Lilibet Blue Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Lilibet Blue Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Sep 17, 2023

Dive into the world of elegance and charm with our Lilibet Blue quilt cover set. This exquisite set features watercolor flowers delicately paired with a washed French damask-inspired ground that gracefully carries through to the coordinated reverse side.

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Styling Our Lilibet Blue Quilt Cover Set

The stunning Lilibet Blue quilt cover set is a great choice for coastal theme lovers! We recorded this live on September 7th...

The video was uploaded on 16/09/2023.

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Exploring the Lilibet Blue Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

The Lilibet, this is. I really like this one. I like the vibrant blues. It's, um, maybe blue is my favourite colour. I don't know, but I really like the vibe, vibrancy of this one. It's, um, basically floral. It's cotton sateen material, and obviously, the vibrant blues with some orange, yellow sort of centres in the flowers. So, it's quite a nice design. And if you can see the base, it might not be able to see it. Maybe you can up here. There's a little grey pattern. This is a damask sort of pattern which you can actually see it on the reverse. This is the full colour, but on the front, it's a little bit like faded or dull. It's not faded; it's just made that way. But it's a greyish, like just faint behind the flowers.

But it's the same damask pattern that's on the front, yeah, just filtered through, uh, yeah, sort of behind the flowers. It's finished off with a flange and with a cord, white cord piping. So, um, really nice, well-made, well-finished product. This one, it comes in queen, king, and super king, and it has Euros as well, which are the same front and reverse as the quilt cover and the standards. So, let's, we'll pop that in there. So, that's how you get it out of the packet, just two pillowcases and the quilt cover, and we'll put these Euros in. Styling this Quilt Cover.

While you're doing that, we did have Carrie say that opaque is probably a good word to use for that one, for the more opaque. Okay, the damask pattern, uh, yes, yes, yeah. So, yep, I'm not sure if you saw it on the cameras, but it's pretty prominent on the, you like, you can, you definitely notice that it's there, you know, um, particularly on the quilt cover, you can see there's larger white areas, but it's not white. When you see the white in the camera, it's not white. There's that damask pattern. It's really, it really is a greyish, like grey colour.

Yeah, um, so we've put the Euros in. The back, I don't need to show you those. They're because they're the same as exactly the same as the quilt cover and the standard cushions. But we've got the Vivid Indigo, um, square cushion. It's just, that's the velvet one. This is a really vibrant blue, really goes well on this quilt cover. It just pops really well. And then the Yasmine, nude, that yellow, orange, yellowy, gas mean that we often use. We put that in, too. But I'll just pop that behind that. So that's picking up the little. There's not that much of it, but there's little bits of scattered orange, yellow centres in the flowers. So it looks quite good.

Now, we have just, real quickly, we have had Carrie say that you can see it on camera. Oh, that's good. That's good. Also, I've just, I thought I'd bring this up. We did have. I've just been asking people how their days have been going and how their weeks are. Rachel said that, um, she's been feeling quite exhausted at the moment because she's a teacher, and she's just hanging out for the holidays. She said it's been a long term, so hopefully, yeah, holidays come soon. How far away are the holidays? Two weeks, only two weeks now. Two or three weeks. We're in New South Wales, so I don't know if that changes depending on the state, but yeah, hopefully it's coming soon. Yeah. And we did also have Odette say that she's been okay, very, very busy. Um, and the weeks are just flying by.

So, yeah, we noticed that just today has been a really fast day. We've been noticing it, um, really quick. So, yeah, anyway. We're going to put a throw on here as well, which is the Carlton mustard. We haven't seen this one before. It's, it's very mustardy yellow. It's got some sort of chenille, very large chenille. Bubble some with a, whoops, they're like tufts with ends. Yeah, little tufts, and there's some, yeah, tassels on the end as well.

So, it's quite a nice little little throw. And that's just to sort of highlight the yellows in there as well. So, look, we're trying to put that on there. So, pull some of the yellows out with that. So, let us know what you think. Um, yeah, yeah. So, this is the yellow style. Yeah, yeah, this would be the yellow style. And, um, yeah, cool. While we wait for people to let us know in the comments if they like this style, Mary was mentioning that this quilt cover is called Lilibet, and she has a fun trivia fact for everyone, but I wasn't aware of, and we were talking about before the show. So Mary can explain now. What's your fun little trivia fact about this? Well, apparently, Queen Elizabeth called herself Lilibet as a toddler. She couldn't say Elizabeth, and that's a nickname for Elizabeth. And now Harry and Megan named their daughter Lilibet. So, it's a little bit, there you go, cool. So, it's a royal quilt cover. [Laughter] Royal blue, yeah, yeah, nice. We had Kerry say that she thinks the throw, she said that it's great for the sausage pups to chew on, LOL. [Laughter] Might want to keep that one out of reach of the dogs, yes, yeah. And we had Joanne say, hello, hello Joanne, good to see you. So, hi Joanne.

So yeah, let's go on to the next style, I reckon. Yeah. Joanne loves the navy and the yellow together. Yeah, it does work really well. It looks good. Let's, we're going to turn this one over and see what the reverse, what we can do on the back. So, we'll do that. We had Carey say, yes, the Queen's nickname was Lilibet. Her father gave her that nickname. Cool. And Rachel said that the yellow finishes it up just beautifully. I think I like that yellow style. Yeah, it's not, it's, it's good. And explain to us what you're doing here. Is this a reversible quilt cover? It is reversible. It's, it's got that damask pattern on the back. I'll point out that this, the buttons are not right on the edge on this one. They're a little bit, a little bit up from the edge.

So, you might be able to see that in that position there, a little bit. So, it's, it's reversible in terms of the pattern. The buttons just where it is. It's not, it's not, probably the best, but if you wanted to freshen, change your room up, get two ways out of it, you can do it. It's not, it's really not a problem. Um, yep. So, what, what have we got now? We're putting the Vivid, the Vivid Indigo back on, which we saw before. And we'll put the Ascot white long cushion. Oops, in front of that as well. This is from that the Ascot range, that waffle. It's got a flange, nice, vibrant light. Good, good quality, nice tight waffle. It's really, really cool. And we're going to put the Oslo snow throw on this, I think. We've seen that before as well. The, the white, soft, really soft Oslo snow. Just to finish that off. So, we're sort of bringing the whites in on this one a little bit on this side. And we put the extra pillows in as well, just the standards, just to make it a bit different, change it up a little bit and bring a bit more white in there. So, let us know what you think. It's not too bad. Yep, it's another way to use the same, the one quilt cover.

So, pretty good. All right, Jen's saying she prefers this side. There you go. It is less colourful, and it's more playing on the colours in the quilt cover that are featuring pretty big in the quilt cover. Yeah, because the yellow is in the centre of the flowers. I think you mentioned that on the outside. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, it's kind of pulling a small colour and making it bigger. But this is taking the main colours and making it the same, you know. So, yeah, it's cool. Yeah, yeah, it's really loud and noisy on one side and nice and yeah, passive on the other. Yeah, so. All right, Jan also said she does love the blues, but the flowers put her off a little bit. Okay, yeah, totally understandable, yeah, different. Everyone likes different desires, don't they?

Hmm, yeah, it's, um, it's quite amazing. We've got like, I don't know how many different designs of quilt covers, and everyone likes one little difference to the next. It's, it's cool, yeah. And some of them are only just slightly different as well, like, and they just look completely, they're different but they're not, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's cool. We had Odette say that she prefers it the first way also. So, there you go, yeah, I think it's probably about 50/50. There's the yellows in the, and the blue and the plain on the white side. Yeah, yeah, all right. Cool. Kerry said there's a lot of flower patterns coming this season. Yes, which, yes, it's spring, summer, so that means that all the flowers, flowers come out. Yep, we could actually. Oh no, let's, if you wanted to have a look at some of the new quilt covers, just head over to our website, and you can poke around and see some of the designs for yourself. But we're featuring these quilt covers, the new quilt covers every week that they come in, just put them on the bed. So just as they go.

So, be good, stay tuned to the lives to keep in tune with the new arrivals. Yeah, it's exciting. Yep, we'll take a deep dive on the new ones week by week. So, yeah, everybody can have a bit of a look, style them up, but get a bit of a closer look. You can see bits that you might not see on the website. So, yeah, it's really cool, cool.