Laka Denim Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Laka Denim Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Sep 28, 2023

Discover the perfect fusion of style and comfort with our premium Laka Denim Quilt Cover Set. In this video, we introduce two styles of this Quilt Cover Set!

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Styling Our Laka Denim Quilt Cover Set

The refreshing Laka Denim quilt cover set is a lovely quilt cover that features multiple arrangements of florals! We recorded this live on September 14th...

The video was uploaded on 28/09/2023.

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The video lasts for 7 minutes and 47 seconds.

Exploring the Laka Denim Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

Well, this is the first one and it's called La Carte. I think that's the way you pronounce it like a denim. It's very blue. Um, but it's, yeah, it's quite nice. It's a whoops, trying to get the cameras right. Um, so this is a cotton polyester. It's one of those cotton-rich materials where it's 60% cotton and 40% polyester, so it's printed, but it's got a, it's sort of a jungle sort of theme of palms and different things. It's this, it's white palm leaves on the front with a blue base. But then on the back, it's the same blue base, but then all the white's gone. It's just in other different shades of blue on the reverse. Um, so the actual quilt cover itself is exactly like this and it reverses. Um, quite well, it's a, we're going to do one of the designs on the reverse side. So this also, it's, it's sort of the pattern is a sort of a line, line art.

It's really sort of just drawn on, pretty, pretty scarce. It's just a line drawing, basically in blues. But on the base, you, I don't know if you can see it, but there's, it's a printed material. It's printed, but it's got sort of an appearance of, um, denim-like. Actually, zoom in. They've tried to imitate sort of a denim sort of appearance. Not, it doesn't feel like it's all smooth because it's printed, but yeah, they've tried to capture a denim look. Um, yeah, sometimes you can see it. It's a bit stripey, actually, in those patterns.

But yeah, anyway, that's what they've tried to do. It's, I maybe didn't finish talking about this properly. It's got a flange on it as well, um, to finish it off, yeah, right there. And it comes in queen, king, and super king, and there's Euros as well. So we'll put the Euros in first now. Oh, styling this quilt cover. Actually, the Euros are the same both sides, the reverse, the reverse colour. So the more bluer colour on the Euros, but they're same both sides, the same, um, same blue, no white, all right. And this one here is, we haven't seen this one before.

This one is called the clean, um, blue cushion. It's like a really short wool feeling. It's, um, yeah, it's quite nice and soft, pretty good colour, um, just a small square. It's, it's a polyester fill this one, put that. And then we've got the linen, this is linen silver, and it's, this is feather filled, and this is in the linen range. We've got a few different colours of this. It's feather filled, and it's got that little, we're on really all over the place, a little fill around the edge of, of it all the way around. So yeah, nice, solid, solid cushion. So we've just got a couple of comments.

We had quite a few people mentioned that they really like the light blue colour, and we had Carrie say that she's really liking the reverse design. Um, yeah, we'll get to that in a second. Yeah, we will flip the flip it over. Um, the next thing, uh, that someone said was Jen said pillow fight. Yeah, because, uh, Michelle is throwing in the pillows, yeah. It's pretty funny. Yeah, I'm sure she tries to um, cause damage, um. And then we had Carrie ask, sorry, Carrie asked if that blue cushion is like a teddy bear fabric. That's, that's a pretty good way to describe it, yeah, yeah, it possibly is, yeah, yeah. What was that one called again? Clean, k e l, no k-l-e-i-n, clean, or Klein maybe, right? Okay, yeah, it's in the description, anyway, right, yeah, yeah, all the all all the um, stuff that we're talking about tonight, the quilt covers and all the accessories are in, in the link in the description, so you get to, you can have a look at them all there.

This is the, um, Alanya silver throw. It's a, it's a pretty sturdy, um, sort of waffle. We've got this, you know, another colour as well, like a purple, lilac, lilacy colour as well, yeah, so, um, yeah, it's just a nice, this is a lounge throw, like snuggle up, sort of, well, maybe not now it's getting warmer, but yeah, anyway, so that's the, that's the, that's the first look, I suppose, the silver look, you could say, um, yeah, yeah, let us know what you think and, um, yeah, we'll pull it apart and do the other side, um, yeah, it's not too bad, the silver sort we try our white style of goes with it, we had a lot of trouble trying to get this, um, styled up this week, yeah, yeah, all right, so that's the reverse, the reverse side of the Laka, but we're going to leave the standards out with the showing of the white, just flip the quilt cover only, um, I think that's what we were going to do, and then we've got the Ascot white, we've seen these, um, we showed that Ascot wide a little bit, they've got the nice flange and nice solid waffle, really nice nice products these ones, and we've got the square one and the white, at the square in the long, sorry, and with these also come in quilt covers and Euros.

So you could even put the white Ascot Euros in on the back of this, so, yeah, that could work, so, now we've got the Johnson, denim throw, nice, that's another solid throw wool, oh, it's not wool, actually, I think it's, um, I think it's a polyester, but, um, knitted, knitted, yeah, turn these over, we'll have a look, Michelle's giving us some advice here, she thinks, um, it might look better with the all blue, yeah, anyway, a bit simpler with the white colours just sticking, I suppose, with the blue, but, um, bit of a challenge to style this one up because you've only got sort of blues to work with, so it made it a bit difficult, yeah, but anyway, that's the Laka, let us know if you like it, um, yes, Jen, this is a nice throw, I can see that, that comment, it is this Johnson range is really nice, there's another lounge throws, really, you can snuggle on the lounge with those as well, yeah, we had Joanne also say that she really likes this dark blue throw, yep, so that's two votes for that though, yeah, yeah, um, and then Kerry said that she really likes this darker side of the cool cover, so, yeah, yeah, that's cool.