Microfibre Mattress Toppers | Q&A

Microfibre Mattress Toppers | Q&A

Posted by Michelle on Jun 21, 2023

We took a look at the best way to make sure your old or new mattress is as comfortable as possible! Thanks to our mattress toppers, you can enjoy a better nights sleep, and in this video, Ben answered some of your most asked questions to help understand this bedding item.

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How To Get The ULTIMATE Comfortable Bed

Today we took a look at one of our mattress toppers! Ben takes us through all the different considerations to think about when buying toppers! We recorded this live on May 18th...

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Exploring Microfibre Mattress Toppers

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

I know we spoke about it a couple of weeks ago, maybe in the Q&A. I think it came up in there, so um, but we'll. I just wanted to show you it on the bed and explain a little bit.

The Fill Of The Topper

Now we've got, um, this is a thousand GSM topper. It's got so that means it's got a thousand um grams per square meter of Whiting in the top. It's, it's a five-centimetre gusset, so it's about a five-centimetre Loft, and it's very um, it's when you're sleeping on this, it is like sleeping on a cloud. It's nice and soft and um, and sort of spongy, not spongy like as in memory foam, it's, it's um, it's just like a cloud. It is segmented off. You can see these squares, and that's to hold the Whiting in place so it doesn't sort of move all down to one end or one side, so it sort of stays uniform, and um, yeah, it's got a cotton cover, so that's good. It's got a little bead around the edge as well, um, not that it needs for decoration because it's all underneath, but um, just sort of point that out.

How Deep Is The Skirt?

And it's got a nice um, nice deep wall. The wall will stretch to like 50 centimetres. It's a really um, really good foot-deep mattresses or, but it's, it's all flexible, so you um, can put it on, um, it'll cover all mattresses basically.

What Sizes Are Available?

This comes in all the sizes too: Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, and the huge Super King, and also the long singles for the adjustable beds, so we've got it covered in all all the sizes, and yeah, and I think what we addressed in the Q&A was:

Why Would I Use A Mattress Topper?

The answer to that is if you might use it on an old mattress or a new mattress, an old mattress, you might want to get a bit more life out of it, and um, might make it a bit more comfortable, so you could use a Topper. It's a cheap alternative to or maybe even a short-term alternative to fixing an old mattress, but even if you've bought a new, a new mattress, and it's not quite what you'd expect, it, it's a bit hard or a bit firm, not quite what you, you need, you needed, or you wanted a Topper can fix that or attempt to fix it anyway. It'll give it softer, nice nicer sleeping, yeah, with the on a firm mattress.

Do Mattress Toppers Provide Support?

So we also have had reports from customers that it does relieve some of their aches and pains as they sleep just because it supports their body as they're sleeping. It can give more support, yeah, we find it um, we found it that that's the case if if you put a new mattress or sometimes you you just get a few aches and pains so we often put put the topper on and take it off depending on how we feel like if we're having a bad night or or repetitive bad nights waking up with a sore back or whatever we'll put the topper on and it does seem to make a difference but this is by no means any medical advice or anything here we're just telling you our experience um but yeah, they can, they can help with support in your sleep so that's the topper um, if you've got any questions about Toppers um, let us know yeah, it would be more than happy to answer them yeah.

How Thick Is It?

um, did you mention uh, the amount of Loft on top of it yes, it's about, it's about five centimetres yeah, cool I had a question earlier this week, someone asking about that so yeah, yeah, it's about five centimetres yeah, um, and I think most of them are yeah, they are about five centimetres there are some companies that claim that they have massive amounts of Loft in them but I have seen them, I have seen them a bigger Loft and bigger fill yeah, but I'm, I'm really not sure how it kind of say anything about them because I really don't know whether there's there's any more benefit in having more than this but yeah, it's a bit funny this is the most common the Thousand is the most common. 

What Sheets Should I Use?

That's a good point; Michelle just said you probably didn't hear her um, when you put a Topper on your bed like this it will affect your sheet depth so I I know we talk about the stack this is a big impact on the stack the the length the your mattress and then your topper this will add this adds a lot of um, there's five centimetres basically to the sheet dip so if you've got a Topper you might then have problems with your sheets not fitting uh, going around enough if so it's yeah just be aware of that anyway so so you make sure you can get fitted all.