Laurent Silver Bedspread Set | Styling Session

Laurent Silver Bedspread Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Oct 14, 2023

Redecorate your bedroom with our stunning Laurent Silver Bedspread Set. In this video, we introduce two styles of this Bedspread!

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Styling Our Laurent Silver Bedspread Set

The stunning Laurent Silver bedspread set is a strong damask design that features a luxury feel. We recorded this live on October the 5th...

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Exploring the Laurent Silver Bedspread Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

And this is it. This is out of the packet. Um, and it's a um, nice silver. Very sort of subtle grey. Colour, and it's very sort of sophisticated and opulent. It's sort of a demask sort of pattern got over the quilt cover, and it's actually stitched. Then it's not a heat sink, or I think they call it pan Panasonic or Panasonic. It's, it's not that. It's actually in them stitches, and it's slightly quilted. So, um, really nice quality. It is polyester on the front, and the back of the back's just plain. A plain grey. This is the standard pillowcase, actually, and it's got the joint in the middle.

It's interesting. Um, but sits really nice in the cover though, once it's in there. Um, this has also got a diamond sort of checker pattern. Um, border. It's, it's probably nearly 4 cm. It's pretty wide. Um, but it finishes off quite well, and that goes around the bedspread as well, but it's actually wider on the bedspread. You can see the Diamond Checker pattern's quite, it's probably 30, 30 cm around the edge. So, um, really nice. It comes in. It's, it's actually fairly soft. It is slightly padded, like I said, and which most bedspreads and covertlets are. Um, this comes in double, queen, king, and Super King, and it has euros and a square cushion, but we're actually not going to feature the Euros in the Styles we do tonight.

We're going to do different colours, so yeah, you can see them in the product images now that we just showing up on the screen. They're in a similar pattern and um, style to the existing bedspread and pillowcases, but they're just a different size. They're the European size or the square cushion size. So, yep, that's cool. We're going Styling this Bedspread to use um, these the NIMS Ash for the Euros. This is the 100% linen range. It's, um, quite, quite a nice soft rustic sort of um, feel with the linen, but the colour really works really well with this quilt cover. Yep. And let us know, this is going to be an interesting question. This is a bedspread for all those who are, uh, unfamiliar with this design. Let us know if you guys actually use bedspreads or if you've ever used bedspreads before or as opposed to cool covers. It'd be interesting to know. Yeah, or yeah, whether you prefer them or not.

Yeah, this is the NIMS Ash Square cushion. It's the same material, same um, family as the Euros that are there. And we'll throw in the Ascot white, which we've seen that a little bit before. That's that nice waffle white colour, bit of a flange. Put that one on. So we're sort of building out a, a grey, grey, whitish design, and we're going to put the Oslo snow throw just to put a throw on there. Nice. This is that nice soft white colour. Um, and I think we, um, yes, we've got the Lauren Square. We're going to pop that into this is the, the square cushion that's in the, obviously in the family of the bedspread itself. Plain on the back. So all same. All the accessories with this bedspread is all the, um, it's all the same. Same patterns. The front and the reverse are all, all exactly the same. So yep. I think we had them like that. So let us know what you think. That's the first design. I suppose we could call this the grey, grey, grey design. White, grey. Let us know what you think. Yeah.

And while we're just getting everyone's feedback on this style, we had Joanne, who said that she doesn't actually like bedspreads that much. Um, and we had Pen, who says that she loves this design. And when she was a child, she had a bedspread. Yep. Yep. Yeah. I think bedspreads are a bit of an older. They were popular in the back of B. I can remember having one on my bed when I was a kid. Yeah. Yep. Yep. It was actually chenille, right? Yeah. Um, all right. Let's rip this one apart, and we'll, we taking. We try our black style. Yes. We had Jen McDonald say that this one's very monochromatic, and Tracy say that she's not a fan of that style. Um, Leanne said it's nice, but with a kelpy fur baby, I would be constantly washing, which, yep. I feel like that's probably true for most bedding these days. It's always going to be some sort of nice texture.

Hello, Elle. It's been a while since we've seen you. I hope you're doing well. Um, it's good to have you with us again. Said it's quite lovely, actually, this design. Um, Pam said, so was mine Ben, in reference to the childhood chenille bedspread. All right. Yeah. Maybe we're from the same vintage. Yeah. And, uh, Carrie said that she's never used a bedspread before. So yeah, okay. Why cool? Yeah. They're a little bit like, um, take it or leave it. The bedspreads, they, I'm going to talk about them a little bit more, like in a few minutes. So we'll get a bit more of a story on them. Um, so this is the Euros. We're going to put in on this design. Um, and this is just the Vivid Black Velvet. It's very, very black, and we're going to be a little bit monochromatic here as well, I suppose. Uh, but it's just darkening it up. There's the Vivid. The Vivid Black Euros you can just sort of only got hit with a cushion. Then, and we're going to put the Amelia Black that's, um, velvet as well on the front with the Hesen on the back, and we'll pop that in on there.

And then we'll put the Lauren back in. That's the square that we had. That's the same as the design, the, the cover, yep, put that one in. And we've got a, we're, we're going to put a lot of cushions on this one. The Ascot white that we had on the previous one. And this is the, we haven't seen this. This is a round one. It's tempo black. It's got a little button in the middle. Um, it's black. You might be able to see it. I'm trying to get the light reflecting good.

It's velvet feel as well, but it's got Ruffles and sort of a ruffle around the edge as well. Nice little round cushion. And we'll put the Oslo snow throw back on just to bring that. So really what we've done here is gone from the grey to the black just to bring it a bit more heavier. Extra cushion as well. Yeah. It's a bit more of a variation between the, uh, bedspread and the accessories. Yeah. Yeah. Um, yeah. So let us know if you like this style. Yeah. Quite, very, very monochrome for this. Yeah. I think it's going to be because it is so monochrome. It's going to be a bit of a hit and miss with people if they like grey or if they don't like grey. Um. And yeah, it's just one of those things where you'll either love it or you'll hate it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You can colour it up, like put other colours on the grey, because it's, it's a pretty plain back background, like plain canvas to work with. So you can do it. Um, yeah. Um, we did have, we had a bunch of people say a bunch of things, actually. So let me just go back and read through some of them.

We had Leanne say, or suggest that it might be, this bedspread might be good in like a deep purple orine colour instead of a grey. That'd be the actual bedspread itself. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Different colours would be good. Yeah. Yeah. Um, and then we had Joanne suggest it was better with black. Pam said that she likes the grey a little bit better, she thinks. And then Jen said not doing it for her. Sorry. Don't be sorry, Jen. We all have differences. Yeah. Not everybody's going to love everything. Yeah. Yeah. And we had, sorry, yeah. We had El say, uh, that she prefers the first version, the grey styling. Uh, and she said that it'd probably be good for a spare room. Spare room. Yeah. Yeah. Um, what, yeah.