, Bridget said rectangle or square, so it's looking like the more symmetrical, is that the right word, symmetrical, all right, the more sharp edges wins. The rounded ones aren't that common, yeah. Well, they're not common, um, in the range either, yeah, yeah, yeah. So I often find that the, I know somebody said, um, they like the big biggest square cushions, yeah. I often find when I'm putting them on the bed, it's a bit it feels a bit big in comparison to the standards, but that's just, that's just my preference. Bigger ones are probably better if you're using them on the lounge, doing those sort of things. They're handy, but um, yeah. It was interesting to hear that somebody liked big, larger, larger cushions. Yeah. We, um, we had a couple of comments, sorry to cut you off again. This is the last style, right? This is the last one, yeah.

So let us know if you like this. We did have, who was it, Tracy? Tracy mentioned maybe putting on a screen throw on this one, and I believe you tried that earlier. This whole week we were trying that, um, I can, I can just get because this is that, oops, this is that Johnson, all that fits in that same, it's the same um, same throw but just different colour as that other one, the, the blue one that we had on the other bit, yep. So that can, that's not bad actually, yeah. That's not that bad. Let us know if you like that one. It's not a disaster, uh, Kerry said that she doesn't like to use cushions as they would one live on her floor and two the sausage dogs would use them as toys. Okay, which, yeah. I think that's a lot of people find that cushions are just it's just not practical sometimes, yeah, yeah. Um, Haley said that she uses the round cushion on her daughter's bed. She's 11. So that's cool, yeah. It is.

It is a bit more of like a playful question, if you wanted to really get into the nitty-gritty styling and you know kind of stuff, yeah. Um, Tracy said just a standard pillow for her. Joanne said that she really likes the round cushion. It's something different. Um, we had Leanne say she has all shapes on her bed, and she likes this specific style, which is good. Jody says she likes this style. Jen said that she's never actually really thought about what shape of cushion she might like. Um, so she's open to all of them, which is cool, yeah. And Haley says that she likes the texture of this round cushion. Um, which, yeah. I can't, did you mention what material that's made out of? Um, I didn't mention it, no. It'll be in the listing. It's probably possibly on a tag, yeah. It actually says cotton, there you go. So nice. It's a nice cotton cushion. I think the fill would be polyester though. It's not feather, so um, the fill would be polyester, but the coverage itself's cotton, cool. So, and it looks like everyone's loving this style right now on this side. So, yeah, I saw somebody said that they like the green one better too, the green throw.

So yeah, it's, it's a little bit different colour. You can see it in the picture, you in on the screen. You can see it, but it's pretty much the same colour as the cushion, so yeah, it works. It does work. What Dad says, uh, that, that's really nice. Green is her favourite colour. Okay. Well, that's cool. Winner there, yeah, yeah. And the what colour, I don't know, I can't remember if you mentioned this, but as you can see on the camera, guys, there's that Olive throw is like a darker green, which the quilt cover itself is not, it's a different green, isn't it? It's more of like a bluey green, would you say, yeah? Probably this, yeah. There's probably more um, there's probably a bit of blue in there, yes, yeah. So just in case you're wondering what it looks like in real life, um, and it looks, it looks pretty accurate when I'm looking at the cameras to the bed, yeah, now, yeah, yeah. And this, the throw and the cushion, is a bit more, I, I think I think you'd call it Heritage green, is that, is that the thing, yeah. It used to be all that rage, Heritage, it's bottled green, the right term, oh, bottle, yeah, maybe bottle green, yeah. Although it's a light bottle green, yeah, yeah. Anyway, we're just chatting about colors now.