Mateo Gold Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Mateo Gold Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Jul 30, 2023

Introducing our Mateo Gold Quilt Cover Set, a striking addition to your bedroom decor. This set features bold black and gold stripes intricately woven in softly textured chenille, accentuated with the shimmer of metallic gold in a Greek key design. In this video we style it up two ways, which one do you love more?

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Styling Our Mateo Gold Quilt Cover Set

The luxurious Mateo Gold quilt cover set is a beautiful option for those who like Greek-key patterns! We recorded this live on July 13th...

The video was uploaded on 29/07/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 11 minutes and 24 seconds.

Exploring the Mateo Gold Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

It's a nice, very massive master suite design this one. It's called the Mateo gold, and that's what you, how you get it out of the packet. It's, um, I'll bring it up close up, and it's. The, it's, this is like a Greek key sort of pattern in gold. There's a gold thread, and in the middle, the black here is like a textured chenille. Um, but it's not real high loft; it's just, but it's very textured, soft, and very interesting. I'm not sure if you can see the patterns there, maybe, or the like the texture, but it's, um, yeah, very interesting.

It's got a nice gold cord piping, uh, sort of cording, I think you'd call it, not piping. Um, sort of gives it a nice solid border, and it's just plain on the back. The back is cotton polyester, the front is, um, polyester. So, but a really, really nice heavy design, heavy black, dark colour. Um, but polarizing. Yes, these, these actually Styling the Luxury Quilt Cover, both the first one we did and this one, you probably don't want to have pets on these. Pets with claws or if they can catch the threads because they are woven, and so they can, you can destroy them fairly quickly, I would suggest.

Um, but for pets, printed ones are the best. Printed quilt cups would be the best for that sort of thing. Or, yeah, you might even have, um, young kids might be a problem too with these sorts of things. So, um, maybe they'd have to really get at it. Yeah, it depends, depends if you, yeah, anyway, this is the Euro pillowcase. It's just a large Greek key pattern across the top. Same chord, gold pipe cordage around the edge.

The reverse is the, um, Chenille textured Chenille on the back. Pretty opulent could be the word you could use for this. Yeah, we have had. I thought this would be polarizing too. So, if you're secretly silent in the background here, and you don't like it, please speak up. But we have had a lot of people say that this one is very nice and that they love it.

And it's luxury, and it's, um, it's main bedroom Master Suite sort of really, yeah, yeah. We did have Tanya. Hello, Tanya. She said that she loves this one. It's so luxurious, which yes, luxury sums this one up quite well, I think. Yeah, black and gold, yeah, yeah. And this is the cushion in the same range. So, and this is the same Chenille textured button in the middle like I hope you, hopefully you can see all that because it's black, it's a bit hard to see on the camera, yeah.

I think if you hold it like that, you can see it, yeah, and there's gold tassels on the corners, yeah, yeah, so, um, this, this first design we're doing is pretty much all the Mateo accessories that you can get with this. So, um, it's really difficult to style this one because it's got a really solid, strong story in itself. So, um, it was difficult to sort of make a change to it because it was it is what it is. He's a little brunch cushion, whoops, with some sort of Tassels, gold and black tassels on my end.

We had Jenny say that she feels like she could be Aladdin with that cushion, which is good. Um, yeah, we did have Jody say it's a little bit too fancy for me. I'm plain Jane and boring, yeah, yeah, and then we had Amanda say she loves it, but having a senior pug and fawn Frenchie, it would be frogged. Absolutely gorgeous, uh, and is it also reversible? Um, no, I don't think so. It's just plain, plain black on the back, yeah, okay, yeah, cool. We did have this, this is the final first star right, yeah, yeah, cool, the first time, yeah.

So, let us know what you think of this style. We did have, um, Cassandra say, can you try, maybe a white, like a plain white Euro, to maybe break it up a little bit. You might be able to before we go. We'll do the next style, um, Anita's asked, uh, she's actually reading our notes because we're actually going to do what she says.

We're going to turn, turn some of this around to give. We try our Black style. You the second style. It's, it's not a dramatic change, but it's a little bit of an alternate, so the Euros, we're going to turn around, and this is the we're going to put this bolster cushion on, and it's called Venetian night. It's just black, it's sort of textured as well.

Black is so hard, and it's got the, it's got a black and white, a black and gold chord cordage as well with some tassels on each end, so, um, yeah, nice little addition, sort of works, and we, that same range, the Venetian night has a throw as well, so, and it's got all these tassels on there, so, really appealment is the word opulent I would say, yeah, um, there's a lot of Tassels on that I just looked up, um, throw this one, and it's got on one side, it's got a texture, um, and the reverses are sort of a Plainville, but I'm trying to find the. End of it.

Yeah, so I, it's probably going to be difficult to see. What are you trying to show? Site one one. Size got a texture. Hold it up to the light if you can. More flat. Yeah, so you can kind of see the texture there, a little bit. The darks are really hard on the camera. Yeah, it is. Yeah, so there's it's a textured a little bit. Texture on one side, and it's just a plain velvet on the other side. We're going to use the plain velvet side for this, and hopefully I haven't. I lost all of this because we're going to put it. Um, a bit more formal across the end. Yeah, I was, um, I was laughing at Amanda's comments. She said, "Oh, my, I haven't seen a bolster cushion for a few years.

Could hit the hobby with that." Oops, did I mean to say that? That's funny. Jen said, "Where's Aladdin?" Yeah, it is. Yeah, the Magic Carpet. Yeah, but, um, anyway, that's sort of an alternative to the original Mateo. If you see this from the Top Shot, yeah, you might see. Yeah, it breaks it up. How? Yeah, yeah. It calms down the stripes a little bit, but, um, yeah, it's not bad. So let us know if you like the first style or the second style better.

Yeah, it's a little bit difficult to. To style this one because it's a strong story. Somebody mentioned white, so we've got to put the whites in. We've got a plain white here. This is the reverse of that carbon. So, yeah, okay, yep. Everyone is pretty much saying that they like the second style much better. Yeah, yeah, I agree. Yeah, we were in that camp too. Yeah. We'll just try and, yeah, the whites. It's pretty Stark. Yeah. What about that Ivory Square? Because you can take some of this out.

We did have Anita just comment saying, "Oh, you took it away." Oh, she said, "Turn this small cushion around to make it the gold on on this." Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, we had Tracy say not the white on this one. It is, say, probably not the one. Yeah, looking on the screen, it's pretty pretty Stark. Yeah, we did have a suggestion from Anita. Um, it's probably pretty smart. Here is gold sheets, gold or yellowy coloured sheets would probably work quite well with this. Yeah, not the way. I don't know if we have any on top, but, yeah, it probably would. Yeah. Michelle said gold satin.

Yeah, we have got those. Yeah, we've got a couple of them. Yeah. I, yeah, all they might be getting low on those ones, but yeah, we also do have black satin sheets, which would also work well with this. Yes, yeah, but the reason why I brought up Anita's comment, gold is maybe gold Euros would work to break it up a bit and to lighten it up a little bit, maybe.

I don't think we have gold Euros in here. We're not in here, not, no, no. Karen said, maybe a mustard, which, yeah, similar to my gold suggestion. I don't know if a mustard is gonna, you gotta kind of pick the right colour, yeah. Yeah, we were thinking we'll do it, but it's, it's not probably. Yeah, it's a bit, um, we had on the other one, other other bit, but, it's a bit too. Yeah, yeah, because I realized that she likes the black one better, black star better.

Yeah, the second version. Yeah. Jenny said that, maybe a royal purple might work for those who want more of a colour pop, maybe, yeah, bring something else in, yeah, that'd be interesting. We had Jen say red, maybe an out of red accessory might be interesting, and we've got a real bright red. That's, um, that would be real interesting, it's really off. Um, style now. It's got, I suppose, yeah, yeah. [Laughter] It's, yeah, I don't know. I don't think so. It's really hard because it's such such a strong story in itself, but it's really just. Yeah, it doesn't, it, it is what it is, and you don't really. Can't really change it, yeah, and when we've got to change it, and when we look at the actual product's photo. You can see that it's a darker room with more of the wooden accents too, so they're playing on like the dark Browns, the dark dark colours, yeah, yeah, it's interesting, yeah. All right.