Mattress Toppers | Q&A

Mattress Toppers | Q&A

Posted by Michelle on Sep 28, 2023

In this Q&A, we take a closer look at our Mattress topper range, and the benefits of choosing to have a topper on your bed. What do you think?

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Taking A Closer Look at Our Mattress Toppers

If you've ever thought to yourself, my mattress topper is too hard or too soft, we've got the perfect solution for you! We recorded this live on September 14th...

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Exploring Our Mattress Topper Range

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

Why would you use a topper? Well, you might use it if you've not even heard of them before, but I think a lot of our listeners who watch are probably understand what the toppers are. But they're really good for on an old mattress. If you wear it, it just puts a bit of padding across the top of your mattress, and it helps you to, um, rejuvenate an old mattress. It can just bring a bit of life into it for a bit more so that you get a bit more life out of it.

Or if you've got a new mattress and it's a little bit uncomfortable or something, you can um, put a topper on it. It can sort of help you. You might even use it only for a period of time until the mattress runs in or until you get used to the new mattress. Even so, there's many different uses you can use it for, but it's just a topper, a top on the mattress. It's got a fitted skirt on it, so it's like a fitted sheet and it fits around the mattress, but this will stretch to about 50 centimetres, so you'll get a 40 centimetre mattress or you might even get a 45 centimetre mattress with a five centimetre under tuck. But that's probably, we usually recommend 10 centimetres tuck, but if that's what you've got, it'll probably work still. This is also, it's microfiber fill. It's got a five centimetre gusset. So, the padding on top is about five centimetres, and it's a thousand GSM Whiting. So, it's a thousand grams per square meter. And it's got a cotton japara cover that covers cotton, cotton Japan, so it stops the fibre seeping out that nice cotton power.

So, she said, "No, I've never used a topper. Maybe when I get a new mattress, then I'll get one." Which, yep, we do have. You may not necessarily need it on a new mattress, but if you do, they can be beneficial, yeah. So, what we do find is, sometimes people, they find that after sleeping on a mattress for 20 years, they actually like a little bit more of the sinking, like the older mattress feel, where it's more like, so say you bought a firmer mattress originally, and then it's lost its firmness over time, and you like the softer feel. You go back to the mattress store and you say, "Well, I bought a thermo mattress, so that's what I like." And then it gets home and then it's not a soft. It's not a soft, yeah. So, we find sometimes people like that. They go and grab one of our toppers because instead of going and buying another mattress, yeah, yeah, this one is a good one. The toppers are a good way to kind of break in your new firm mattress, if that makes sense. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's good that, no, I haven't used them before.

My mattress is getting a bit old. Do you think this would make a difference? Yeah, it probably, it can do, particularly if you're not sleeping well or if, well, we don't like saying this too much, but sometimes if you've got some aches and pains, a mattress can sometimes a topper can sometimes just give you a bit more support. It can just help a little bit. This is our experience, like we've experienced this. It's not medical advice. That's just, yeah, that's just not what we're saying. It's not a, it's, this is not a medical device. It's, it's not that. But we have found, our experience, personal experiences, that if you're having a bit of an ache and you put a topper on it, just give you a bit of support and it can, it can just help a bit. But that may not work for everybody. So, yeah, and it's one of those things where, like you guys have had, have spoken about how you guys have had a topper in the past and sometimes you put it on, sometimes you don't, just depending on how you feel, yeah.

And Mary's even, she's gone from not having a topper and having an older mattress and then to having a topper and you said that you quite enjoyed it, didn't you? Yeah, it's all right. Comfier, it's like a cushion, yeah, yeah. That's probably a good way to say it as well. Like, it's an extra layer of cushioning like underneath you, so, yeah, if that's what, often say, it's like sleeping on a cloud, yeah, yeah. And we just had Jen McDonald and Jody start talking about how mattresses are so expensive at the moment. Jody's been looking around and Jen McDonald said, "Yeah, it's, it's pretty crazy. She just got one recently and the cheapest was around $1,000." Wow, which, you know, yeah, yeah. So, $1,000 is not much like it's a lot of money for a lot of people. So, it's, um, yeah, well, compared to these, yeah, this isn't a mattress, so it's not gonna, it's not gonna do a mattress job, but no, it just might, um, if you might give you what you need, especially if you're in an old mattress, it might just put, give you some support, yeah. It just might work, yeah, with the Caravan size, the queen size, yeah.

It looks like she's come back and said that she's got a queen size Caravan, which is a pretty nice Caravan, I think, yeah, that's good, yeah. So, yeah, so our queen topper would fit it. It depends on how thick the mattress is. It might be a, like, because the skirt, it's a, it's a polyurethane, or it's just, I'm not sure if that's the correct word, but it's, um, it stretches. So, it just may be, actually, if it's a really thin mattress, you might find that it's, there's a bit of tucking involved, but the top section will fit and be the right size. So, yeah, um, I did actually have a look at this. Someone on the live chat today asked me what the construction of the walls of the skirt was for our mattress protectors range. That would be the same stuff, and it's a cotton. Supposedly, it's a cotton net that's the stretchy fabric. Yes, and you've reminded me now.

Yes, it's, it's like Jersey, like a t-shirt where it's a bit stretchy. Yeah, it's so it's not woven. It's, it's a knit, so it gives you a bit of a flex and stretch. That's what creates the stretch. So, yeah, um, and Leanne, she's just come back and said, if it has an elastic skirt with a good elastic, then it might tuck under and, yeah, Leanne, I'd reckon that it would be perfectly fine. It'd probably be fine, yeah, yeah. And or that she mentioned that she's got a protector but not a topper, which would be an interesting thing actually for you just to talk about for a little second. What's the difference between a protector and a topper? Maybe hop into the camera frame a little bit more and and let everyone know, well, they basically operate the same. They fit the same. They have a fitted the fitted skirt the same, but a protector would be, is obviously really thin. They often are quilted. Some of some are waterproof and some of the old Terry with Terry towing with like a plastic. That's probably old school. They're a bit bit better nowadays, yeah. The like the waterproof ones, but then the non-waterproof are slightly quilted, but they're not quilted as much like as like the toppers are.

The toppers have got the five centimetre depth whereas protectors don't, yeah. The topper with the first one, it can operate like a protector. Obviously, it will, it'll put just like a quilted mattress protector protects the mattress. A topper, which is thicker, it will protect the mattress as well because it is even more wadding in there to stop damage coming through. So, it's, um, you can use the protect the topper as a protector as well, um, but it's, yeah, it's harder to watch. Michelle just said it's harder to wash. It'll fill your machine up. You probably have a pretty big washing machine especially if you've got a very big bed, yeah. It takes a bit longer to dry and things like that. So, but it will, it wouldn't be a waterproof one, of course, but it'll be like the normal quilter, yeah, protector. So, it can operate the same way, yep, yep. If anyone's got any questions about that, then there you go, fire away. I meant to ask that at the beginning.

If you've got questions, fire away, ask them throughout the show at any time. You can just email us or whatever. Cool, glad we help. So, we did have Leanne just ask a question, saying, does the topper make the bed hot? I don't, I don't think so. So, it's, it's from my research. If like, unless you had something to say from my research is, um, if you're a hot sleeper, you kind of want to avoid as many, uh, polyester or plastic kind of, yeah. It's not plastic, but polyester or non-man, oh, sorry, non-natural fibres from touching your skin or just being on your bedding in general. So, that's why I would recommend, you know, cotton sheets, cotton core covers, light, breathable quilts themselves, um, even opting, even just for a cotton blanket in summer, sometimes, yep.

So, toppers can, can make your bed hot just because they are filled with the microfiber, the polyester, yeah, yeah, which is a, is a non, which is a man-made fibre. However, the our mattress topper in particular has a cotton cover, so it's got that breathability. But there's just that little bit of, there's the polyester in there that can do, yeah. And it also depends on what your mattress anyway is made of. I know latex can be very hot. Um, a big heavy latex mattresses or pillows, they can be warm. But that's, we're now talking about mattresses, but this year it could be, it could, especially if you're very sensitive to heat, it, you might, you might pick it up. You might recognize it. The thing, the other thing to understand is that most mattresses are made out of either like a memory foam or out of some sort of man-made fibre anyway, yeah.

So, I don't know if the toppers are going to make a super difference in terms of your heat regulation. I think it's more everything else, like the fitted sheet that you're putting over the top, are the stuff that's on top of you, the sheets on top of that, even, even down to the, the clothes you wear in bed as well, because if they are polyester, they can hold the heat as well. If you, if you've got, we, I thought Josh was going there, but we've actually got a topper out there that's, um, we might have to feature in the show one day. We've got it, we've got a topper out there that's actually a cooling topper. It's, it, and there's a pillow as well. It's, it's actually cold to touch when you touch it. So, when you first jump into bed, it's cool.

And when you roll over it, that's cool. Like this, it's coolness in there. Now, it's not connected to any power source or anything. So, the coolness, it kept, they can, um, warm up. But there is definitely a bite, like when you touch, touch it, there's a coolness on them, um, so you can, because your body's warm and it warms up, it can warm them up. But then when you get out and or move it, it, it's kept, it cools down really quick. And it's cool, yeah, um, they work quite well. But then it's not like a fridge where it's plugged into the power. It's console or an air conditioner. It's constantly just cool. It's not like that, but yeah, they, they cool into it to a degree because of the, the initial jump in the initial touch is cool, yeah, yeah.

Real quick, we had Kerry say that she, she's currently got a topper and then she's got a protector going over the topper, yeah, um, which is an interesting way to do things. I don't know if there's anything wrong with doing it that way, um, no, just, yeah, you might, you might, um, squash the topper down a bit, right, with that, um, if it's comfortable, if it feels good, well, yeah, it works. It's fine. I don't see there's anything really wrong with it, yep. And then the next question we had was from Haley. She said, so if I miss this at the start, but what's the thickness of the toppers? Five centimetres, yeah. So that's, um, with in the betting world, they call it loft, how lofty is it, yeah. Um, and it gets, the our toppers in particular get that loftiness from the quilted walled construction inside of it, so it keeps everything lofty, nice and supportive.